This afternoon’s home tie was slow to start and neither side had many real chances in the first half as Villa missed Agbonlahor’s pace, which would have been a great weapon against the ageing Fulham defence.

Once they settled in to the game, Villa enjoyed a good spell in the opposition’s box and, 34 minutes in, looked set to open the scoring but the ball seemed to come off Benteke’s heel as he volleyed Weimann’s cross over the bar. Villa continued pressing and N’Zogbia, who started in place of the injured Agbonlahor, soon forced a sound reaction save from Schwarzer.

Berbatov then had a chance to put the visitors ahead but his side-footed shot, from 12 yards out, was uncharacteristically tame and went wide, much to the relief of those of a claret and blue persuasion.

As the clock ticked towards half-time, N’Zogbia forced another decent save from Schwarzer but he appeared to be offside in any case.

After the restart, an early chance for Weimann went begging and it began to look like Berbatov was having a bad day at the office when his shot shaved the post in the 49th minute.

Six minutes later, Berbatov and his team-mates were no doubt regretting that near miss when Weimann crossed the ball in for N’Zogbia inside the area. Zoggy’s curling shot was measured perfectly and the ball wound its way into the corner of the net, beyond Schwarzer’s reach.

That lead was to last only eleven minutes. Baker, deservedly voted today’s official man of the match, conceded a corner and Ruiz clipped the ball to the near post. Attempting to head clear, Delph managed to head the ball over the line, despite Westwood’s valiant efforts to clear it.

Following Lambert’s (now customary) questionable substitutions, Berbatov set up a golden opportunity for one of the visiting side’s subs, Petric, but Lowton did just enough to put him off and tragedy was averted.

After Benteke wasted another fine cross from Weimann, the ball broke to Delph, opening the door to redemption. However, he shot high from his wide position and the score remained 1-1.

Overall, a cruel moment for an otherwise decent Delph proved the difference between 1 point and three of them today. Despite Lambert’s positivity in calling the draw ‘a massive point’, he’ll no doubt be as disappointed as the rest of us about the manner in which that draw came about.


  1. The only disappointment was our chances conversion rate as it is obvious that Andi Weimann is out of form recently – last two matches wasting golden chances.

    Why did he shoot with his weaker left foot in the first half alone behind defence is beyond me, and same again at the start of the first half, why not to use right foot to “fifa finesse shot” to calmly place the ball near to the right post?

  2. 2 points lost I thinks. No change from United and we are back struggling to survive.Lets hope Wigan FA Cup Final place will put their minds elsewhere. We can only hope.

  3. Sorry nowt to be positive about guys we are finished we won’t beat Man United away or Sunderland at villa park or Chelsea in short we are screwed. We had too much confidence going into this game and the players just can’t play in front of the home support. Terrible tactical switches by a manager clearly out of his depth. I would have let him off if it was the start of the season when he still didn’t know his best team. However it isn’t the start of the season and its a disgrace he don’t know what to do!!!Plus Benteke looks tired so much for no burnout and Weimann wasn’t happy at being subbed. Plus Agbonlahor has done his usual trick of getting injured when his form gets good, he will be back for the run in but his form will have dropped. Plus Sunderland have just beat Newcastle I’m trying to believe but we have made it so so difficult for ourselves sorry guys I think we have blown it.

  4. Seriously Thomas wood , its people like you who really piss me off , one bad result and were relegated keep the faith and get behind the team and the manager . If you don’t lambert , go an support steve clark at the hawrthorns

  5. Holte till i die- and it’s people like you that seriously piss me off, just who the f**k do you think you are to tell other fans what they can/can’t think can/can’t say. Take that moronic attitude of yours down the sty with the rest of your neanderthal knuckle dragging myrmidons.

  6. Holte til I die – Thomas Woods comments were no reason for abuse. As Rotterdam says, everyone is entitled to their opinion.
    Thomas is not far wrong, Lambert has clearly demonstrated he has no plan B when things go pear shaped. How many times this season have we discussed this obvious frailty within the side we ALL support – too many. We should have added experience to the ranks in January but our owners and manager chose to do nothing. How many times have we heard Paul Lambert say in his post match comments – how proud he was of his team – great, wonderful, we still haven`t got a result. Clearly Villa and our manager are ones to watch for the future but for me, its where do you want to spend that future.You reap the rewards from the seeds you sow and without plan B, the harvest is going to be poor, and our results have demonstrated this ALL season. We are sadly, simply not good enough (at the moment).

  7. I love my team just like the rest of us just think that we keep making the same old mistakes for us fans it’s annoying really, I hope we stay up but it’s going to be tough.

  8. Take a chill pill guys! Thomas your the classic villa fan who flaps at the drop of a hat. Keep the faith there is no point being negative at this point cos this will surely drag us down! As you rightly say mate were
    all villa fans so we HAVE to stick together now. Sayin Lambert failed to strengthen the squad in January is plain stupid. His hands are obviously tied an he is tryin to save us. Get behind him an support the Villa till the end. CABA

  9. It’s been said mate point taken about me flapping it’s only because I’m passionate I will keep my gob shut from now on U.T.V.

  10. No need to keep your gob shut mate its all about opinions. You obviously care about the Villa but im just sayin were all in this together an we have to get right behind the boys an im sure you will. Keep the faith Thomas! CABA

  11. My dad Paul Wood (Woody) was there when we won the European cup he has also followed us when we dropped to the third divison, I haven’t known such times my support will never leave this team ever villa until I die. I guess I think highly of Villa(lets face it we are a huge club and should be higher than we have been) I always have though highly even when we haven’t be at our best.At the moment I can’t bear to watch mate too frigging afraid… I’m not a season ticket holder my mrs is has been since she was seven. I have been to a few games this season when I could biggest disappointment was the wigan defeat which I was there not a good day oh well fingers crossed.

  12. Lets not back bite each other. For the record Thomas I disagree with your predictions, I think we’ll beat Sunderland, lets not make too big a deal about the Newcastle game because the barcodes are deep in the more aswell. Stoke look so poor I don’t know if they’ll pick up another point so it’s all to play for. We have norwich to play and they’re having a horrible time of it at the moment, and people seem to forget that it’s no guarantee Wigan will survive just because they’ve done it before. Coventry were the masters of the great escape for 6 seasons running but you just can’t keep it up. A few years ago we lost 7-1 to chelski away but beat them at home, and under the fat Spanish waiter they’re so inconsistent. Still all to play for, keep the faith for now and see where we are at the end of the season. We don’t have the same opinions but we all want the same thing.

  13. Fair play Thomas! Like KPR says it really is all to play for. Did anyone see the John Gregory quote a few weeks ago? He said when asked if villa could turn around the Bradford first leg he said “of course we can. Dya wana know why? COS WE ARE ASTON VILLA” I know we didn’t quite do it but that’s the spirit ain’t it? John Gregory villa man through an through CABA


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