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The Hodgson Report on Aston Villa – 11 years after the original

Back in 2003, my father and I compiled a report, having been commissioned by Villa Fans Combined, on the running of Aston Villa PLC....

A Letter to Mr Faulkner

As many of you already may know. I am not happy with the way the club has not only been performing but also the...

A Protest Plea!

I have recieved another email from McLeish-Out and he asked me to publish this plea: It is safe to say now that it is a...

Aston Villa: Our Best XI?

It's been far too quiet on the Villa front just recently, with journalists seemingly clutching at straws when it comes to takeover rumours and...

Who Should Go This Summer?

With safety confirmed, there is time for Villa fans to dream of an exciting summer involving a new owner, a new manager and big...

Thank You, Mr Lerner

So, it's official: Aston Villa Football Club is 'for sale'. Randy Lerner's statement confirmed what we have all been speculating about for months. I...

Grant Holt – The New Number 29

This week is was confirmed that 32 year old Grant Holt will be coming to Villa Park on a loan deal for the rest...

Why we should give Paul Lambert another year

This season has been a rollercoaster ride, much the same ride as last season, but a minority of fans sing Lambert's praises when we...

Where do we go from here?

Another chaotic week has passed at Aston Villa, with coaches being suspended, takeover talk rife and yet another inept performance, which was only not...

Another Protest: McLeish & Faulkner Out!

I received an email from Chris at 'McLeish Out' last night, stating that they intend to try and get another protest going at the...