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  1. same as flying to the moon,
  2. i wont get my hopes up on that scrappy game, still gonna be a long season struggling for safety, but am happy with the three points, it gives us at least a bit of breathing space. well, maybe.
  3. think he has less idea than you have.
  4. to win with a bit of luck? dont think so, you need to have at least a chance, then a bit of luck, but, we have no the only luck we shall have is, they dont run out of pies.
  5. 3 points tomorrow patrick? i know you dont believe that, we shall remain firmly in a relegation battle under this clown, think id rather fat pat than what we have right now.
  6. we will start well against derby, but as we are so easy to read, that will all change after half an hour, then all one way, in favour of derby of course. 0-2
  7. can be a strong player, but a bit to injury prone for my liking.
  8. there is no blaming players this time, the training is none existent, the coaching is awful, they may as well not train all the week and just turn up on match day , ive said it before, ill say it again, sb is not the man for the job, he knows nothing about tactics, he can not see if they are right or wrong, he can not get them to play as a team, and under him, they will never do that. hello div 1
  9. im going for a 3-0 drubbing for us.
  10. sb has more or less had the pick of the crop and built his own team, for him to leave now would make him a complete failure in every ones eyes, but i doubt he will leave, not untill he is fired, and at this rate, that wont be long. he has no excuse for the position we are in, he has shown a complete tactical ignorance, its no use having some of the best players in the league if you dont know how to get them to play as a team, that is down to training and not the players, a player can not organise a team, that has to come from the manager, and sb is not managing, and that is just my opinion for what its worth,
  11. easiest 3 points Newcastle will get this season,
  12. this.
  13. bruce out, i always said he was never the man to get us up, and he never will be. he is tactless, and clueless. he has no idea how to build a team, even with decent players, you cant keep blaming it onto the gk,
  14. cant see what all the fuss is about, its just another loss, weve had plenty of them before, and we shall have plenty more, but, we could shine in the first division next year. how the mighty have fallen, hang on, am i a sty supporter? no, of course not, im a villa supporter. god help me/us.
  15. total sh*t, ive watched my last game for a long time, up the villa? maybe it should be sh*t on the villa, dreadfull to watch,