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Avillafan Flag in Hamburg, Germany.

How did Avillafan start?

Avillafan was founded by two brothers and a friend back in 2006 when we were rapidly fed up of the same old boring predictable websites. We started from day one that we wanted to offer Aston Villa fans a website giving them exactly what they want to see. Till this day Avillafan is still run by the two brothers.

What is Avillafan?

Avillafan is an Aston Villa Fansite, made by fans for the the fans. We offer all our own original content and try to give you the fans, exactly what you want and expect from an Aston Villa fansite. The website boasts a regularly updated blog, content on all things Aston Villa, mobile downloads, forums and so much more.

Our Aim!

Is to provide Aston Villa fans with an up-to-date website dedicated to all things Aston Villa. We actively encourage Villa fans of all ages, from all over the world to get involved in submitting ideas and content. We hope to bring fans of the Claret and Blue army together from different ways of life regardless of there views. Avillafan has always hoped that the site can bring supporters together and allow you to meet new people not just online, put on a matchday, and in life itself.


Members at an Avillafan Meet

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Staff List


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Karl Young | Email


Anne McGiven


Akhil Deol | Ashley Hardy | Dan Bardell | Howard Hodgson | James Williams | Jatinder Gadar | John Byng | Matt Lynch | Max Hölzerkopf | John-Paul Quinn

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