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  1. the reason smith wont change what is wrong is because he cannot see what is wrong, surely 3 wins out of 9 tells a story,
  2. apollo is right, its time for him to go, he is just clutching at straws, over a hundred million spent and we still dont look like we are moving forward, smith has no plan b, and wouldnt know how to use it if he had, same old football, same old tactics thats already been proved not to work, yet he still carries on making the same mistakes if he loses the next game ive an idea the boys at the top will make a move, lets hope so.
  3. after yesterdays embarrassment, god help us.
  4. we must be the laughing stock of the midlands, in fact, no might about it, thanks mr so called manager and the dross that you signed,
  5. wow, am i chuffed with that result, but, as there is always a but, we should have had it wrapped up in the first half, the chances we missed, utd missed a few to, im taking nothing away from the lads, they well and truly deserved the win, roll on spurs, lets keep it up,
  6. if we cant beat newcastle with what we have, forget itl
  7. cannot wait for this game, if we blow it, i shall want to know why and heads must start rolling before it goes much further.
  8. gutted, really did not expect this, watford showed us up, hope this is not what we are to expect for this season, another game like this and heads want chopping, mainly the main man, deano. expect this season,
  9. nice to hear, thanks for telling us, good luck to your side to for this upcoming season.
  10. good luck to grealish, he has done what any other player of todays elite would do, his career is short, he has to make his money now, going to city should make him, he loves his club, which is of course is aston villa, it always will be. that wont change, he gave us his best, he has to think about his own life, his family life, he has done what all of you would have done, had you been in his shoes, so be pleased for him, wish him well, he deserves that much from you all. he has served us well, now its another time, we move on, leave the sour grapes behind, grealish is a great player, but he
  11. rogerstan


    whats ip tv, what do you get with it, what does it cost, ?
  12. but thats the problem we always have, we have good playing youngsters, but their chances of playing are slim,,, i agree, keep grealish, thats a must, must say, im looking forward to next season a lot more than i have these past few years, roll on our first game, our first win, and our first move up the prem league. its not to far away now. utv.
  13. still dont think he is the man to take us to where we want to be, although im happy with our mid table finish this season,
  14. if we have a problem losing games with one missing player, then we have a problem. with the rest of the team. a recurring problem kept jack out of the man city game,
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