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  1. Tottenham Hotspur v Aston Villa Competition: Premier League Game: 09 Date: 03.10.2021 Prediction window closes 90 minutes before kick-off Predictions below, please
  2. I get your point but its down to them to force their way into the team. Buendia is yet to perform for us while Bailey and Traore have been injured. I think our midfield three is spot on at the moment. I also think we will change our system at home against other sides.
  3. birminghamb6: 3-1 Gallie75:2-1 ScottieCoops: 4-1 ollyk68: 3-1 Questionscraig: 2-1 The1874Lounge: 3-0 JaseWheatley: 1-2 Adrian_Siggins: 3-1 ZackL33: 2-1 4key4: 2-1 UTVChris: 2-2 jtwill71: 1-1 chrisrjones9: 2-1 Steveo68Muppett: 1-2 cra1g72: 2-1 Villan1985: 0-1 dstockey1988: 2-3 DaaanCouqhuin: 3-0 Antz_Evans: 1-1 CarlReevesAVFC: 3-1 adamavfckelcey: 2-2 temptherat: 3-2
  4. The encouraging thing is, we are creating those chances. Sooner or later we will spank someone.
  5. Tottenham v Aston Villa Pre/post-match discussion. Premier League - Matchday 7 Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London Sunday, 3rd October 2021 14.00 Kick-Off (UK Time)
  6. Manchester United v Aston Villa Competition: Premier League Game: 08 Date: 25.09.2021 Prediction window closes 90 minutes before kick-off Predictions below, please
  7. steveparsnips: 2-1 Adrian_Siggins: 2-0 JaseWheatley: 2-2 ollyk68: 3-0 markyoddbodd: 2-1 The1874Lounge: 3-2 ZackL33: 2-1 jtwill71: 1-2 Steveo68muppett: 1-1 UTVChris: 3-1 chrisrjones9: 1-1 dstocky1988: 2-3 DaanColquhoun: 2-2 Villan1985: 2-2 4key4: 2-2 cra1g72: 2-1 Gallie75: 3-2 temptherat: 2-2
  8. Manchester United v Aston Villa Pre/post-match discussion. Premier League - Matchday 6 Old Trafford, Manchester Saturday, 25th September 2021 12.30 Kick-Off (UK Time)
  9. A fine performance against a very strong Chelsea side. I do wish we had a stronger side out and had a go but it is what it is i guess
  10. Be very interesting to see what team both sides pick.
  11. Its getting silly down by Villa Park. The Aston Tavern is charging £5 entry and £6.50 a pint from what ive heard! I used to go the Sacred Heart but it was incredibly busy for the first game of the season so i moved to the Yew Tree. They seem to serve you pretty quick, entry is £3 but there are screens everywhere for the live game on. I usually arrive 1-2 hours before kick off these days. Saturday was a nightmare though as both the Holte Pub and Witton Arms were closed so the Yew Tree was rammed before kick off. We ended up buying a crate and standing outside Tesco. Got talking to som
  12. Horrible news. RIP to a true great.
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