Is it a case of Dunne and dusted for the defence?


I don’t think I can remember a worse couple of weeks for the club in recent memory and  I would hope we have well and truly hit rock bottom and the only way is up. The one glimmer of the hope for the club is the return of Dunne. He is very much a Marmite player and I think you either love him or hate him. Regardless of your personal inclinations towards Dunne, he does have two things. That is bags of experience and a big personality – something we are missing from our team.

In the first instance I would be concerned that we are looking to a player who has been out for nearly 6 months as the saviour of the club. He is most definitely not. I think he is a short term measure to keep the club afloat but he is most definitely needed. If we get Vlaar back soon, then suddenly that is a better central defensive pairing. This does mask many problems we have at the club but looking at Sissoko I think he is a very realistic target for us and exactly the sort of player we need to be going for. However, I am concerned that our interest has been broadcast to the media from various ‘sources’ and we need to move sooner rather than later if we have any real ambition to sign the player.

After previously stating I thought we might try and sign three or four players, that now looks more likely to be two, which will be disappointing. A Petrov replacement was the most obvious missing part to the jigsaw but what are the other parts and their priority?

I find it interesting that Benteke is now in the middle of a goal drought and actually I find that remark quite unfair. Even when we had a poor game against Bradford, the attack were creating. We just need to get them fired up again and that means being able to link from defence to midfield and then from midfield to attack. That’s why if we could only get another player (assuming Sissoko is sorted) then it would be an attacking midfield. We definitely need to get rid of Ireland now. I believed that he could still bring something to the club but over the last 2 seasons I haven’t been convinced. Yes, I know he was our ‘player of the year’ but really that wasn’t saying much.

Maybe if we get rid of him in January then we might get that third player. Whatever happens, I think Lerner will spend. Maybe we do have 10 million, in which case it could be Sissoko and then 7 million on a decent attacking midfielder. Only time will tell with that one.

As per usual, we have to back the team, although it is currently not a rewarding experience, but I do believe that sacking Lambert would certainly not be in the interests of the club. It is tough at the minute but we will get there in the end. Let’s hope we can turn it around as it is a big couple of weeks for the club.





  1. Wouldn’t hold out much hope for Dunne. Villa players with injuries are usually out for a long time , come back, play a couple of matches and then are out for months all over again. I suspect the policy is to employ the cheapest medical staff instead of the best.
    Also Sissoko’s wages would be too high for us.
    Result – Chelsea 2: 2 Southampton.
    Right, I’m off to do my happy dance now.

  2. I think the biggest problem for us is attracting players. Foreign players take time to adjust & the premier league players won’t want to come. We need an unknown signing like a benteke type for the defence & midfield. We can’t attract proven players . Both for wages & the fact that we are likely to go down. We need players like gabby & nzogbia to start performing. That’s the problem. Lambert needs to fire them up & get them attacking & defending. Lambert needs to set the team up better & give them better instructions on what to do & more importantly what not to do.

  3. Believe me villains a lot of this is down to lambert. No point playing attacking football & getting hammered. Did u hear what laudrup said after beating Chelsea in capital one cup? He said we knew we couldn’t come here & play our usual game, so we had to change our style & approach. This guy knows he’s team, more importantly he knows the threats of he’s opposition & hence managed to get a fantastic result against a team which hammered us 8-0.
    I hope lamberts learned from he’s mistakes because if he hasn’t then it doesn’t matter who we sign or not sign, we are going down !! Lambert needs to sort he’s act out. Look at the job hughtons doin at Norwich , laudrup at Swansea , Rodgers at Liverpool & Harry looks like he might keep qpr up too. It’s our manager guys. He made the signings, he got rid of warnock & Hutton , he can’t get the best out of bent , gabby , Ireland or nzogbia. Only problem is there is nobody out there to replace him except Hughes & he’s rubbish too!

  4. Strong comments about PL but not one we should ignore, the jury is still out on him and i’m not convinced at all. Bennet and Lowton arent Premiership standard. He badly musjudged the players already at the club, ie Ireland,Bent,Nzog as they just dont work at our club. I feel PL will get us relegated as you dont turn around a period we have had and start winning games. Crux is very poor players at the club with little or no quality.

  5. I’m fairly new to villa and I became a fan when MON was onboard. I can remember us being in 3rd place. Of course, we fell to 6th, but still- like him or not, w MON we got results. I just can’t get behind Lambert bcuz the results aren’t there.i understand what he’s trying to do , but look at where we r on the table . It’s disgraceful what has happened to our great club. I’m not blaming Lambert entirely, but a lot rests on his shoulders. UTV !!! Signing off, a yank villan

  6. Hello all I hear off a source that PAUL LAMBERT will be replaced on monday. ROBERTO DI MATIO has brought a house in wild green ? My source also tells me RAY WILKINS will be asked to join him ? Also RDM is currently still stopping in the hotel where he had his meeting with PAUL FAULKNER last sunday.

  7. Interesting news, let’s see what happens, can’t believe Lerner!! Does he think that will keep us happy!! Lerner out!!!

  8. Foolish to blame PL. Our problems clearly lie in the boardroom and ownership. As always with Big Ron. Lerner needs to walk away.


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