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    Hi, Any other Villa fans travel to home games from up north? I'm living in South Manchester but have a season ticket in the Holte End so would be nice to find other Villa fans to car share with. I've tried the official AVFC Car Share but no luck as of yet.. Cheers! Nikita
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    How does the Monarch keep the ambitions of politicians in check you ask......well we got rid of the monarchy once and ended up with a man many see as a tyrant, an MP who gave himself the title Lord Protector, and when he passed he handed the title onto his son, a man history now calls Tumbledown Dick. It was a bloody and unstable time in our history and it wasn't too long before it was decided that the restoration of a Monarch would be no bad idea, though the Monarch would be a figurehead with no real powers. Can you imagine the likes of Blair and Mandelson with unlimited power ? one of the few powers the Monarch has but has as yet never used is the power to dissolve Parliament and demand an election. That is why I say it stops a politician from gaining absolute power and I didn't say the Queen has kept peace in Europe, that would be a ludicrous claim considering how many wars the politicians have taken us into in the past century, I said that as a nation we have enjoyed stability. I agree with your sentiments about privilege but that exists in every society, always has and always will but having a head of state who is above politics has served us well, I'm not some flag waving monarchist just pragmatic, what would we replace it with ? and bear in mind the people who would get to make that decision.
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    Gabby turned the game today----he had fire in his belly and it showed-----booked trying to get the ball off Shotton for a free kick, booted the ball out in front of their fans, mouthed a few words at em, ran his butt off, won 3/4 flick ons and made a thorough nuisance of himself,wound up The Faithful those who heard the applause etc when he came on will know what i mean, and clearly rattled bloose and their following!! got a whack in the back off Robinson--and put away our only shot on target!! who else was gonna score? who else showed the emotion and passion needed in a second city derby-? none in midfield did!!! Hogan received no service what so ever,, nah for me Gabby should still be in The Claret and Blue next season----to be used wisely by Stevee Bruce----- "if the cap fits"
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    Think that's a given. Doubt Blackburn will know what's hit them if they score and Villa fans start cheering lmao
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    Don't think Gabby and clean sheets go together mate if rumours are correct.
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    That's an understatement ???
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    yes Dublin , avfc is not a convalescent home for his recuperation and welfare on his inevitable return in the summer , the only problem is , how do we get rid of him
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    Of course!! both me and Maria! Its not a choice really mate, its compulsory is it not?
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    we seem far far too slow cumbersome and pondering, Jack being a prime example when tackled for their first goal---no one "drives" forward its all a slow slow build---often going blinking backwards no way when compared to other teams in this division will this style of football mean a top 6 finish next season---a thorough rethink of the modern game and our systems" will be required during the summer break by Steve Bruce and his management team ----Dr Tony -----are you reading? have to agree with Morpheus on this one----i knew we were in trouble when i saw who had been given the nod---3 centre backs DONT work they are too similar to the extent of getting in each others way--do they communicate?----it might work with a smaller hard tackling "sweeper" sort of player -but not them 3!! Fulham tore us apart in the first half down both flanks 2 wide ********g wing backs as they are termed in the modern game ought to be able to cope with this--ours could not and their defensive quality,s were sorely exposed!! Amavi try,s but he aint a full back whether its 4 or 5 at the back----he plays better in front of Taylor in a 4-3-3 4-4-2 system, no way will Gardner and Jack --alone be able to hold their own in this division----far too lightweight and slow---Jack lad the opposition dont and wont give you time!!!! movement has to be a heck of a lot quicker---- unless there is a thorough rethink and coming to terms with "the modern game" and a big big clear-out ---then i,m afraid we will be staying in this quite different- reputation and history dont mean a thing,-resource draining Championship for a good many seasons---thats my take on the matter anyway,
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    Back in the house after a 14 hour drinking session that included fulham away. reading forum posts, wasn't going to log in but after reading this thread I just wanted to say that in my opinion Sanchez showed glimpses of being a good player at vp and has probably gone on to do better since. But to me during his time here I have never seen any player pass to the opposition as much as him. To say he needed Specsavers would have been an understatement. Where as Jedinak this season I believe has been more important to us than Kodja and his goals . Just look at our record without him. Jedinak reminds me of Paul McGrath , not the fittest, doesn't need to train, but on match day he is brilliant. Eyes in the back of his head, always knows where the ball is. Anticipates everything , wins every header and he is always there when the ball drops for him to lay off.
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    good man,some high profile names there,good luck
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    Like Villagaz, I too was wondering why our match was on Saturday. I looked at all the fixtures and saw the EPL games are on Saturday too. From that I assumed the fixture planner had seen 'Aston Villa' and naturally assumed ... EPL fixture.
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    I am torn on this if i am honest! Grealish has big talent, no doubt! but so far he is only an impact player for the last 20 mins or so! but i worry that if he leaves he could finally find his mojo and step up...then we have lost out! i will leave this up to the manager who sees him all the time
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    Conference would be a better place to put them, they'd feel more at home
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    We've been together for 22 years,god knows how she put up with me for that long. I didnt see the documentary either, I try not to watch that kind of programme, I've witnessed some horrific stuff in my life, I certainly dont need to see young kids and a grown man devastated at the loss of a wife and mother.
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    This result was hardly unexpected : Sunday 02/04/2017, SPL : Heart of Midlothian 0-5 Celtic It would be churlish not to proffer congratulations to Celtic, so I offer them, well played. I did not bother watching the stream (the goals were shown on SSN anyway), I watched 'Click' on BBC1 instead.
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    To right LLV, been with mine nearly 30 years, I could never be so close to anyone else after sharing all that time and raising the kids together. I didn't watch the documentary, not my idea of entertainment but I feel for Rio and anyone else losing their better half, especially so young.
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    Welcome back stranger. Well done on the weight loss! How did you do it? I have also been on a weight loss mission. Lost 2 stone and 4 pound (when i last weighed myself on Monday). From the 'c**t' ;)
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    I certainly have ,,,,,,,poor Dimitri has turned to whiskey
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    Money talks mate lol
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    suppose its better than gangrene
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    Let's get ready to ruuuuuumble Welcome back Skyba, and to any other's yet to post.
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    Haha "Ill see - i might give you something towards them as Karl has his wedding to pay for" lol.
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    BTW just to let everyone know skyba is a labour man & a supporter of corbyn,bloody lefty hippies
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    I think I said similar to you earlier in the season. Win first - play pretty second.
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    Lies, damn lies and statistics.