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  2. A clean sheet 3 very well taken goals tremendous- atmosphere---what more could we ask for? well done all, special congrats to Matty Cash and Leon Bailey---on opening their goal account for Villa --hopefully many more to come,mention also Danny Ings,work rate and what a pass to Leon-!---brilliant, thought Marvelous was outstanding -- has anyone caught Matty Cash yet?? his joy at scoring was a sight to behold----it really meant an awful lot to the lad----that was so so nice to witness, UTV VTID
  3. Its getting silly down by Villa Park. The Aston Tavern is charging £5 entry and £6.50 a pint from what ive heard! I used to go the Sacred Heart but it was incredibly busy for the first game of the season so i moved to the Yew Tree. They seem to serve you pretty quick, entry is £3 but there are screens everywhere for the live game on. I usually arrive 1-2 hours before kick off these days. Saturday was a nightmare though as both the Holte Pub and Witton Arms were closed so the Yew Tree was rammed before kick off. We ended up buying a crate and standing outside Tesco. Got talking to som
  4. Horrible news. RIP to a true great.
  5. Chelsea v Aston Villa Competition: Carabao Cup Game: 07 Date: 22.09.2021 Prediction window closes 90 minutes before kick off Predictions below, please
  6. birminghamb6: 0-2 Gallie75: 3-1 QuestionsCraig: 2-2 calymeneAVFC: 1-1 ollyk68: 1-1 markyoddbod: 3-1 The1875Lounge: 1-2 steveparsnips: 1-1 Adrian_Siggins: 1-1 jtwill71: 1-1 Toby_Wheatley: 1-1 4key4: 2-2 UTVChris: 3-2 chrisrjones9: 2-0 Steveo86muppett: 3-1 cra1g72: 1-1 Villan1985: 1-1 avfcmatches: 1-2 DaaanColquhoun: 2-1 dstocky1988: 4-1 villafanscentral: 2-1 CarlReevesAVFC: 3-1 temptherat: 2-0 JaseWheatley: 3-2
  7. Jimmy Greaves (1940-2016) died yesterday (19/09/2020), may he R.I.P.
  8. Chelsea v Aston Villa Pre/post-match discussion. Carabao Cup - Round 4 Stamford Bridge, London Wednesday, 22nd September 2021 19.45 Kick-Off (UK Time)
  9. I thought it was a really good game. A good battle with no end product in the first half and then when we freshened things up with the introduction of Bailey in the second half, we stepped up another level.
  10. Last week
  11. We should have a good game because we are home and there will be many supporters.
  12. Aston Villa Aston Villa has made remarkable progress in recent seasons. Although they lost Grealish this summer, the team also spent a full £ 93 million transfer fee and introduced a number of outstanding new players, such as Buendía, Danny Ings. Therefore, villa's performance has not disappointed the fans too much since the beginning. Although they were defeated at the foot of Chelsea in the last round, it is reasonable to lose in view of the current power of Chelsea. Everton Under the guidance of new coach Benítez, Everton has returned to the peak this season. Not only has Eve
  13. Head to Head May 13, 2021 6pm Aston Villa0-0Everton May 1, 2021 8pm Everton1-2Aston Villa Jul 16, 2020 6pm Everton1-1Aston Villa Aug 23, 2019 8pm Aston Villa2-0Everton Mar 1, 2016 7.45pm Aston Villa1-3Everton
  14. We played well all game . I think that their side had good and quality players especially the goalkeeper.
  15. We will gonna do better than last time! Hope we get a slot into the champions league
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  17. thought we played well in the first half--just a shame their keeper was on top of his game----the big big difference being the strength of their bench---and being able to BRING on the EUFA player of the Euro,s --- once we are able to supply to service Danny Boy and Ollie -- watch them goals fly in, VTID
  18. I agree. We did play well. Just didn’t take our chances.
  19. Aston Villa v Everton Competition: Premier League Game: 06 Date: 18.09.2021 Prediction window closes 90 minutes before kick off Predictions below please
  20. chrisrjones9: 4-1 steveparsnips: 3-0 adamavfckelcey: 2-2 ZackL33: 3-1 Adrian_Siggins: 2-0 Toby_Wheatley: 2-0 Villan1985: 1-2 The1874Lounge: 3-0 JaseWheatley: 3-3 4key4: 2-1 cra1g72: 3-1
  21. Aston Villa v Everton Pre/post-match discussion. Premier League - Matchday 5 Villa Park, Birmingham Saturday, 18th September 2021 17.30 Kick-Off (UK Time)
  22. I felt we played really well but the difference was the quality in their side. If we continue to perform like that this season, we wont be on the losing side too many times.
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