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Supporting Villa and the pain it brings

I once read an article in which a Rochdale supporter likened supporting his team to being repeatedly kicked in the privates. Perspective is important...

Lambert out? It may just be time

For a long time, I was a staunch supporter of Paul Lambert. I defended the last two seasons with arguments about the need for perspective and believed...

Mindset must be right for Spurs test

So what is going wrong? At first, we were losing because of the teams we were playing and there was no way we could...

Loan watch: who can help?

With the team going through a tough spell once more, questions are being asked about which things are going wrong and how they could improve...

Conclusions After QPR

Well, after being at the game Monday night and then putting myself through the torture of watching the extended highlights, I have calmed down enough...

Moving on up!

The Villa boys last won a game on September 13th. Since then, they have lost four on the bounce and now look depleted and like they...

The Twelfth Man

It is no secret that in recent seasons the football at Villa Park has been below par given what fans came to expect during the Martin O'Neill...

Things can only get better

I think some people have gotten rather carried away with our dip in form. While there’s no papering over the fact that four goals in eight games...

Are we becoming the League’s ‘pressure relieving’ team?

After the great start to the season that the Villans enjoyed, I was determined to stay positive and put the more recent run of bad...

Where is our attacking threat?

Its fair to state that the Villans' dismal display away to Everton on Saturday was one of the worst performances of the season, and, following an encouraging start to...