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  1. Hey Y’all!! loving the significant investment and very positive, but still worry about the consequences if we don’t achieve safety next season!
  2. Society is becoming too sick to survive! Europe is in the grip of fear from terror groups! America is a powder keg of hate just waiting to explode! If Trump is elected then this really could be the start of the end of days!
  3. Happy birthday Rich!! enjoy
  4. So no Islamic Propaganda in the UK/the west??? Oh dear! no point in continuing with this discussion is you fail to recognize this
  5. You say you dont trust western propoganda, but you never mentioned Islamic extremist propoganda???
  6. Well i just am saying it as i see it Mate
  7. I like you Scott i really do, but you do strike me as an extreme islamic apologist most of the time
  8. was driving yesterday and got a text to call someone who knew i was on the road to call them when it was safe to pull over and do so, an hour later they texted me to say why i had not called them yet!!?? i replied to them that i was still in Liverpool! hahahaha
  9. not trying to be deep or judgmental at all, but as some of you know i am a massive fan and follower of famous quotes and pearls of wisdom! not Villa but again in response to what happened last night i would implore you all regardless of your faith or opinions on religion to follow this wise and true advice! A quote i try to live my life by, i might not be the paragon of kindness or morality that i wish i could be but if you live your life by this quote and the meaning behind it then you will be deserving of my respect and admiration! “Each smallest act of kindness, reverberates acros
  10. Death toll for the Nice attack sits at 84 with 51 critical and fighting for their lives, i expect this to exceed 100 deaths in the coming weeks/days! Something has to be done to fight this but what??
  11. I no longer follow England, have enough heartache with Villa FFS
  12. Not sure what its like over there but in the UK most Pitbull's now are so interbred to make the best fighting dog they are all unbalanced!! Not i chance i would let my Kids near one!! never ever not even supervised! i knew someone who bred fighting dogs and indeed did time for it! over here the breed is a nasty crazy and dangerous animal!
  13. same reason people are cruel to people!! just a lot of Bad Un's out there Pal!
  14. 43 years young Bro!! hope you had a great day and heres to many more for you!! seen you soon!
  15. was good to chat mate!! even better to speak to Momma Peever!! the woman is a legend!!
  16. i prefer what is contained within to be fair!! But all good things must come packaged and presented well!!
  17. Aston Tavern seems to be the obvious choice for the in interim!!
  18. its only Women who make buying a dress difficult!! take the same attitude as blokes, walk in the shop, see what you want and ask how much! simple really!
  19. and if i am honest Mrs Loyal is the Ninja and i am just her apprentice!! lol
  20. that only makes you a green Belt in Kung Fu terms, i am a 4th Dan Ninja!! still struggle!! lololol
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