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  2. Online content is so important to a brand these days and moving to youtube ensures it is free and gives everyone across the globe access to the content. Is a no brainer really and one that should have been done years ago.
  3. Our squad is virtually done and ready for the season ahead. 1 or 2 might still arrive at a push but I think it is clear to see that the current crop of players is those who will take us into the new season. So what formation and starting XI would you line up with against Hull in two weeks time? and why?
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  5. Well mate ,nothing pisses me off more than villa fans slagging off villa , 'makes us equal I suppose
  6. Well mate, nothing pisses me off more than villa fans slagging off villa fans,
  7. Strange comment mate , why would it be referring to you ,I actually thought we were on the same side , got that f**cking wrong didn't I
  8. The good Dr realises growing the Aston Villa brand is worth far more than the AVTV subscription fees. He's a breath of fresh air.
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  10. Actually my post had nothing to do with your views or thoughts!! it was a comment born of the over reaction on social media as a whole from Villa fans! and without waiting to hear if it was a targeted at you, your response was to be a cock about it!! no need for it Dude!!
  11. Badly dislocated it about 10 yrs ago! 3 operations to remove cartilage, repair tendon and file bone as it was "feathered rather than smooth" due to wear after cartilage was removed! I tweaked it last week and it has taken almost the full week for the pain to subside ffs! Its buggered Mate! only thing i can do is to try and lose weight to alleviate the pressure on it from my fat ass! lol
  12. What you done to your knee??? Walking backwards on a treadmill on a small incline in a slightly squatted position will build up vital muscle around your knee joints, if you have soft bone or meniscus damage this exercise is great, low impact but will build strength really fast.
  13. Well if you 2 are referring to me , not once have i called for Bruce's head , I said dr tony will probably do that if we are not in or near the play offs in novemberish. I said we played well and got good results against kidderminster and telford ,I am hoping for an improvement on the boring dour unimaginative performances that have been symbolic of aston villa under steve bruce in practically every league game since he arrived.. The shrewsbury and walsall games indicated that nothing has or will change , although saying that i have posted with the recent additions to the squad i think it is a case of premier league here we come , now carry on licking each others arses or rename this forum slimmers world or weightwatchers
  14. And take hogan with you
  15. Bruce out
  16. Since starting my new job i am now walking to and from work everyday, walking round the building throughout the day and not sitting in the car for 5 hours a day i have lost a little timber! Always being a big lad and pretty lazy i never walked anywhere, but i have noticed that when i started my new job in December last year after walking to work i was bathed in sweat and knackard when i arrived and the same when i got home in the evening! now the walk is much easier and pleasant and it giving me about an hour and a half exercise every day! thinking i need to take the opportunity to build on this and use Peever as a bit of inspiration to get my own weight down! also it will make living with a fucked up knee easier to live with!
  17. Don't be sorry pathetic is correct I'm sort of not looking forward to this due to these idiots
  18. Mate, its a f**cking joke at best, and at worst a sad reflection on our great fanbase!! Friendlies mean less than nothing, open training sessions nothing more! and to call for the managers head or write us off already is quite frankly pathetic imo! Sorry if calling it pathetic offends some but FFS, get a grip on reality!!
  19. Yes I have seen you take the dip once or twice lol lol but honestly ,some of the moaning allready is pathetic isn't it
  20. Mate, i can say that from the reaction (or should i say OVER reaction) to pre season friendlies has just confirmed what i have always believed! Some of our fanbase are utter twats with no vision or sense!.............i myself dip in and out of this category on occasions! lol
  21. Perhaps he is more suited at a club with less moaning cunts as supporters
  22. Glen Whelans initiation song
  23. Chris Samba's initiation song
  24. New song for Chris Samba
  25. Looks like AVTV is going/gone and all content is being broadcast via youtube? AVTV was shite anyhow, never used it when i got it for free! why anyone would have paid for it is beyond me!?
  26. No problem , anyway , i think we would both agree its good news , I still can't believe only 6 months ago he was given a contract to take him up to 2020 when it was obvious he wasn't good enough , saying that , he looked good when on loan at Forest
  27. Hahahaha! Fair enough! i guess i deserved the sarcasm eh? i missed that one! ;)
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