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  1. On 10/22/2021 at 8:55 PM, Apollo said:

    Despite how this game finishes I’m going to say that it’s time for smith to go.

    Continues with that formation after the previous sh*t show.

    spent all that money and we look like a side that could go down…

    What bothered me about Smith was we could all see it wasnt working after 10 minutes. Change something. He never changes anything in play. Had he changed it early on, who knows what could have happened but we will never know. 

  2. On 10/18/2021 at 11:28 AM, freddy said:

    Very poor substitutions , Tuanzebe was awful all game, should have been off after them 2 awful passes to a Gold shirt in the first 10 minutes, in fact i  would have started with Hause if we have to field 3 CB,s at home against no Centre Forward!!

    Marvelous was terrible,conceding the free kick that led to their second i think, and Ramsay showed such naievity when he tapped Adami,s toe---and where the f**K is Guilbert,???

    I get your point Freddy but as bad as Tuanzebe was, so was Konsa. Hause struggled at Tottenham so i guessed he would be dropped at the first oppurtunity.

    Guilbert is out on loan again?

  3. chrisrjones9: 2-1

    ollyk68: 2-1

    birminghamb6: 2-0

    Villan1985: 2-1

    The1874Lounge: 2-2

    avfcmatt1982: 2-0

    UTVChris: 3-1

    Steveo68muppet: 3-1

    ZackL33: 2-0

    CarlReevesAVFC: 3-1

    Gallie75: 1-0

    dstocky1988: 3-2

    QuestionsCraig: 2-1

    lew_clamp: 0-0

    DaaanColquhoun: 1-0

    Adrian_Siggins: 2-0

    markyoddbodd: 3-1

    steveparsnips: 1-0

    jtwill71: 1-1

    4key4: 2-1

    temptherat: 2-0

    Antz_Evans: 3-1

    Jase_Wheatley: 2-1


  4. 3 hours ago, new north stand said:

    I like the guy - I think he is the right man to take us forward. However the subs he made yesterday were the worst he's ever made in my opinion. Ramsey can't defend so why bring him on? Nakamba and (old) Young can't hack it in the Premier League anymore. And why didn't Hause start instead of Tuanzebe? 

    Hard to disagree.


    I gave him credit for swaping the system but now i feel hes stuck in it. He needs to be able to adjust our system, just as David Moyes did mid-game today.

    Nakamba is fine but we changed 2/3 of our midfield in the space of 5 minutes. He then for some reason changed Young on a set piece which we then go and concede from.

    Buendia appeared to ask to go off, he then spent another 2-3 minutes sprinting around which suggests he wasnt injured so whys he asking to go off?


  5. ZackL33: 1-1

    steveparsnips: 1-3

    QuestionsCraig: 1-3

    Antz_Evans: 1-2

    markyoddbodd: 1-3

    The1874Lounge: 2-1

    jtwill71: 0-1

    chrisrjones9: 0-2

    ollyk68: 0-2

    Adrian_Siggins: 1-1

    Gallie75: 0-2

    birminghamb6: 1-2

    adamavfckelcey: 1-2

    dstocky1988: 1-4

    DaaanCoquhoun: 2-1

    Villan1895: 1-2

    cra1g72: 0-1

    lew_clamp: 1-1

    Steveo68muppett: 1-2

    4key4: 1-3

    rtbvilla38: 1-3

    PeterTennant7: 1-1

    UTVChris: 0-1

    JaseWheatley: 2-3


  6. 5 minutes ago, Tomf said:

    Great win.The system seems to work but I can't help but feel buendia,bailey ,and traore are being wasted.Hause anytime he has played has never put a foot wrong. I know Luiz had a good game yesterday but can't help but feel if we put McGinn in his role at back of a diamond with bailey and buendia on either side and Watkins and ings up top we would be devastating.

    I get your point but its down to them to force their way into the team. Buendia is yet to perform for us while Bailey and Traore have been injured.

    I think our midfield three is spot on at the moment. I also think we will change our system at home against other sides.

  7. birminghamb6: 3-1


    ScottieCoops: 4-1

    ollyk68: 3-1

    Questionscraig: 2-1

    The1874Lounge: 3-0

    JaseWheatley: 1-2

    Adrian_Siggins: 3-1

    ZackL33: 2-1

    4key4: 2-1

    UTVChris: 2-2

    jtwill71: 1-1

    chrisrjones9: 2-1

    Steveo68Muppett: 1-2

    cra1g72: 2-1

    Villan1985: 0-1

    dstockey1988: 2-3

    DaaanCouqhuin: 3-0

    Antz_Evans: 1-1

    CarlReevesAVFC: 3-1

    adamavfckelcey: 2-2

    temptherat: 3-2

  8. 1 minute ago, rogerstan said:

    wow, am i chuffed with that result,  but, as there is always a but, we should have had it wrapped up in the first half, the chances we missed, utd missed a few to,  im taking nothing away from the lads, they well and truly deserved the win, roll on spurs, lets keep it up,

    The encouraging thing is, we are creating those chances. Sooner or later we will spank someone.

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