It’s funny that during international breaks little rumours and whispers ignite into full blown stories, purely because there is little else to keep the footballing mind busy. This international break has seen a rumour come to light about energy drink giants Red Bull’s desire to purchase a Premier League club. Of course, one of the clubs they are supposedly looking at is our very own, beloved Aston Villa.

I can’t say that I’ve seen anything substantial whatsoever about this latest rumour, just Twitter chit chat and an ambiguous article in one of the tabloids. I did, however, hear talk at Villa Park during the Cardiff game about Red Bull’s potential interest in the club.

In my humble opinion, this rumour is a non-starter of a rumour; I honestly do not believe Randy Lerner would sell to Red Bull. Neverthless, speculation about this potential takeover has sparked some interesting debate between Villa fans.

Red Bull own several football clubs across the globe and they all have several things in common, since Red Bull took them over at least:

New York Red Bulls (Officially named Red Bull New York)

Red Bull Salzburg

Red Bull Leipzeg

Red Bull Brasil

Red Bull Ghana

Notice anything familiar there?

Also, a quick search on Google for each club’s crest and kit will show you that all their crests are identical aside from their club names and the kits are also exactly the same. Each club has been stripped of its identity and been re-branded with the Red Bull name, colours and logo.

I did a little bit of reading on Salzburg’s takeover in 2005 by Red Bull. Once the takeover was complete Red Bull insisted they wanted Red Bull Salzburg to be thought of as a new club with no history. They replaced the entire management and coaching staff at once with their own team. Imagine if they came in and wanted to do that at Villa.

I saw people on Twitter saying they would be fine with that because the money Red Bull would bring in would help us in our pursuit of success. They said they wouldn’t like being re-branded but that regardless of the changes the club would always be Aston Villa to them. I can’t say its something that appeals to me in the slightest. I’d rather be Aston Villa, playing in claret and blue at Villa Park in League Two than Red Bull Aston Villa, playing in red and white at Red Bull Villa Arena in the Champions’ League.

I don’t really understand people saying that this is just a sign of the times and we would have to accept this kind of activity to move forward as a team. I wouldn’t accept any of that happening to my Aston Villa. If Red Bull came in and ripped the soul out of the club and stated that all our history was null and void, I simply wouldn’t go any more. It wouldn’t be Aston Villa so what would be the point?

To me, this entire rumour is nonsense. I can’t see anyone letting it happen since Randy Lerner, The Premier League and Villa fans would oppose it too strongly. A club as big as Aston Villa, with the history we have, doesn’t get played with.

Of course, I’d welcome investment. However, anybody who wishes to rip the heart, soul and colour out of my club can keep his money.

Thank you for reading. Up The Villa!



  1. Randy wouldn’t sell to a project like that.

    The players and managers all come and go . The fans are the heart and soul and the ground and stadium and history. None of that would change.
    Renaming the Club to Red Bull Aston Villa I could accept as its not forever and would be worth it if it meant big money was invested. Would love to see players like yaya toure signing for villa but can also see the positives under Lambert with our club losing tens of millions each year but trying to resolve it sensibly.
    Just a rumour though of course!

  2. The day they change the name of Aston Villa, the colours of the club, or the name of the ground is the day they cease to exist. I’d rather be in the Conference watching Aston Villa FC than watching some kind of global franchise imposters.

  3. I would expect riots… and if there were none I would fly from Canada back to merry ol’ England to protest myself. It is repugnant to think of this club being re-branded… since 1874 (139 years) this club has been called Aston Villa plain and simple. I won’t accept some non-loyal cooperation taking over my club and re-branding it to fit their image. SOD THAT!


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