Lambert opted for an attacking side and the game got off to the high-tempo started we needed amid the choppy waters of a sea of claret and blue flags. Delph showed little composure and should have received a yellow card for his tackle on Hines in the opening minute but Phil Dowd let him off.

A resurrected N’Zogbia twice sent in dangerous-looking crosses for Benteke but the Belgian was unable to capitalise.

Benteke powered his way into the box and squared the ball into the path of Agbonlahor but McHugh was on hand to make a critical interception.

Villa’s inability to defend corners, which had cost them the first leg, returned to haunt them in the 11th minute: Hanson was freed to head a corner from Jones. Luckily, he headed wide.

Another cracking cross from N’Zogbia found Benteke, who this time shot straight at the Bradford keeper, Duke.

After 20 minutes, Duke made a smart save from Agbonlahor’s shot.

3 minutes later, the Bradford keeper was powerless to stop Benteke’s volley finding the net and Villa took the lead.

Duke was kept fairly busy for the remainder of the first half, tipping over shots from N’Zogbia and Ireland before watching an effort by Benteke scratching the bar. Benteke had a great chance to double Villa’s lead on the stroke of half time but he was a little wide.

Villa went into the break looking like they might, just might, repeat the heroics of the team of 1994… but came back from the break to concede yet another goal from a corner after ten minutes. The alarm bells began ringing for the claret and blue as Benteke cleared Jones’ initial effort but Jones was dogged and sent the ball back into the area for Hanson, who broke free of Vlaar and headed home.

With a minute of normal time to play, Weimann pounced on a flick on by Benteke and raced clear to dink the ball over Duke, putting Villa 2-1 up with 5 minutes of injury time to salvage the tie. But it wasn’t to be: winning 4-3 on aggregate, Bradford booked their place in the final.

As we scratch our heads and wonder how we can turn out shameful season around, we hope Bradford’s football fairy tale continues at Wembley. All the best to the Bantams who deserved the win over the two legs but who have left Lambert looking like he doesn’t have a leg to stand on…


  1. Good luck Bradford. Well done over the 2 legs and it didn’t take much to see where their goal would come from.

    We tried to pick ourselves up after the drubbing at Chelsea but this is just horrendous. Knocked out of a semi final against massive underdogs is a real reality check.

  2. I was always positive towards the system. But not now, we have a desease running through this club, it’s not getting better. So do something quick, otherwise we are going to die. PL has tried and god knows he must be hurt and frustrated, but villa is in our heart and soul and we can’t walk away, we just keep suffering. The head quarters need to react and support or we all know the probable outcome. Money buys success, as much as that pains me to there is the answer. Not really sure on who, what where ..but there must be someone who can bring some luck to this cracked mirror. UTV

  3. Well that’s whats happens with arrogance. You smirking villa boys offering guaranteed cup final tickets to fans who bought a half season ticket. Terrible arrogance from Lambert too, once I’d paid a translator I realised he said villa would win and class would tell. You got what you deserved, horrible smug fans, cancel those coaches and hotel rooms, because we are going to wembley xxx

  4. once again our inability to defend balls crossed into the box has cost us. I do like the diamond in the midfield and i think when Westwood and KEA return it might not be that bad?? Still, a 4th tier team, at home, and we couldn’t hold a clean sheet, or even put more than 2 in. What a dismal season 🙁 , Millwall next, before an extreamly important game against the Magpies. We Gotta get a win baaaaad!!

    yes we were shit i agree with you,but we will be back the cream always rises to the top,enjoy your day at wembley,you will be coming away from there as runners up,you are just punching above your weight at the moment.
    after that its back to normal league 2 football i see you have got another big game on Saturday WYCOMBE WANDERERS WOW!! you play some great teams don’t you, anyway enjoy your day in London,
    you will find it very different from Bradford no inbred,s no pigeon fanciers no whippets,or greyhounds no clogs no kids with ringworm no retards. i look forward to watching YOU get done at wembley then i am going on your message boards to rip the piss out of you HA HA get ready its coming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    second thoughts have you got any message boards ? has the internet got that far north yet

  6. Reply to The Villain

    Yes League 2 football at least we have players that have pride in wearing the shirt!

