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    Freddy, That's the question, WHAT is wrong with Aston Villa. This malaise certainly hasn't suddenly appeared under SB's management, its been around for 6 years or so now. The proud Villa of old is no more, the Villa of today is a mockery to the great history of our club. On paper Villa should be ripping up the vast majority of teams in this league, unfortunately football isn't played on paper, and our expensive squad of millionaires fail time after time to show the fight, heart and desire required to match, on often what on paper is a far inferior team. Brentford being a prime example, no disrespect intended, BUT they should be privileged to be on the same pitch as Aston Villa, yet like most teams we face, we wilt under their enthusiasm and desire, being outplayed, humiliated and unmanned quite often on national television. And still the same tired and worn out excuses persist. 'This is not acceptable', 'we will be working hard to put this right', 'we will be going back to basics in training'. Talk is cheap, and is so often proven to be the bs we know it to be, when the following match produces the same old problems, and a team who haven't won for 10 games take us to the cleaners, or a youngster scores their first professional goal against us in stoppage time. If i wasn't so dead inside from supporting and caring about Villa i would cry, instead i laugh when as expected we allow the opposition to score in the last two minutes, either to snatch a draw or as is most often the case all three points. I want to be able to detach myself from all this bs and stop caring, but match day comes and i watch again full of false hope, that maybe today is the day, and Villa turn the corner. Unfortunately the corner is nowhere in sight.
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    I am fed up of the same old. When will it end. And I wouldn't say RDM had us playing better football. We were a shambles. Say what you want about managers but ultimately lack of effort and selfishness comes down to the players. Fans booing and cheering players when being subbed is an embarrassement. Said it before and I'll say it again. We the fans are part of the problem at this club. Anyway last night.. The goalkeeper is worse than Gollini in my opinion. Shocking decision by the manager. Hutton for me looked decent going forward and always gives his all but isn't good enough. Amavi should have cleared the ball with his head for the first goal and then he never puts himself in the penalty situation. People around me moaned about Jack when the whole midfield was p*ss poor yet again. I take it we must have a scapegoat at the Villa? Kodija is good to watch on the ball but is so greedy. I really felt for Hogan who ran non stop and had absolutely nothing to show for it.
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    If you think any member on here is 'happy with the last couple of results' then you don't know anything about this forum or it's members. Yes people make comments about results and with the way we are playing, set-up etc. then you can see it coming....
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    Thought I'd throw caution to the wind on this one - bets placed on 3-0 or 4-2 win; I read what you guys say, so new midfield should magic a few goals even if we dropped a couple at the back! Think it's fair to say to say that no recent Villa team have delivered what they should but I have been blown away by how forums such as this think they are totally anonymous when absolutely slating players in appalling assaults, not only on their professional ability, but on their perceived personal agendas too. Ashley Westwood has been scapegoat personified for as long as I can remember, yet every manager has called upon him and he has pulled on the shirt with pride, even when some classless morons choose to boo at his inclusion. He has actually been my favourite player due to his, admittedly usually unspectacular, consistent performances. A seat on the halfway line would allow you to hear the fact that, for a lot of the time, his was the only voice in claret and blue to be heard. We can't all be heroes because sometimes the heroes need a bit of modest support. So Villa supporters are happy; the one that has been 'conning a living for years' has gone, Sean Dyche is happy because he has an experienced midfielder that he sees as capable and versatile and Westy is happy because he 'just wants to be appreciated', and I think he just might be at Burnley. So in celebration of our new wonderful, unbeatable midfield, who shall we start slating now? I can read this, you can read this, so follows our players can read this - bitch about performances on the pitch by all means; we pay our money, we have a right to comment but we have no right to deal out personal, childish insults.
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    Everybody whinges and moans about terrorists and all the f**cking sh*t that 'some' muslims are threatening the world with and now somebody is trying to do something about it and he is called a lunatic etc. If the 'good' muslims are too scared to 'turn in' the 'bad' muslims then what are we supposed to do? He might not be the smartest politician, but he knows what the majority of peace loving people want and that is what he is trying to do. If you keep the terrorists out of your country then that is a bloody good start. We have gangs of Somalians running around Sydney and Melbourne beating people up and trying to form gangs like they had in their own country. It wont be long before bombing starts. Dont invite them in because they only want trouble.
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    My 17 year old son stayed at his best mates house last night, nice kid whose family moved down here to Bournemouth a couple of years ago.....he reckons most Jamaicans are arseholes and he can't stand Pakistani's, his mother shares his views, she's Indian and his father is Jamaican ( and no longer on the scene because he's an arsehole ). They left Brum because his mother was sick of him being attacked/mugged, and it wasn't White supremacist's that drove them out. Plenty of us warned what would happen when you opened that thread about the welcome Germany was giving to refugee's, and we were right. I'll tell you something else we are probably right about, we haven't seen anything yet. Most of the new arrivals are young men, if their countries are so bad they should be there fighting to protect their women and children.........I have a message for all the idiots who are ashamed to be British, I'm ashamed your British to.
