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  1. hi Larry, its nice to see you back, hope your doing ok but whatever your health problems are i hope you get well soon, tc and be safe.
  2. think Dublin covers what i wanted to say, how dare you mate. upwards and onwards, utv!
  3. hope the guy is ok, i sort of miss seeing him on here.
  4. im not sure we can blame the players for this, we have quality in the team, but we are just managed wrong, , smith has to learn how to sub and how to change tactics, until he can do that, we will not climb the ladder in the prem. i was thinking a short while back the way we were going we would finish better than what i thought we would at the beginning, of the season, about half way, now im not so sure,
  5. didnt see the game but was overjoyed at the result, , so we move to 8th table wise with a game in hand, would anyone put odds on finishing in the top 6 this season?. saying that, i was hoping for at least an half way finish this season, but how the tide seems to have turned for us.
  6. have they ever had any? well maybe a little, but not a lot.
  7. im just disgusted in the fact we were forced to play the game, other games were called off because of the many covid infected players, this to should have been called off, as for the klopp? well down in my respect for his arrogance of our young players,
  8. and a happy new year to all you guys to, hope you all have a happy one.
  9. shame to lose by a pen but, we played well, and could easily have won it at times, no complaints with the boys, we aint gonna win em all.
  10. really happy with that draw, lets hope we can keep it up with the mancs,
  11. think minecraft is when you get blown out of the water, sounds about right for us,
  12. just absolutely loved this game, they all turned up, they were by far the better side, although palace did pick themselves up in the second half, but couldnt find a way through our strong defence, 3 points and another clean sheet utv.
  13. this will be a hard slog, we are capable of winning this, but, will we turn up, that, i dont know.
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