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    No Dimitri it isn't as simple as that, its f*ck all to do with what anyone has done to them, that is a convenient excuse some of them give and some of us swallow. No other group on the planet is hell bent on ruling the world, that is what they want...a global caliphate and its not just the West on the receiving end of these murderous bastards, in India they kill Hindu's and Sikh's, in Burma they kill Buddhist's, in Syria and Iraq they kill Yazidi's, throughout Africa they kill Christians, in the Philippine's and Pakistan they kill Christians, do you see a pattern emerging there ? Where there are Muslims there is terror and the more Muslims you have the more terror you get, it's why we, France and Germany have had attack after attack and Hungary and Slovakia who told Merkel to go to f*ck when she demanded they take in Muslims haven't, no Ghettos for the poison to spread and nowhere for the vermin to hide.
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    Making the trek over in Feb for Blues. Hopefully for Fulham away and Preston H as well.
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    he's just on his way to number 10 right now
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    cheers Dorset, im pencilled in for the afternoon, just want to get it over and done with, just in time for the new season lol
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    Bit of steel? Why, has he had a hip replacement?!
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    Released by Brighton after 6 months. Cracking signing
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    Patrick. The only corrupt and rotten things I see on this thread are your poisonous posts, spewing vile hatred and bile, which if directed against a racial or religious group, would fall foul of the laws against hate speech. Your posts tell me nothing about Rangers, (or Celtic), but a lot about you.
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    There is no Bruce out brigade. Every Villa fan wants him to get us promoted. But the impression I get online and from talking to villa fans there are a lot of villa fans who have serious doubts about him or if he is the man that can he can do it. Yes he has a record of getting clubs promoted but I judge him on his time at Villa Park, not what he done at other clubs. And so far I am far from impressed.
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    I think we're still a laughing stock. We spent a fortune compared to everyone else last season, yet week in week out we were outplayed by teams that cost next to nothing. We never once played well or looked as good as any of the play off teams. Yes lifelong I too hope we get off to a good start under Steve Bruce in the season starting in August , if not as Tony Xia showed last season he won't hesitate to make a change, He has invested too much now to let another season of mid table boredom happen.
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    Dorset, fully agree we were shocking during that period, no manager would of kept us up that season, Sherwood seemingly spat his dummy out over the transfers, Garde was left to carry the can. We shouldnt be comparing TS and RG with Steve Bruce, what they had to play with is incomparable to the options given to RDM and Bruce. RDM and Bruce had the most expensive team in the league and both should of done better. After our summer spending, Bruce's appointment and additions in the January window I bet there wasnt many who didnt think we'd get a play off spot. Thats last season, I'm looking forward to the next one starting, I'd love us to hit the ground running and SB shove all our words down our throats. UTV
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    Sherwood, Garde and RDM, all young and "clued up" on the latest coaching techniques and all tried and failed to stop the rot. I sometimes think people have forgotten just how bad we have been. Sherwood 6 wins in 23 games....5 of which came when he seemed to enjoy the famous new manager bounce. The other was a fortuitous opening day win at newly promoted Bournemouth. Garde 2 wins in 27 RDM 1 win in 11....the solitary win against whipping boys Rotherham, I'm only counting league games so will ignore the arse kicking Luton gave us in the cup. 9 wins in 61 games for 3 different managers yet the clueless potato head has 15 wins in 35 games and doesn't know what he is doing People point at other teams and say look how quick their genius of a manager turned them around, well no two set of circumstances are alike, there really is no magic wand and all the modern coaching in the world did us no good under the last 3. I doubt under him we will challenge for the title or be admired by neutrals for our entertaining football, but for now I'll just settle for people not laughing when I tell them who I support.
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    To be fair to Garde, I don't think he should be classed as the same as the others mentioned. The team had already given up, the clubs owners/management had already given up and basically left Garde to face the music so they didn't have too. Garde IS a very good manager, just dumped on by an owner who didn't care less about the club anymore and hired him as a fall guy without the slightest attempt to back him what so ever.
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    thats a pretty fair assessment, Dimitri. We were excellent in the first half, and took the game to Celtic, but you've got to take your chances. I think conceding the equaliser so soon after scoring didn't help, if we could have held out to half time, things might have been different but thats all ifs and buts. Ran out of steam in the second half, and Celtics class told in the end. Congrats to Celtic on a superb season and winning the treble, a fitting tribute to the Lisbon Lions.
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    Garry Monk is available now, just saying.
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    I am getting sick of this kinda shiza all over Villa social media! Bruce did a decent Job last season albeit we also has a terrible run during that, but it seems to me that an "Element" of the so called Villa Faithful thrive on negativity and always look for the negatives while ignoring the elephant in the room! Which is that under Bruce the football has been poor to watch at times but overall effective in the time he has had at the Club.....a Club that is now hopefully on the mend after years of mismanagement from the very top down! In short, to even consider sacking Bruce right now is a joke and to look towards next season with some quite apparent relish and hope that Bruce fails and we sack him by Xmas is just downright idiotic,small minded, negative and confusing if coming from an Aston Villa fan! Whats wrong with trying to look to the future with some hope and take the positives while supporting the manager while he addresses and tries to iron out the negatives? or is that too much to ask?
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    Yeah , i know matteo wasted a load on McCormack , but he did buy Kodja , Jedinak and Chester
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    Wow. We judge a manager who DIDNT get a pre-season with the team. The team still ISNT his team. We WILL have money to spend. Don't get the issue one bit. If not Bruce? Who? Who is better equipped than Bruce to take us back up? We all knew the football wouldn't be pretty before he comes in so people looking for 'sexy football' are kidding themselves. Winning football is what we want. 'Financial constraints' - The club has to get rid of deadwood. Real Madrid, Manchester United and Barcelona are three of the richest clubs in the world and even they have to get rid of dead wood. The media have dramatised the finance issue as usual. Wyness and Xia have said the whole season that we would need to offload some of the deadwood this summer. Really don't get the issue.