    Two games against a team 3 yes 3 divisions below The Cream and you cant beat us!

    How much did your team cost ours cost £7500?

    But hey you can keep your so called cream along with the rest of the Premiership. Over paid over rated players that don’t give a shit!


  7. WE beat manu as a THIRD DIVISION team to reach the LEAGUE CUP FINAL IN THE 70’S…this rime its the other way round, only worse.
    However much HISTORY villa have got, this has to be the most AWFUL, EMBARRASING MOMENT IN A LONG LONG TIME. Maybe the worst since we were relageted to the old div 3. Thats were I started, so I’ll finish by saying good luck bradford. We would only have lost 5-0 to chelski or the swans in the final anyway!!! PATHETIC.

  8. Well done bradford, totally deserved the victory over the 2 legs, and as for the cream rising anyone with a clue about football can see you are rapidly going in the opposite direction.

  9. HA HA kegsy think i have touched a nerve,if you could read i put on the post we were shit i also said we will be back and we will,i also called you inbreds retards,pigeon fanciers,greyhound lovers,which you are and you will also get done at wembley,and when you do i will be the first on the message boards rubbing it in.
    do you want to comment on your recent game at crewe ?
    ha ha

  10. Bradford won fair & square over 2 legs,end of story. Why all the nastiness? They damn well deserved the win & I for 1 genuinely hope everyone involved with the club enjoys the day in the big smoke. As the writer said this cup run’s footballing fairy tales for them as our nightmares continue. Just live & let live, we’re all just supporting our clubs. Don’t get the need to trade insults myself.

    Only way is up for us, or so we hope (& pray).

  11. KEGSY lets debate it you still cant read can you, i have already said twice we are playing shit, so getting battered at Chelsea was no great surprise although the amount of goals was, i suppose crewe was just a blip ? suppose you don’t want to say too much about that was 4 – 1 sounds as if the mighty Bradford got a bit of a battering, the difference is we are playing shit for lots of reasons but more importantly we know it,as for your team you think you are something that you are not,get ready cus when you get to wembley you are in for a rude awakening.
    suppose a good thing to come out of this your club will make some money as i understand you were skint, still gonna put £50 bet on the winner of tonights other semi to do you though.

  12. ‘The villain’ please shut up you despicable fool. Don’t go round insulting people like that, it sounds as though you’d be more at home on the Jeremy Kyle show. Bradford fully deserved to beat us and well done to them. Villa don’t need so called fans like you, you’re just embarrassing yourself and our great club.

  13. I agree Andygraysknee. I can’t believe certain fans are having a pop at Bradford, they clearly deserved to go through. It’s sad to see fellow fans having a go at a team that play in league 2, I say good luck to them, fully deserved.
    We need to concentrate on staying in the prem and in my opinion, the League cup would be a massive distraction considering our current position. The defence is the worst iv’e ever seen and needs serious work. We can stay up but it looks like a tall order. I get the feeling the late goals at WB, Fulham, Swansea and the late goal to Man U could cost us massively come May. UTV

  14. Just like to say I really enjoyed my visit to Villa Park (even away from the result)… never been before and thought its was a top class footballing venue. Thanks for the well wishes from you Villa fans. For what its worth, a lot of BCAFC fans would love another trip to Villa Park.

    And as for the Crewe game, it was purely our reserves and youth team. We risked being fined for putting out a weakened team, but had we not been in the semis of the League Cup we would have been full strength. We’ve also played more games than anyone else, will play a minimum of 61 games and the extra 2 games from the JPT semis would have made our fixture list more ridiculous with several postponements to consider.

    Good luck for the season.

  15. Andygraysknee
    its wasters like you who will see our club go down,bet you stand there no singing chanting anything,wheres your passion for the club,you are at the wrong club mate try small heath you would fit in great over there
    sure Bradford did well and our play was poor but i wont let a no mark from Bradford rub my nose in it clearly you will !

