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  1. That's true passion right there mate!
  2. Yeah true :) it makes me proud despite being too young, it's our greatest ever achievement really!
  3. put on the shorts today, decided to have a good ol's kickabout in the sun and boy are my legs feeling it now!
  4. My birthday was last weekend and 2 of my pressies have come. The 1982 dvd and the 1982 away shirt. Does this seem wierd for a 17 year old lad? LOL.
  5. It's quite good to be fair...just not when it's above a game of football. Man...when I get my own place... :rolleyes:
  6. A group of conmen who con people basically. :confused:
  7. My mom put it on mate. Gutted to be honest.
  8. Oh my word...watching hustle on catch up tv. I have been vialated, my eyes have been raped...small heath's shed is on my tv!!! Noooo.
  9. Are you insinuating that us lot who turn up and chant are high pitched squirrels, I hope not peevesy :whistling:
  10. Yeah, jelous it seems. Oh well tomorrow will (hopefully) prove how much better we are.
  11. I chuckled....the guy who made it obviously has too much time on his hands. Bless. Only reason they sound deeper is due to being knuckle draggin hunch backed bears.
  12. Blues say we have high voices as well...though they're often smoking something and their opinion is about as valid as out of date cheese.
  13. Well they're all c*****nts then aren't they :D As we're just better in every way.
  14. Wehey :thumbsup: I don't agree with the hunting scenario however it would be hypocritical of me to condem anyone as I love my meat, fish, chicken etc.
  15. College is soooo boring lately. I hate nosers.
  16. Pahaha. What we can't do with snow and temperatures we make up for with rain!
  17. Wow, this thread just gets wierder and funnier. Lol.
  18. Oh my word, she says one thing and someone always jumps on her....lol! :thumbsup:
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