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  1. im sick of these kick off times. how i loved my saturday afternoon football. something else that has become a thing of the past.
  2. no no no b6 wrong attitude mate, ive lost my best mate with it, friends since 1963, and boy did he suffer, i wouldnt wish it on anyone, its not survival of the fittest, its survival for all, and with the news today, hopefully that maybe about to happen in a few months or less, dont get fed up, dont let it get you down, your not in a world was, its just one of those things that shows up now and again, we will beat it together. just like we did arsenal. up the villa.
  3. ffs, ill keep my gob shut when it comes to predictions, im wrong again, good job no one takes any notice of me. but, im glad to be wrong most of the time, well done villa.
  4. arenal are gonna make it hard for us, maybe to hard, our defence is in a mess, we beat them once, but twice? i doubt it.
  5. well at least i know im not gonna be disappointed after this game, cos i know we aint gonna win.
  6. our true colours are now showing , as mark said, it was nice while it lasted, now the fight begins.
  7. will some one explain to me what an upvote is? ive not seen it before,
  8. sick sick sick, this i never expected, what went wrong, what didnt we do,? i hate this not seeing the games,
  9. your right there freddie, the times i have let my tea go cold through watching the game lol
  10. it we can finish half way up the league, that's good enough for me, ill worry about next year when it comes. so far, so good, tonight's game will tell a story,
  11. no larry, i think everyone is in the same boat, when i scan my pc or do certain updates, i lose some of my passwords and i have to sign in again, maybe this is happening to you mate. hope it helps.
  12. larry, i never sign out either, never. but often i come in and i have to sign in first, i don't find that a problem, it takes about 10 seconds.
  13. flucking hell larry, you dont half make life hard,
  14. he did more than well, player of the match for me,
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