  16. Personally, I agree with a previous comment that there is a disease within our club. There is only one person to sought this out and that’s the Chairman – I’m not bothered that he stays away fron Villa Park – the truth is he has the inability to employ the top bloke for the job. To stop the rot we have to have a creative manager – easy – Roberto DiMatteo. Then a decent coaching set up to bring out the best in players. We are not going into the red – that has been stated – so major signings are out and we have to get used to it. Just give the job to DiMatteo – sack this clueless idiot who we have at the moment and let’s start playing football like we used to in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

  17. It is ridiculous that we are this close to being relegated and they are not willing to spend any money in the transfer window (which is rapidly closing). Does Lerner not understand how much more money Villa is going to lose if they drop to the Champions league? Lamberts claim that they have already invested enough money in the past few seasons is insane! What has that money gotten us? N’Zogbia who has played TWO decent games since he showed up and Bent who is injured every other match. We need some change and we need something quick.

  18. well i fear the worst just heard on radio wm that Lambert has said no players in no players out,so things are not looking good at all,i for one wanted reo coker back he was free he has prem experience and he has a passion for the game,why wouldn’t PL give him a go if only to the end of the season, i fear now we are doomed we are simply not good enough,but i will continue to support the lads come what may
    i hope you have got it right Lerner you are taking a massive gamble

  19. THE VILLAIN, don’t come on here and attack your fellow supporters. Judging by your comments are you pre 16? Am I right? It’s about time you grow up. A lot of opposition supporters have talked about Villa fan’s being fickle. I always disagreed until I read certain comments…. People like you bring this club down.. If you want to talk about a certain aspect of the club do it.. But don’t go around bashing your fellow fan.. We are on the same side or so I thought.. UTV

  20. AVFC84 you are a disgrace you are the sort of fool who lets everybody walk all over you, bet you were bullied at school? don’t you realise everybody is taking the piss out of us and our club,and you are happy to stand there and take it,Albion, Bradford,and even a blue nose is gloating as well, even in the position they are in, what happened to (fight fight wherever you maybe)
    that wouldn’t be you would it ? suppose you are sitting in the Doug Ellis holding hands with andygraysknee GET A BACKBONE!

  21. The villain, to answer your first question, no I wasn’t bullied at school. I do realise, there are people taking the piss out of us. You do realise we have done exactly the same? Remember when Newcastle got relegated? Remember when small heath went down? In my opinion the abuse dished out to Newcastle was far worse than any stick we’ve had this season. You have a go at Bradford fans! Of course we are going to get stick for that result, it was a cup final for them. Remember Villain they play in league 2 and you get offended attacking them. Sure they had a bit of luck first leg shit happens. Look at the state small heath are in. If you get offended by one of them having a pop you really need to lighten up! They are in a far worse position than us. You can’t fight every negative fan out there. When I was your age around 15 I thought exactly the same as you do. Give it a few years and you will realise. Don’t take football insults so personal it’s banter.

  22. A big thanks to all villa fans for being so gracious in defeat. I am 75 this year and have never seen Bradford in a major final and cannot wait. I see there is one person, the villain, embarassing you villa fans although I feel he is embarassing himself more. It’s a shame this kid has to behave this way. Good luck for the season and thanks( to most of you) for making us Bradford fans feel so welcome this week and for all your congratulations.

  23. avfc84 you are trying your best to belittle me but it will not work, i will challenge anybody who bad mouths villa if you aint got the guts to do it i will !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    last word on the subject

  24. the villain. You’re an absolute idiot. I love this club and always will. You’re just a fickle fan who can’t take a bit of banter. How many times have you dished it out? I am not responding to you anymore. Later fickle

  25. To The Vallain
    The Inbreds and retards are laughing tonight and those that laugh last laugh longest

    I do have one question for you though.

    what happens to all the half season ticket holders that were told they had cup Tickets now Villa have none to sell?


  26. Unfortunately we have the same few at the Albion. Well said you true villa fans ,I work in saltley with some great villa fans who see football as it eh. Fair play to villa 84 and andygraysknee you tell the truth . We have idiots like that villain bringing our club down too . We have good and bad times but accept it . Great to have some real banter with fans from all over England ,I chat with all of them . And we’ll done Bradford ,you deserved to win over two legs .

  27. WTF . Oi , villain . What are you doing ,making threats and giving your own kind grief . Challenge anybody will you . Well I’m sick of people like you . Where will you be before the game Tuesday ,then you can challenge me and a few from kingstanding ,..we should all be together and we can discuss this Tuesday . What time and wher do you go pre-match


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