Is Christian Benteke on the move? Well if you believe the Facebook image that was doing the rounds on Twitter yesterday then Benteke seems to believe so even if manager Paul Lambert doesn’t.

Football betting websites are not taking odds on IF the Belguim striker will leave but who he will actually join with North London clubs Tottenham and Arsenal heavily linked.

Paul Lambert has slapped a £40million price tag on the striker who scored 23 goals in all competitions last season and if someone was to match that asking price after 1 successful season then I think Villa would be foolish to turn it down as much as the buying club being foolish for paying it.

On top of that Aston Villa have spent a hell of a lot of money on marketing the new 2013-14 kits with the player fronting the home kit.

From a personal point of view I am sick of hearing about him and this ongoing ‘will he or wont he’ transfer saga. It is now getting to the stage in which I wish it was just sorted out one way or another. Yes without doubt he probably single handedly kept our club in the Premiership last season and even though it is an old cliche we as fans must remember that no player is bigger than Aston Villa Football Club – and certainly not a 21 year old who has an agent eager for another big pay day.

I stated yesterday on my personal Twitter account that I believe it is better to of had a player of Benteke’s quality and lose him than to of never had him at the club at all.

Regardless of what happens and what his agent may think Aston Villa hold all the cards – hence why the club and manager are very calm. Christian is still under a 3 year contract and he did only cost the club £7million so the odds are that they will make a very healthy profit should they be forced to cash in on their prize asset.

I would love him to stay but if we do sell him then we should move on just like Christian Benteke will and try to continue with the current feel good factor at the club.



  1. I know the lad who posted the twitter picture and had a word with him yesterday…just cause benteke said what he said doesn’t mean its true…how often do you see footballers speaking to random fans about their intentions? The press would go wild.

    And even if he does want a move…Villa hold all the cards as you said…for one, if he wants to leave and Lambert tells him no, he won’t want to sit on the bench and train with the reserves if it means hampering his chances of playing in Brazil next year…he’d want to show what he can do and prove he’s a top quality footballer…especially with Lukaku breathing down his neck in the Belgium squad.

    If villa do get rid of him, then we’d have a whopping sum of money to use on plenty other footballers that would strengthen our whole side. If he stays, we get another year from the beast up front terrorizing defences once again. Its a win-win situation.

  2. This whole saga is a result of London-based so-called journalists who do not think that any decent player should play for anyone other than Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs, the two Manchester clubs and, for some inexplicable reason, Liverpool. If other clubs start having good players such as Benteke or Cabaye it threatens the world order as decided by the metropolitan press. The fact that Benteke’s agent wants more money doesn’t help either.If Benteke goes for stupid money then I assume PL will spend it wisely. If he stays he may well get into the Belgian World Cup team, something that will not happen sitting on the bench of greedy clubs.

  3. this is just typical media nonsense. Not much is happening in the transfer market so to drum up a bit o news for the back pages reporters are making up rumours.

    Personally i can’t see him going anywhere, except maybe PSG or Monaco, cos they’ve got more money than sense, and neither of those clubs have been linked with him. He’s got 3 years of a contract to see out so no rush for Villa to sell and no club will pay more than 20 million for him IMHO, one good year does not make a star. He might want to leave but he can’t push it through and i think he’ll be content to continue to build his reputation to command bigger wages when he does move after the world cup.

  4. Christian has no choice. Don’t develop ulcers over press speculation and or an agent trying to get the best for their client. By the way, that’s the agents job. Lambert has been smart in his purchases so far, competition up front means that Christian, or any other forward, can’t rest on their laurels. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. And by that I mean the transfer game and not the frustrating, exhilarating game of foot.

  5. Why would he choose to stay at a club who will struggle to stay in the premier league again next season! He must know he kept them up last season on his own! Double even treble his wages and play european football now that will never happen at villa park again! Those day are history!

  6. I totally agree. Villa unearthed a gem and if someone else wants him they will have to pay stupid money to get him. I hope he stays but Villa hold all the cards and I don’t see a problem at all.

  7. tbf, if you have a top player this is part of the baggage that goes with him. Newspapers need stories and Benteke is part of the story along with Suarez, Cavani, Hulk. tbf, the few genuine comments from Benteke (and even his agent) make me think he has not agitating for a move, just more cash

  8. got to say guys if he stays great, but if he go,s i don,t have any problems with that also, we got over the likes of Young Milner barry, and tbh i think the club as a whole are in a lot better state then of say 5 years ago.We are cutting are wages to suit and we are getting in young players that unless you are a club playing CL football then you are never going to keep your very best players anyway it,s just the way the game has gone know.If he wants to go let him go and get the best deal for us not him or the club who wants him,we just care about AvFc :0

  9. Good point well made Paul Simmons. The London/Manchester press bias has been calling the shots for too long. The only way to shut em up is for clubs like us to get better an better till they can ignore us no more. It’s a sad reflection on this city of over a million people that we have such a low profile in national and international football. Roll on the Lambert revolution!

  10. Funny that the only ‘media’ talking about Benteke today is a Villa fan, who, incidentally has tagged all the clubs that are apparently interested in him.

  11. I was only saying yesterday just how quiet its all gone with the Benteke saga. It seems there has been an agreement that Lambert Benteke and his agent all keep quiet until after they meet up. In fact its only Blogs like this that bare keeping this particular pot boiling. Give it a rest please
    Wait and see what cause you ain’t going to change it.

  12. That’s the problem though ross. We haven’t yet got over the departure of the likes of Young, Milner and Barry. Their departures hit us hard, and as a club, we haven’t yet recovered, nor have we moved on. In fact, the very opposite is true. We’ve floundered and we’ve struggled.

    No one player will ever be bigger than the club, and if Benteke’s days at Villa Park are indeed numbered, then yes, get rid and receive the best fee available out there. Re-invest the incoming cash in quality repacements, and move forward in a determined manner.

    We are never going to improve or progress by keeping hold of players who believe that they will be better off elsewhere, but on the other hand, nor are we going to improve or progress by failing to replace our departing ‘better’ players.

  13. I personally think that last season we started to get over the departure of the likes of Young, Milner and Barry. Yes their departures hit us hard and its taken this long to start looking forward again instead of buying Premier League journeymen/castoffs, we are building from the bottom up and yes last season was rock bottom a tad scary at times but what a fantastic job by PL and the young lads and us the fans to keep us up.

    I feel we are setting the standard in how to move forward as a club,other clubs will take a look at the AVFC,RL,PL formula. Buying success is a short term fix, building for success is a long term fix.

    Looking forward to the coming season to see us take the next step in the rebuilding of our great club.

  14. We have to keep bentekkers for one more season at least if we are to progress simple as that. If he can repeat his goal return from last season we’ll be top 10 for sure. Weiman, lowton, baker ,Westwood, sylla and even Bennett will get better and better Utv

  15. From the sounds of all comments it appears as though you all agree with one thing.
    Villa are no longer a big Club. You seem to think we are a training ground for the bigger clubs.
    If this mentality stays, The owner and our club will begin to believe it.
    We the supporters should be kicking up a huge fuss about any transfer of our better players, after all do we not want to compete with and beat those so called bigger clubs.
    We should tell the world We the supporters say hands off any of our stars. That We the supporters pay the owner, the shareholders,the players and staffs wages. and we the supporters DEMAND a good team. That we the supporters want a world renowned club not an also ran. We the supporters can fill Villa Park week in and week out.
    What was it Tommy Docherty said ” If you hang out the team shirts to dry 10000 supporters will turn up to watch”
    Remember if supporters just want to see stars being born and developed go watch the youth team.


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