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  3. I agree with you! He really was the best!!!
  4. Quarantine was very difficult at first. But thanks to family and hobbies, got back on track. I just can't imagine even a day without music. What's more, I like almost all kinds of music, be it classical or hard rock. The music genre I choose depends on my mood. If I want to have fun with my friends, I choose rock music or hip-hop. If I want to relax, I choose classical or instrumental music. Whenever I'm sad I used to play https://www.slotozilla.com/free-slots/lucky-7, but now I listen to gothic or alternative music. Or classical - suits any mood))
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  6. 17/01/2021 : Premier League, Game 18, Week 19, Wednesday 20/01/2021, KO 18.00 hours. Predictions for Game 18 : Manchester City v Aston Villa
  7. Manchester City v Aston Villa Pre/post-match chat and analysis. 2020/21 Premier League Wednesday, 20th January 2021 Kick-Off: 18.00 (GMT) City of Manchester Stadium, Manchester
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  9. I thought in previous seasons he carried himself quite well, then this season he has become a bit of a tyrant like old Jose. I guess success brings the badness out in people.
  10. have they ever had any? well maybe a little, but not a lot.
  11. 11/01/2021 : Premier League, Game 18, Week 17, Wednesday 13/01/2021, KO 20.15 hours. Predictions for Game 18, FA01 : Aston Villa v Tottenham
  12. It has become very apparent this season that klopp lacks class
  13. noticed this myself Stu i know hes a good age,he usually updates the SPFL a lot which is strange,i hope hes OK and keeping well,during this pandemic
  14. im just disgusted in the fact we were forced to play the game, other games were called off because of the many covid infected players, this to should have been called off, as for the klopp? well down in my respect for his arrogance of our young players,
  15. I agree with this. Sometimes we forget they are just humans and will be in the same boat as we are. I am sure there are not many out there who can put their hand on heart and say they have not broken the rules at least once in some compacity. Its been a tough year for everyone. I think the EPL could protect themselves by harsher punishments. Make the clubs responsible for the players - so if a game is called off because a player has broken rules then the club foreits the three points.
  16. No not this year,rangers have spent good n wisely,i mean late 90s,early 2000s.
  17. I agree with this, I honestly feel Villa have kept my sanity in the last few months and have provided some form of normality and positivity when we are bombarded with pure misery and negativity all day. Some footballers really let themselves down over the last few weeks though I understand that some outbreaks could have been much more innocent and unfortunate.
  18. Incredibly proud of the team last night. I honestly feared annihilation when I saw the Liverpool team and I wasn't very impressed with Klopp who came across extremely unsympathetic and I feel he was itching for revenge and a huge drubbing which I'm delighted we denied him. Not one player let themselves down out there and hopefully that leaves them with the hunger for more. The first half response to the goal was terrific and they seemed to learn very fast. Barry looks like he has the x factor, what a superb goal and finish. Reven, Sylla, Rowe, Chrisene, I could carry on and list the w
  19. 09/01/2021 : Prediction League Table for Game 18, Wk16 - FA Cup (Liverpool). I have posted my original table for this game onto Twitter under #AVLPL. To view the Table click on the link below then click again to enlarge the image to full size. Table Sorted by Player Name (ascending) within From (ascending) within Played (descending) within Score (descending) within Total (descending). Wk13 shows who played in this game (Y or N); there were 14 active participants out of 39 Players this time. FAC (FA Cup Round 3), Friday 08/01/2021 : Aston Villa 1-4 Liverpool Original Table
  20. avstu: 0-6 Toby_Wheatley: 0-3 jtwill71: 0-2 QuestionsCraig: 2-3 birminghamb6: 1-2 ollyk68: 1-3 DanMatthewsAV: 0-6 Gallie75: 1-8 Tom12399: 2-5 UTVChris: 3-2 just2surrender: 7-2 steveparsnips: 1-3 halalisitmeat: 0-15 JaseWheatley: 2-2
  21. Best wishes mate. I hope he gets better soon. Two lads in my shop are currently in isolation as they have either come into contact or have live with someone who has tested positive. Must admit, i would be surprised if the league were postponed. Its a fine balance with lockdown protection and mental health and i think sport is one thing that is helping so many at the moment. The athletes need to take a long hard look at themselves though and go back to the basic rules of when they first returned.
  22. Honestly, i was unsure what to make of the game before hand. Would a 'battering' do more damage than good to the youngsters? But credit to them all, i felt they did well and I wonder if they would have have offered a bit more had they had more than 2 training sessions. I believe i read somewhere they havent played a game in 3-4 weeks either. Fair play to them all, i just hope they step up from this and don't live off this game.
  23. Does anyone speak to Larry away from the website? I have not spoken to him for some time now and I am just a little worried.
  24. You say spent an fortune but they spent £10.5M compared to your £11.4M You know i prefer Celtic over Rangers all day but for me Celtic have been going backwards for years and have had no real competition until this season. Gerrard has got Rangers playing but i still believe a better manager gets more out of the players you currently have. Whats the genuine feeling amongst Celtic fans?
  25. Fair play to those lads! The actually did alright!
  26. My Nephew, who is a fit and healthy 45 year old has been on a ventilator for about 3 weeks. Funny thing is in that part of the family he is the one who is into keep fit and all the unhealthy ones who tested positive didn't need hospital treatment.
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