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  4. Yes. Every game is the same with him. You can see something isn’t working or something needs freshening up and he just stands there and let’s it continue! Then once it goes to pot he starts ringing changes. It’s always a case of too little too late. We also seem to be shoe horning players into the team. Why can’t he just play with natural wingers.
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  6. the reason smith wont change what is wrong is because he cannot see what is wrong, surely 3 wins out of 9 tells a story,
  7. Aston Villa v West Ham United Competition: Premier League Game: 12 Date: 30.10.2021 Prediction window closes 90 minutes before kick-off Predictions below, please
  8. dstocky1988: 1-3 ollyk68: 2-2 Steveo68muppett: 1-2 birminghamb6: 2-0 Adrian_Siggins: 1-1 DaaanColquhoun: 1-1 The1874Lounge: 2-1 QuestionsCraig: 2-2 4key4: 2-2 chrisrjones9: 2-2 jtwill71: 1-2 Villan1985: 3-1 markyoddbod: 2-2 UTVChris: 0-1 cra1g72: 1-1 Gallie75: 1-2 JaseWheatley: 2-3 temptherat: 1-2 Antz_Evans: 0-2
  9. Aston Villa v West Ham United Pre/post-match discussion. Premier League - Matchday 12 Villa Park, Birmingham Sunday, 30th October 2021 16.30 Kick-Off (UK Time)
  10. What bothered me about Smith was we could all see it wasnt working after 10 minutes. Change something. He never changes anything in play. Had he changed it early on, who knows what could have happened but we will never know.
  11. apollo is right, its time for him to go, he is just clutching at straws, over a hundred million spent and we still dont look like we are moving forward, smith has no plan b, and wouldnt know how to use it if he had, same old football, same old tactics thats already been proved not to work, yet he still carries on making the same mistakes if he loses the next game ive an idea the boys at the top will make a move, lets hope so.
  12. Carried on from where we left off,!!amazing I cant for the life of me follow why Axel started, 3 CB,s just dont suit us,the team looked like it's only just met!!and to concede 6 goals in 2 games should be evidence enough that it ain't working,Ings and Watkins dont work either Olly is a shadow of what he was last season, The second half was a tad better with Bailey on at least we could string 2 passes together,BUT if this formation and form continues I'm afraid to say we will be relegation candidates,the West Ham game who are high flying will be a big big test of both manager and players,.
  13. Despite how this game finishes I’m going to say that it’s time for smith to go. Continues with that formation after the previous sh*t show. spent all that money and we look like a side that could go down…
  14. Two sides who are so very unpredictable. Both have the capability of smashing the other on any given day.
  15. I get your point Freddy but as bad as Tuanzebe was, so was Konsa. Hause struggled at Tottenham so i guessed he would be dropped at the first oppurtunity. Guilbert is out on loan again?
  16. This could tee us up for a miserable weekend!
  17. Poor substitutions by Deano. what an embarrassment!
  18. Arsenal VS Aston Villa Kick Off: 10/22/2021 15:00 Arsenal Arsenal enters the game after the 2-2 draw against Crystal Palace in the last round. At the end of the game, Alexandre Lacazette's goal helped the team end in a 2-2 draw. The Gunners are unbeaten in five Premier League games and six all games, ranking 12th out of eight games after Monday's deadlock. Arsenal has lost only one of their last six League games at Emirates Stadium and has taken seven points from their last nine home games. The quality of Arsenal's defence has been obvious, conceding only three goals in th
  19. The 2020–21 Scottish Premiership was the eighth season of the Scottish Premiership, the highest division of Scottish football.
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  21. Very poor substitutions , Tuanzebe was awful all game, should have been off after them 2 awful passes to a Gold shirt in the first 10 minutes, in fact i would have started with Hause if we have to field 3 CB,s at home against no Centre Forward!! Marvelous was terrible,conceding the free kick that led to their second i think, and Ramsay showed such naievity when he tapped Adami,s toe---and where the f**K is Guilbert,???
  22. Awful awful awful defending---hate to say but all 3 goals had elements of farce about them---attacking players trying to defend,defenders doing their best not to defend,even assisting Wolves ---3 CB,S and we cannot defend at set pieces??? beggars belief, and WTF was Tuanzebe doing virtually all game ? passing to a gold shirt!! right from that orrid free kick when Konza was fouled just outside our box after 5 minutes, should have been replaced after 30 mins,---Mings was awful after his yellow, brain went AWOL,--Marvellous simply was,nt, and Ramsay,s tap on Adami was oh so so naive, Cash
  23. after yesterdays embarrassment, god help us.
  24. we must be the laughing stock of the midlands, in fact, no might about it, thanks mr so called manager and the dross that you signed,
  25. Arsenal v Aston Villa Competition: Premier League Game: 11 Date: 22.10.2021 Prediction window closes 90 minutes before kick-off Predictions below, please
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