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    Why ? We don't use the midfield we have now, what use is there in bringing in another one....
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    That's enough for me. I want him gone.
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    Thanks for the links Stu. Not looking great at the moment.
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    Bruce has been here 10 months, 2 transfer windows and a pre-season and our tactics are hoof ball. That alone says he has to go. He doesn't seem to have any idea how to change a team mid game to break down the opposition, something everyone else seems to do to Bruce on a weekly basis....
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    Left on 70mins not ever done that before gave the Porsche some stick on way home 1 hour 15 mins now a nice French merlot bruce out
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    Ffs have you not twigged on yet??? 7-0 is the only result we'll accept. ;)
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    Frustration at seeing the same tactics from last season. First half was good as we know but why the hell do we always sit back on a 1-0 lead???
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    I don't condone that kinda shite mate,thats low,daft boys will lose their job & possibly jail,hopefully a minority ive never heard that disgusting song before & ive done my rounds on supporters buses & pubs etc,with that doing the rounds every c**t will f**cking hate us now lol
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    didn't know they done botox
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    I like classy evenings