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    My grandkids are 4 and 5 which in the case of the older one is the age that mine were having their first little taste of freedom, we lived in a quiet cul de sac with a little green and play area out the front so we could watch them. My daughter on the other hand lives in a 2nd floor flat with very busy roads on her doorstep, its going to be a long time before they get to play out. I think that is the sad reality for millions of kids now who not only can't play out, they don't have a garden either. When I was a kid a flat is what you got when you left home, once kids came along you moved into a house. Never mind those great games they will miss out on its the learning to be self sufficient, to stand on your own two feet and be independent....when I was about 10 me and my mates had made a den in an old abandoned farm, built a barbeque with bricks and an old birdcage, got hold of a few pots and pans and Saturday mornings we would spend our pocket money on stuff like sausages and beans and cook our own dinner. We built rafts and sailed ( and sank ) on the river, we built our own bikes from bits we scrounged at the tip and just generally had a great time growing up.....yes kids are missing out in a way that is harming their development.
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    Hi, Any other Villa fans travel to home games from up north? I'm living in South Manchester but have a season ticket in the Holte End so would be nice to find other Villa fans to car share with. I've tried the official AVFC Car Share but no luck as of yet.. Cheers! Nikita
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    I still have faith that Bruce will get it right, the manager merry go round has not worked for us. now is the time for continuity!
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    Bang on the nail Dorset especially the final sentence-----that shirt and the history that it represents which so many of us would give our right arm for----(-i still remember the dam letter thanking me BUT turning me down when i wrote requesting a trial back in 1964!!!! i just wish ma God bess her had kept it, gee i cried my heart out,) should inspire any body given the privilidge to wear it to play ouut of their skin for--------
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    Burton getting 3 points against Norwich yesterday was bad news for us. Going down again could mean several seasons in league one
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    Just add milk and butter, job done creamed potato
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    Looking st your Facebook you've had a few doubles this season ???
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    Firstly, I have never enjoyed the glory times at Villa Park, as for the few years I have been following, we've always been rubbish! I still consider myself to be a newbie and so my comments are simple observations not technical opinions. I wholehearted agree with the booing. Every one of our many recent managers, on arrival, have paid tribute to the support which is fantastic, but probably more to buy them some time when things go wrong. Talk about divide and conquer, away teams must know that if they get us on the back foot and the crowd turn, they effectively have the whole ground behind them! Having beaten us, the away fans must go away with an extra spring in their step knowing that the booing on the final whistle will have a more damaging effect than the defeat. Villa Park is a lions den for our own players - I'm surprised Bacuna ever had the nerve to set foot in the place after the hell he was given. Regarding management, I think pretty much any of them could have made a decent go of it given time. Of course they employ strange tactics that none of us understand (or even like) and they put players on the pitch that we would leave on the bench but that's their job. It seems all of our past managers are looking more attractive than Steve Bruce at the moment but we have a good manager and I'm fairly confident he'll make it work, I'm certain that this won't be sitting well with him and even if it's just for his own pride, he'll sort it. We just need patience and not to look like the most ridiculous club in the country by sacking manager after manager because they don't perform miracles instantly. Don't know much about the players, as I am yet to see most of the new boys play. Things do seem to have gone pear-shaped since he meddled with defence, but I believe he went back to plan A last night. I don't buy into 'lack of confidence' as if I was paid what they're earning, I'd believe I was bloody brilliant no matter what, but with a keeper it's a bit different. Gollini wasn't great, but we managed to make him worse, however I would have persevered. This lad looked good at first but looks like the same is happening again. Like everyone, I can't help but notice how well our 'cast offs' play elsewhere, I also notice that players who left thinking the sun shone out of them (Benteke springs to mind), discover they're not all that after all. I honestly don't know what the answer is but can't help thinking that the weight of expectation is too much to handle and think despite the embarrassment, frustration, threat of relegation, time and money spent etc the only way forward is patience, positive mental attitude and lots and lots off alcohol!
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    EFL1 (Championship), Tuesday 14/02/2017 : Aston Villa 1-3 Barnsley May I commiserate with those who attended tonight. We who did not go were spared, as the stream did not work. Attendance : 26,435 (SSN)
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    Utter tosh mate! why do we have to have had a creator? if we did he/she is nothing short of a hateful entity! why would he/she allow so much suffering in the world? Religion is the main thing hold back and dividing the human race! once you put that aside life is better, more worthwhile and purer!
