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Villa Park
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European Cup Champions in 1982

Road to Rotterdam: A tale of fortune in foreign escapades

Economists, teachers and otherwise inferior counterparts welcomed the English champions to the Land of Ice and Fire upon an eccentric horizon - desolate yet...

Xia’s grand Villa Park renovation plans

The ownership of Aston Villa Football Club has been passed across four continents in the past 15 years with European tours, top-flight relegations and...

Football’s PR nightmare

Most people would agree when I say that football is not important given the current world that we live in. During the Covid-19 pandemic,...
Smith watched on as Villa failed to show against Southampton

Can Villa avoid relegation?

CODID-19 has effected the world far worse than anyone could have possibly predicted. To say it has become a global headache would be an...
Mark Delaney

Another crop of Villa Youth you need to know about (Part 2)

Mark Delaney’s U23 side have this season fallen off the pace at the top of the Premier League 2, Division 2 table with four...

The new crop of Villa Youth you need to know about

Seven years ago, Aston Villa’s U19s claimed European glory on Lake Como, beating Chelsea in the 2013 NextGen series final and following Inter Milan’s...

The sensational story of the Ghana Lions

‘They used to be Manchester United, Barcelona, Real Madrid fans, now they’ve all joined Aston Villa’ - the sensational story of the Ghana Lions Tucked...

Footballers Entertainment Instead of The Game

If you are a football fan, then you should know that there really are so many great shows out there for you to watch....

COVID-19 – Implications

Firstly, before going into the seemingly impossible minefield football must face as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, I want to remind everyone that...

Who is to blame?

Reports surfaced this morning that Dean Smith could be sacked should Aston Villa not pick up a result this weekend against Chelsea but is...