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  1. What are everyone's thoughts on the link back to Downing? Personally, I wouldn't want him back at Villa. For me he is scum. It really bothered me when he left us after we looked after him breaking his leg!
  2. Debating jumping on the away scheme if i can this year..
  3. Telegraph saying we have only just made an offer. Hearing so many mixed things regarding this transfer.
  4. Blues for my birthday :D
  5. Carles Gil, "excited" to be finally green and white The signing of Carles Gil by Betis is on the right track, as confirmed by ESTADIO sources of the negotiation, to the point that the leaders of the country, which have reached a principle of agreement with the end, are only waiting for The Aston Villa lowers its claims. Source: Link
  6. Exactly. He is someone who would love to take on another challenge and be in the middle of it. If he failed at Villa it tarnished his 'winning' record. He could go out by helping guide Villa back to the big time.
  7. Marseille are keen on Jordan Amavi after he was placed on the transfer list by Aston Villa. Source: Link
  8. Left-back Jordan Amavi is to leave Aston Villa in the summer after revealing that he has been placed on the transfer list. The Frenchman has ambitions to play in a top league and has also indicated that he would like to take part in European competition next term. Source: Link
  9. Would take him no questions asked. Experienced winner. I couldn't care less what he does outside of football. Bloke is a footballing legend.
  10. New fixtures will be out tomorrow. Who do you believe we will get first? My prediction.. home to Ipswich. Borefest.
  11. Terry is now 6/4 to sign with Villa amid rumours he is on the verge of signing a 2 year deal.
  12. I second this. Welcome back, mate. Back garden with vodka and the bbq...
  13. Agreed. I know it's part and parcel of the game but if I remember rightly it was a nothing game which made it even more worthless.
  14. He said: "It was emotional saying farewell to the fans - that was hard, trust me. "I couldn't say a thing. I wanted to talk on the microphone and address the tremendous supporters but I just couldn't do it, I found it impossible. "I think I would have been choked up and it would have been hard not to drop a couple of tears. "The fans will always hold a special place in my heart. They were one of the guiding lights in me getting fit again - the encouragement they gave me was incredible. "It didn't matter how long I was out injured, they were always there for me, cheering for me, asking how I was. I am so grateful for that. Read full article Loved Wilfred Bouma. One of very few who has played for Villa in my lifetime and gave his all no matter what. Such a shame he got injured in the way he did.
  15. Will always be the League/Coca Cola Cup to me :)