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    what do Calderwood Bruce and Clemence do with the Boyz at B.H. all week----i know i keep harping on ----but form has seriously dipped since the Brighton game and Calderwoods return to the fold,!!!!!
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    I have noticed a couple of people would like the manager out, imo that would be just panicking, the man should be given at least the rest of the season to try and start turning things around, he is a very experienced guy in this division and deserves a little more time. I'm as frustrated as the next man , I think things will change, unfortunately time and football management just dont seem to go together. Come on Brucey get em at it.
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    Sometimes I like to think for a while before responding
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    Morality is covered with one simple sentence...." how would you like it if somebody did that to you ? "
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    Doubt it , but i am sure on several occasions he will spend a few minutes rolling around on the floor , dying after being fairly tackled , before gradually getting up , then barely able to walk he will slowly make his way to the touchline , then ten seconds later when the ref gives him the signal to come back on he will run quickly onto the pitch as if nothing had ever happened.
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    That's Bruce's fault for not telling our squad to close them down, harrass them on the ball and not give them time to think. He has us giving the opposition months to decide on when to pass etc. Every team we play close us down and make it difficult. WE DON'T !!!
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    Thats it in a nutshell! No matter who the opposition we show far far too much respect they recognise this bring the game to us play through and around us then wham bam its in the onion bag game over.ffs with the costly squad assembled Aston Villa are at the very least equal to every dam team in this division belief in ourselves is needed and this must stem from the manager!!!!
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    1-2 the way we are playing. We'll assume we are playing Barca, let them have loads of possession, not close them down while they close us down everytime we have the ball and then we'll lose. Bruce will make a sub 10 minutes after the game finishes.....
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    Knowing my luck if I went into a bar called Hooters the barmaid would be a fat bird with a huge nose
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    Hugely disappointed with the result but took plenty of positives from the performance....I thought all the new boys looked promising and although Johnstone's howler rocked us I thought we looked the more likely to score until Grealish's stupidity cost us. One goalkeeper cost his team, the other saved his. If I were to criticise the tactics I would say that too often we by-passed midfield and conceded possession, if your going to stick 5 in the middle use them. I think the foundations are taking place for a very good team, tonight a combination of bad luck and stupidity cost us.
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    Ha nice one Dorset-----that would confuse the opposition and make em stop and think would,nt it though---lol
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    You chose Amavi in your team and yet you say that about Hutton? Bree is potential and imo he will be the number 1 right back by the end of the season, i think he should be playing for a few weeks and then look to bring Bree in, my opinion of course
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    Hutton is a complete liability yes he bombs forward with no end product whatsoever people must confuse this with working hard his positional awareness is shocking cannot be aloud to start another game now we have a viable alternative
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    Agree, it is very difficult to stay positive after being subjected to such dross for so long. However we have the best manager for our current situation, and chopping and changing manager continually will only make us a bigger joke, IF that is possible.
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    Bruce has had one January to try a strengthen a club that has been in freefall for 6 or 7 years, he hasn't yet bought in enough players to field a first 11 let alone a squad. If he's bought well half of his signings will work out, it would be a miracle if they all did. Its not easy to be patient after the shite we have all had to watch for so long but now is the time for patience and understanding, Bruce has a shed load of excuses, he needs to be cut some slack and supported. I'm one for him, always have, but looking at twitter last night I was seeing #bruceout and many fans that sit around me in the holte don't like him so I'm finding more and more that I'm in the minority of fans who like him. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    If Muslim religion is about peace why do Muslim extremists support violence? True Muslims should stand up against them. Also, why do they migrate to other countries? If they don't like Western civilization beliefs then stay in your own country where it's accepted. Muslims in Australia are not interested in 'becoming Australian'. That to me is not multi cultural. When you migrate to another country, you should accept their rules - Muslims don't.
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    Oh dear stereotype me with the racist people. Its fine Dimitri, let non British people take all the money then Fcuk off laughing when it all goes tits up. NHS is for the British people, make the others pay and reinvest the money. Why the f*ck should I pay nearly half of what I earn so that these people can take take take.
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    Muslim ban protest ? Lee Rigby was hacked to death in the street, what did these people do then ? Dimitri, the sooner the NHS stops treating people who are non British the better the service will be for British people.
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    If everyone stopped believing the crap written in religious books gave them the right to behave like scum we would certainly have a lot less issues.
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    If everyone stayed in their own country there would be no issues ?
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    LOL, read the title and found it very funny! McCormack Going Nowhere! apparently this very much applies to training aswel!
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    Just out of curiosity - what are you hoping to achieve with this survey?
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    Think Jack will flourish, learn and improve with some of the players we've signed this window instead of some of the average guys he's had around him in recent times. He's still very young in terms of footballers, hang onto him and let him continue to grow for mine.