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  1. Peever believe me googling boobs as a teenage boy is a second nature :sp_drool2:
  2. For those pictures Peever? I hope not...my eyes are not willing to look at that again. But yes google is a great tool :D
  3. :roll: Scoring isn't a problem. Peever....you store thos pictures on your computer for when you're lonely don't you...
  4. No Peever mate, just no LOL perky female ones please.
  5. Pahaa you believe the Munk and Peeves, you've been sadly lead astray...tits for me.
  6. Well by the looks of things, you got 'em :thumbup:
  7. Wow. Just wow pahahahahaaa. La my man, get those beers down yer neck, you've earned them.
  8. They are Katy Perry's peever? I remember that...
  9. This thread is soon to become a favourite amongst us all :roll:
  10. Mmmmm cake. Happy birthday Luke! You're now 18 eh?! Man legal beers!!!
  11. Lmao love the brutal honesty...in both statements actually.
  12. Lol, how did we get from Everton to England in 4 pages? Wow :roll:
  13. English aren't arrogant, I happen to hate 90% of the squad and hate the hype we carry....just sayin'.
  14. Great, the number on the back of my new shirt was fluffy so I thought I'll de-fluff it by rolling over it with a sticky roller thinking 'hm fluff should be gone now' well it didn't work. Instead it rolled some of the white on the number its self off so now the number 12 on my back is slightly transparent. Load of :censored:
  15. Wow. Private pink to private stud then!
  16. Didn't even see this, have a great holiday my man!
  17. What happened to the forum skin? Everything's weird man lol.
  18. Bunch of English Villa fans were shown in the stands too early on.
  19. In Bent's goal it's weird seeing the crowd in Chelsea shirts LOL.
  20. Congrats, I'm soon to follow hopefully :thumbsup:
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