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  2. Try follow follow or rangers media? Rangers media rings a bell
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  4. https://www.not606.com/members/larry-av.1010050/
  5. There’s not a team like the Glasgow Rangers 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
  6. Rot in hell you little b**tard.
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  8. Last week
  9. didnt see the game but was overjoyed at the result, , so we move to 8th table wise with a game in hand, would anyone put odds on finishing in the top 6 this season?. saying that, i was hoping for at least an half way finish this season, but how the tide seems to have turned for us.
  10. Burnley v Aston Villa Pre/post-match chat and analysis. 2020/21 Premier League Wednesday, 27th January 2021 Kick-Off: 18.00 (GMT) Turf Moor, Burnley
  11. Your not wrong Freddy and not for the first time this season either!!
  12. I am not so sure to be honest. I think its his style. He only had a reported £40M to spend but spent a big chunk of that on Wilson also. Yes they needed a striker but did they need him that much? You need to create in order to score.
  13. Thought we were always in control and bearing in mind there are games Wednesday and Saturday didn't push above 3rd gear.,all played well but special shout for Marvellous and Ezri Jamie Redknapp was so so right when he said he felt sorry for Villa fans not being able to go and watch this Villa side.Sweet Caroline would sure have echoed around the grand old place tonight Well done all a perfect Saturday night. VTID
  14. We did well considering the down time we had. Looked tired in the second half yet seen it through. I feel for Bruce, not even pep could do better with that squad.
  15. Not heard of him myself i must admit. Watched this earlier though
  16. Nowhere near at our best but we looked solid and in control all night. I would feel sorry for Newcastle because of Steve Bruce makes them watch that crap but sod it, we had to go through it.
  17. Be great to bounce back after 2 contentious losses with 4 or 5 past ol "potato head" COME ON YOU LIONS--- Villa 4 Geordys 0
  18. Is he any good? Don't know. But let's hope it works out better than Berson, Makoun or Veretout.
  19. Aston Villa have agreed a fee with Marseille for midfielder Morgan Sanson. Villa will pay £14m with the fee potentially rising to £15.5m with add ons. The French midfielder is expected to arrive in Birmingham next week. Sky Sports
  20. The Birmingham Mail did a feature on Steve Bruce's 21 Aston Villa signings so I thought it would be a bit of fun to rate them myself. Feel free to share your thoughts below: Scott Hogan - £9.45m Struggled to settle at Villa for whatever reason. Didn't help that his style didn't suit Steve Bruces style of play which made the signing even more bizarre. Now plays across the city at Small Heath. Rating: 1/5 James Bree - £3.15m* Bree signed as part of a deal involving Conor Hourihane* (more on him later). There was promise at first but another signing who was able to
  21. Anyone know much about this lad? Quite a few getting excited by him on social media.
  22. ollyk68: 3-0 Adrian_Siggins: 2-1 Toby_Wheatley: 2-0 holte103: 2-0 Gallie75: 4-0 steveparsnips: 3-0 birminghamb6: 1-0 ZackL33: 5-0 chrisrjones9: 2-0 jtwill71: 2-1 UTVChris: 3-0 stellaciderman: 3-0 JaseWheatley: 3-0
  23. Just very unlike him. Yeah hes usually on the ball with the Prediction League but ive been doing it as hes not around. Ive sent him Private messages on here and his social media platforms but nothing. Does anyone know what Rangers forum he uses? I just want to make sure he is OK.
  24. We have to be winning in this one. Newcastle fans are not happy and we know exactly what Bruce can be like. Under so much pressure then somehow gets a dodgy win out of nowhere. We can't fall into that trap. I hope we don't fall into the tired category and actually look fitter tonight.
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