Many would consider him a pantomime villain but, in my opinion, Paul Faulkner is winning Villa fans over every day.

Paul Faulkner is the main man at Aston Villa while Randy Lerner is in the States. He’s pulled off a number of transfer deals with Paul Lambert and has made a number of significant cash deals which will benefit the club financially in years to come. Many wouldn’t have put money on him getting them deals over the line, even if you were lucky enough to get the William Hill promo here. But I am sure a few would have been lucky enough too.

Formerly a ‘relationship manager’ for MBNA, Faulkner has played a significant part in this culture switch and has always been active since he arrived at the club.

I have been critical in the past of the 34-year-old CEO’s activity at the club, ranging from the O’Neill era to the appointment of Alex McLeish. However, from speaking to close members of the Aston Villa family such as fellow writers and supporters, it seems Paul Faulkner’s vision on how the club should be run is totally different to what Mr Lerner wants.

Lerner is very much a man who wants results now whereas Paul Faulkner’s aim is to build the club with a huge global reputation. Some day, he hopes to see the team competing with the big boys again, putting Villa back where the club belongs.

Faulkner has struck numerous important deals, including the recent Turkish Airlines deal which now sees the airline in partnership with the club. His dealings with Paul Lambert have seen him allow the Scotsman to do as he pleases: it is accepted that reputation means nothing and both men want the lads to have hunger and fight when they are wearing the famous claret and blue. Paul Faulkner’s vision, with Lambert in charge, sees the club going in a financially sound direction and allows young lads the chance to play in the best league in the world.

Since my public apology, I have had the opportunity to speak to Paul Faulkner. He has signalled that the plans Villa have started to put in place over the past few months will bear fruit and will put the club in a really strong position to enjoy sustained, and sustainable, success in the years ahead.

I will end by echoing what I said last week: with Paul Faulkner and Paul Lambert steering the ship, we are not only going in the right direction on the field but also off it. I for one am excited by the plans both Pauls have in place and will look forward to seeing how those plans unfold in the near future.



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  1. He has still got some way to go before I am convinced. The way the club was run under MON, then the appointments and total change of strategy with each manager has done untold damage to the club.
    His leading involvement in signing Stephen Ireland and the wisdom of selling Luke Young for the same price as we got Hutton for still lingers. Also, Villa have struggled to sell deadwood and assembled a virtually unusable B team. When we do sell, we are getting tiny returns on the players. Our kit is made by Macron and our sponsor some unknown internet co. The only good thing is he got Lambert and gave him a tiny budget. He probably had no other choice by that stage unless Randy wants to throw more cash down the drain.

  2. Can’t agree with this one, though I don’t have access to the inner “family”. If he is at odds with Mr Learner then that is a bad thing, if only for stability at the highest level. He has made major mistakes that have cost our club dear, Houllier for instance. I had no problem with the man, but to think he could cope with managing Villa through a crisis with his well documented health problems was at best incompetent. Then Mcleish, god what rank stupidity!
    There are lots of other issues, from poor transfers to changing our midweek game night to Tuesday with no consultation or explanation, so much for respecting the fans and the traditions of the club.
    As you’ve mentioned the Turkish airlines deal, could you explain what is so impressive about it, I can’t see any real benefit to either the club or me. For me the sooner we get rid of credit card salesmen and employ real football people the better.

  3. Paul Faulkner has done a terrific job in since Alex Mcleish left the club, He has bought into the Paul Lambert Vision and has not deviated from that vision, Our squad age has drastically lowered, We have a squad that has now got positive equity which means if we sell any of our bought cheap stars i.e. Benteke/Lowton/Westwood & Weimann etc we will make a significant profit allowing for us to continued investment.

    Offloaded many of our high earners who were bleeding the club dry on the bench this lowering the annual wage bill by millions a year.

    Add to that the fact we have substantially raised season ticket sales gained more money from shirt sales significantly raised our brand with certain deals i.e. Macron / Turkish Airlines / Viagogo / EA Sports / Zipcar / Dafabet and various others.

    Say what you want about the Macron & Dafabet deals but both companies are world renown, Macron kits are worn by some of the biggest teams in Europe, And Dafabet have been rapidly expanding there brand around the globe by venturing in all sports and was the prominent sponsor of Matchroom Promotions latest world title fight for Ricky Burns vs Ray Beltran.

    Well done to Paul Faulkner, Its taken a while but he has finally started to regularly strike gold in the making AVFC money dept.

  4. The man’s a Monster. He let’s MON run riot then when he realized the long term damage being caused, he tries to take over resulting in a manager leaving days before the season kicked off. Then he appoints a very ill man with clearly no long term prospects. Amazingly, against all opinion he pays compensation to our local rivals for a manager resulting in the Bluenoses jumping for joy when they lose him to us. He gave this man money to waste on the likes of Hutton and Given causing a financial burden on the club which has not gone away. At this point under massive pressure he appoints the man the supporters chanted for at Carrow Rod and this is supposed to impress us. Don’t think so. He appoints sponsors that means our kids cannot have there name on the replica shirts. Give Paul Lambert all the praise in the world but any good that comes out of this is purely luck not judgement on Paul Faulkner’s part.

    • Paulusss – I’m not defending him but get your facts right Faulkner was brought in to sort the messs that was MON and was the reason MOM resigned. He’s been at the club barley a couple of months. If you remember a previuos CEO Richard Fitzgerald lasted 5min because MON wouldn’t have him interfering, MON gotr his way Fitzgerals resigned (got paid of more like) and the rest is history MON ran riot with Villa’s money. Like i said Faulkner wsa brought in to sort it out and MON didn’t like it.

  5. I have to agree with the majority view on here and I suspect the stands of VP – Faulkner is an unmitigated disaster. At least, now, he is keeping his mouth shut and not doing any more interviews like the idiotic tripe he came out with before the Spurs away game on a Monday night under McLeish when McLeish fielded Hutton on the RW.

    The sooner he is off and we get a better administration, the sooner the good work that Pl is carrying out on the pitch can be translated to the commercials. Unfortunately, Lerner won’t do this because he has no backbone and seems to like his cronies in tow!


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