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  2. I do too! I’m really excited on who he will target in the January Transfer Market to strengthen competition of the squad. He has never had the financial power from his short managerial career yet and it’s clear that NSWE will give him what he needs! He has too buy SMART!! Which I believe he will do. Bailey injured again soooh frustrating, he was the player I was most excited to see, but if this is a trend then it’s pretty obvious that the Premier League is not for him, maybe SerieA? I hope he can make it at our football club though! Sanson looked very good when he came on. Does you/anyone know
  3. I agree. Way Way Way, too much respect was given in the 1st, I really thought it was going too be 4or5 but the 2nd half we did start to press. They taught us a lesson in the 1st and really showed me that we are a long ways away from at least Champions League level! Time is needed for Stevie G and the staff, it will be very interesting who Stevie will sign in January. I would like too see Sosa (LB) of Stuttgart! A skilled (CDM) strong with high passing % too control and slow thing’s down when needed, like Rodri did last night. I think R. Kent could be an exciting option for Stevie as another (C
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  5. I believe in Gerrard! He'll get us the right signings.
  6. “IF NOBODY KNOWS THAT ISNT GOING TO VILLA PARK TONIGHT THE MATCH IS LIVE ON AMAZON-PRIME” UTV - Let’s see how far or close we are to one of the “so-called top4” with Stevie GERRARD’s 1st real test to show a jam packed Villa Park his tactical strategic qualities and his philosophy. How will Jack be treated??? I hope n prey he doesn’t score especially at the Holte End. He will be jeered that’s football I’ve been going to Villa Park for almost 4 decades and it’s part of the territory especially “One of our Own” UTV. Not ‘Gud-Luk Jack n City but ONLY for my/our special club, Aston Villa! my luv my
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  8. Aston Villa vs Manchester City Picks & Game Preview Kick Off: 12/01/2021 16:15 Aston Villa Gerrard's arrival can be said to give Villa a new look and show a good level of coaching. After winning Crystal Palace 2-1 in the last game, Villa won two consecutive victories and temporarily got rid of the trouble of relegation - ranking 13th in the league table, and there was the dawn of competing for European seats again. So far this season, the team have scored goals in all League home games - winning three of them. Manchester City Manchester City beat West Ham United by
  9. Plus Side Your weapons deal massive damage; each weapon is capable of dealing 50 poison damage no matter the situation OSRS Gold, but it sacrifices power to do so; you can use prayer and potions. The negative side is that your opponent is able to 1hit you and you are not able to provide food or armor, he has ten thousands hp; your weapons can be extremely slow. Only five weapons are in your arsenal. This is a miniquest, it will not appear in the quest journal, and the release of it will be kept secret. Skills a 99 in strength, attack, defense, or hitpoints. Achieve 70+ hitpoints and 60 ab
  10. Madden 22 Roster Update – Ratings rising for four big names. Madden 22 is now ready for the next Roster Update. Player ratings for four top players are on the rise Mut 22 coins. We've all the information we can about the Madden 22 ratings changes so far, and also when they'll be released. Gronkowski's growth is due to the increase of 3 points from his 93 Rating in Catching, and a six point jump for his Awareness to rate it at 91. Terry McLaurin's amazing catch leapt one point to a 92 . his Catch in Traffic climbed one point to 85. Najee Harris ' ratings improvement rooted heavily in
  11. Great result well done all,another weekend not spoilt, VTID
  12. Who do you want Villa to sign this January Transfer Window? I think we need another LB (Sosa from Stuttart) looks the part with 13x Assists. Another holding midfielder that has an engine and a high percentage passing ability to calm things down. I have heard about Ryan Kent being mentioned!?! Rangers are my fave Scottish team (irony huh) I have been watching him the past few years and at only 25yrs I think he could be a snip at a reported £15-20m! He’s very much like Buendia in flair and stature but is fast-as-fuke (GabbyGabby Agbonlahor) lol. I also think either a highly rated young 20/21
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  17. Aston Villa v Manchester City Competition: Premier League Game: 16 Date: 01.12.2021 Prediction window closes 90 minutes before kick-off Predictions below, please
  18. Aston Villa v Manchester City Pre/post-match discussion. Premier League - Matchday 16 Villa Park, Birmingham Wednesday, 1st December 2021 20.15 Kick-Off (UK Time)
  19. Fantastic result. We were great in times and had to dig in in other spells but a great win regardless.
  20. What a result! very tough run in ahead though.
  21. English Premier League -- Crystal Palace vs Aston Villa Picks & Game Preview Kick Off: 11/27/2021 11:00 Crystal Palace Crystal Palace drew 2-2 with Burnley in the last round. The team have played a climax of 7 unbeaten games. They are one of the only five teams with positive goal difference in the Premier League, with a relatively balanced attack and defense at both ends. The team are good at home for having remained unbeaten since the start. As a midfielder trained by Chelsea, Gallagher has scored four goals in the past three games and seven goals this season. As
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  23. Hi all, my partner is a life long Villa fan but has never been to a game. Wanted to throw it out on a forum to ask of the best way to get tickets considering I have no booking history and am a non member, it seems impossible for people in my situation to be able to get tickets these days… I want to get her tickets to the Villa v Man United game in mid January as it would be the best Christmas present ever and make her year. Does anyone have any suggestions for my best approach please?
  24. Minecraft seems to me to be the most underrated cultural phenomenon of our time. In 10 years, the masterpieces produced there will be exhibited in museums. https://youtu.be/8_bW3ab8YAk As for your offer with games, Hilda, I had IT consulting services from a well-known IT company and there I asked about all these bets, casinos. It turns out that the owner can easily set up any account for 100% wins or 100% losses. Have you met such dishonest establishments in your practice? Because of this fear, I am afraid to start playing.
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    And what do you think? you play well?
  26. Crystal Palace v Aston Villa Competition: Premier League Game: 15 Date: 27.11. 2021 Prediction window closes 90 minutes before kick-off Predictions below, please
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