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Stepping into the spotlight for the latest Opposition View is Rasmus Lagerstedt from www.tottenhamhotspurs.tv

1. What are your feelings about Gareth Bale’s transfer to Real Madrid and your thoughts on the player himself?

I will still follow Gareth Bale – but I will not follow Real Madrid. I really like the bloke as he handled most of the transfer saga with a professional attitude (unlike some former teammates of his…) I also hope that he will some day return to the Premier League and then play for us again. I also hope we will meet Real Madrid again in the Champions League (which I really hope we qualify for) so we can give him a big gesture when he returns (and we of course beat them 8-0)!

2. Do you think the money spent this summer has been spent well? Do you think you can be stronger without Bale?

I think the money has been spent perfectly. We might have been in need of another striker but breaking your own transfer record three times in a window is something I do not think many other football fans have been a part of seeing happening.

3. Adebayor is still at Spurs and will train with the reserves going forward (just like the so-called ‘bomb squad’ at Villa). Do you think Andre Villas Boas has taken the right approach to this?

This question is difficult to answer as none of us really know what is going on between André and Emanuel. This is one of the reasons why I have withdrawn so much from the discussions which have filled a lot of space on our forum since the end of last season. But, if I had to answer the question, I would say that André is handling this situation slightly wrongly. I can understand that he has not been in our squad, as he obviously has lacked the fitness to play at the highest level. In my opinion, a fully fit and happily motivated Adebayor is one of the best strikers in the league. Who does NOT remember him killing Newcastle at The Lane two seasons ago 5-0? If his form had not had a comeback at the end of last season, I might have had another opinion on this handling of Adebayor. In my opinion, Adebayor on his best day is ‘undroppable’. We are also not a big enough club to have quality like Adebayor wasted in our youth system.

4. Recent reports from the police suggest that if Spurs’ fans use certain words to describe themselves in song or chants those fans will be arrested. I see this as political correctness gone mad. How do you feel about it and will you still sing the songs in question?

If something like half of all our own Jewish fan base was offended by the ‘Yid’ chants, I would understand why the FA want it banned. As this is not the case, I really do not see the point in banning a word which so many Tottenham fans associate with. Of course other teams will use the word to attack our fan base and that is fine too as long as it isn’t used in a racist/Nazism context, of course. We also banter with Chelsea supporters by calling them chavs. Should that be banned too?

5. The footballing landscape with regards to the top 4 has been radically changed this season with Jose returning to Chelsea and Fergie retiring. Can Spurs take advantage of this and force their way into the top 4 this season? If not, where do you think you will finish and why?

I believe we will finish in the top 4. I have no clue as to where in the top 4! At the moment, I actually think we can win the whole damn thing because we finally have become much more organised (and so far haven’t conceded a goal from a set piece). A place anywhere in the top 4 would suit me nicely. I just really want to finish above Arsenal this season, as it really has started to annoy me how they keep on being a little bit better than us.

6. Christian Benteke not only stayed at Villa but signed a new and improved deal. Do you think you should have signed him in the summer or do you think the price was too expensive? How good do you think he will become?

I think Benteke is one heck of a player. I am happy for you Villa fans that he has signed that new contract and hope that he stays with you for as long as possible. I would not mind Benteke playing in the Tottenham shirt but if I had to choose between him and Soldado, I would choose Soldado. This is mostly because we already have a ‘Benteke’ at our club – Adebayor. At the moment, I would prefer a fully fit and fully motivated Adebayor, compared to spending 21 million on a striker (who is also an Arsenal fan).

7. Aston Villa’s record so far this season after five Premier League games is two wins and three losses. It’s not great but considering the opposing fixtures last season we have three more points and a 0 goal difference (it was -11 last season). Where do you think Villa will finish the season?

I think you will finish 9th behind Swansea. I have always rated Lambert as a good manager and I really like your squad. Your defence has also, in my opinion, improved a lot since last season. I am so sorry that Okore is already out for the season. He is the future of the Danish national team, linking up with Frederik Sørensen, hopefully. I also believe that Helenius will impress you a lot and will be good cover in front of goal.

8. Paul Lambert has taken a “young and hungry” policy to signings at Villa while ignoring or being priced out of the market for the more experienced players. Do you think his approach is the right one?

This is the right one. I can definitely see this as a good way to change the way things go down at your club. I mostly know this because I know how big your Danish signing’s potential is.

9. What are your feelings about Aston Villa as a club and about our fans?

I like Villa a lot. It is a traditional club. In recent years, we have had a tendency to nick maximum points when playing you. I do not have a strong opinion on your fan base but you seem like a nice, objective bloke!

10. If you could take any player from Villa, with the exception of Benteke, who would it be?

Agbonlahor! I have always seen this lad as pure quality. He might be inconsistent but his pace and way of beating his opposition is what I love about forwards! I also think, besides Lambert of course, that AVB would be the perfect man to help Agbonlahor fulfill his potential.

11. Finally, what is your prediction for the game?

1-1 draw with us going ahead on penalties thanks to Soldado (who will come on around the 80th minute). Then Lloris will save the next penalty and all the Spurs fans will be over the moon because we have the lead in a penalty shoot-out! Everyone goes nuts, until Defoe, who takes the next penalty, misses and we are back to basics, with us messing up the rest of the penalties, while you score every one…

This interview was conducted by Mike Steede, who would like to thank Rasmus and all the members and staff of www.tottenhamhotspurs.tv for their co-operation.


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