Fixtures & Results

Please note that all fixtures are subject to change.

Pre-Season 2018

Jul 1415.00ATelford UnitedFriendly0-3 (W)
Jul 1415.00AKidderminsterFriendly1-1 (D)
Jul 1719.45AWalsallFriendly1-4 (W)
Jul 2115.00ABurton AlbionFriendly0-4 (W)
Jul 2519.45NWest Ham UtdFriendly1-3 (L)
Jul 2814.00ADynamo DresdonFriendly1-2 (W)


Mon 0619.45AHull CityChampionshipLive on Sky Sports1-3 (W)
Sat 1115.00HWiganChampionship3-2 (W)
Tue 1419.45AYeovilCarabao CupLive on Sky Sports 0-1 (W)
Sat 1815.00AIpswichChampionship 1-1 (D)
Wed 2219.45HBrentfordChampionshipLive on Sky Sports 2-2 (D)
Sat 2515.00HReadingChampionship 1-1 (D)
Tue 2819.45ABurton AlbionCarabao Cup 1-0 (L)


Sat 0115.00ASheffield UtdChampionship 4-1 (L)
Sat 1517.30ABlackburnChampionshipLive on Sky Sports 1-1 (D)
Tue 1819.45HRotherhamChampionshipLive on Sky Sports 2-0 (W)
Sat 2215.00HSheffield WedChampionship 1-2 (L)
Fri 2819.45ABristol CityChampionshipLive on Sky Sports 1-1 (D)


Tue 2nd19.45HPrestonChampionshipLive on Sky Sports 3-3 (D)
Sat 0615.00AMillwallChampionship 2-1 (L)
Sat 2015.00HSwanseaChampionship 1-0 (W)
Tue 2319.45ANorwichChampionshipLive on Sky Sports 2-1 (L)
Fri 2619.45AQPRChampionshipLive on Sky Sports 1-0 (L)


Fri 0219.45HBoltonChampionshipLive on Sky Sports 2-0 (W)
Sat 1015.00ADerbyChampionship 0-3 (W)
Sun 2512.00HBirminghamChampionshipLive on Sky Sports 4-2 (W)
Wed 2819.45HNottm ForestChampionshipLive on Sky Sports 5-5 (D)


Sat 0117.30AMiddlesbroughChampionshipLive on Sky Sports 0-3 (W)
Fri 0720.00AWBAChampionshipLive on Sky Sports 2-2 (D)
Sat 1515.00HStokeChampionship 2-2 (D)
Sun 2313.30HLeedsChampionshipLive on Sky Sports 2-3 (L)
Sat 2615.00ASwanseaChampionshipLive on Sky Sports 0-1 (W)
Sat 2915.00APrestonChampionship 1-1 (D)


Tue 0119.45HQPRChampionshipLive on Sky Sports 2-2 (D)
Sat 0515.00HSwanseaFA Cup 0-3 (L)
Sat 1215.00AWiganChampionship 3-0 (L)
Sat 1915.00HHull CityChampionship 2-2 (D)
Sat 2615.00HIpswichChampionship 2-1 (W)


Sat 0215.00HReadingChampionship 0-0 (D)
Fri 0819.45HSheff UtdChampionshipLive on Sky Sports 3-3 (D)
Wed 1319.45ABrentfordChampionshipLive on Sky Sports 1-0 (L)
Sat 1615.00HWBAChampionship 0-2 (L)
Sat 2315.00AStokeChampionship 1-1 (D)


Sat 0215.00HDerbyChampionship 4-0 (W)
Sun 1012.00ABirminghamChampionshipLive on Sky Sports 0-1 (W)
Wed 1319.45ANottm ForestChampionshipLive on Sky Sports 1-3 (W)
Sat 1615.00HMiddlesbroughChampionship 3-0 (W)
Sat 3015.00HBlackburnChampionship2-1 (W)


Sat 0615.00ASheff WedChampionship 1-3 (W)
Wed 1019.45ARotherhamChampionshipLive on Sky Sports 1-2 (W)
Sat 1315.00HBristol CityChampionship 2-1 (W)
Fri 1915.00ABoltonChampionship 0-2 (W)
Mon 2213.00HMillwallChampionshipLive on Sky Sports 1-0 (W)
Sun 2812.00ALeedsChampionshipLive on Sky Sports 1-1 (D)


Sun 0512.30HNorwichChampionship 1-2 (L)
Sat 1112.30HW.B.APlayoff Semi-FinalLive on Sky Sports 2-1 (W)
Tue 1420.00AW.B.APlayoff Semi-FinalLive on Sky Sports 1-0(p) (W)
Mon 2715.00NDerbyPlayoff FinalLive on Sky Sports 2-1 (W)


Previous Seasons: 2018-19, 2017-18