The final stretch


So it comes down to this then. 13 games left and it is going to be very very tight. Most of the media have written us off and to be honest who can blame them given our simply awful set of results. The next 6 games are as follows:

West Ham (H)

Arsenal (A)

Man Citeh (A)

Reading (A)


Liverpool (H)

If we have any hope of survival we need to win 3 of those games.

For me what has been the most frustrating part is that we really should have held on to the match against Everton, BUT if you were to look wholly at the stats, in reality they were all over us. However just look at the Liverpool game where they were all over us and we came away with a 3-0 win.

If anything the Everton game showed we still have some fight in us, but what we do need is a lot more belief in ourselves. I see Gabby said in the press that we need some luck and to be fair I think he right, however history shows if you rely on luck to keep you up then you will almost certainly be staring relegation in the face.

To be honest a lot has been said about what we have done wrong and where we are going wrong but I think for the good of the club we need to get behind the lads and ride the rollercoaster that will be the rest of the season.

There will be no regime change so lets just put that to one side and concentrate on willing the team to get three points against West Ham. Is it doable? Yes I think it is. West Ham have proved a lot of doubter wrong and to be honest I have always been a big Sam fan. I know people complain about his style of football, but he gets his results and I always wanted to see him being given a crack at the Villa job, but I know I will probably be in the minority of that one.

If we repeat the attacking flair that we showcased at Everton then I really think there is the possibility of three points, so all I can do is wait nervously and hope we begin to get that bit of luck.



  1. I agree, we need to ride that rollercoaster to sh1t… get behind the team, and a smidgen of luck- we could see the premiership next year…

    P.S I hate Robbie Savage, and Mr.Personality Shearer is not much better..

  2. Well I’ve always liked Carroll would have swapped him for bent years ago course we’d have to get a winger or does ray graydon have any offspring? Let’s just try and concede maybe single digits in corners. I know we’re nervous at home but what about Bradford and millwall? Thought milner looked crap for England today. UTV .

  3. PS I was at Dennis Mortimers first game for Villa after we pinched him from Coventry for £150’000 Boxing Day vs West Ham 4+1 balloons everywhhere.we need more balloons hold the flags

  4. I’ve supported Villa since I was a kid my first match was 8-3 vs Leicester Harry burrows scoring 3 and Derek dougan 2. That was 1963. Anyway times have changed they tell me and apparently your team doesn’t consist of 6 English blokes 2 Irish 2 Scots and 1 Welsh anymore. I’d love to keep benteke but he’s entitled to play with his peers. How many does he have at Villa? One? Nurse I’m ready for my tapioca.


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