At times this season it has been a trying experience being a Villa fan. We have had to endure some pretty poor performances but last night for me was the most embarrassing. Yes worse than Chelsea because at least with that match we had the excuse we were up against the millionaires. With Bradford we weren’t afforded that.

We actually started of pretty positive although for me, I felt that N’Zogbia had been wasteful/selfish with some of his shots. I felt that we were creating a lot of chances and sooner or later we would score. However as the game progressed I felt that Bradford might grab something and I felt that their first goal had a certain element of luck to it. I think instead of our defence stopping and holding its hands up, they should have played to the whistle.

Going into the second half we attacked and attacked but were either wasteful or to give Bradford credit, there goalkeeper made some great saves. In the end the second goal was inevitable. Let there be no doubt, our defence needs to be sorted out quickly. Time and time again we have been embarrassed at the back and if we do that against Southampton, then they have already stuffed us once this season.

The fact that we scored is the saving grace for me, despite Bradford going on to score a third goal. Having to a chase a 2-0 goal lead at home is going to be very tough. They only thing I can say, is that I remember when we had a similar problem with Tranmere and we all know how that ended up.

Do I blame Lambert? Well part of this does fall on his head, but it is also systematic of the wider problems at the club which is a lack of experience. I know Stan sometimes had his detractors, but he was the putty that held the team together and I think we need to find a replacement. Someone who isn’t just a good player, but is also a great captain. We need the Captain to pick up the team, stop the heads from dropping and make sure we stay on target.

I always said this month was going to be make or break for us. Southampton is now a critical game. If we suffer another loss against them, unfortunately I can’t see us getting the result at home to Bradford. The team really does need to make amends and we really need to invest in the team this Jan and do it sooner rather than later.

The quicker we get the players in, the more time they have to gel. It is another dark day for the club. We are not dead in the water yet, but the sharks are beginning to circle. We need a bigger boat!



  1. I agree, we do need a leader out there! I am hopping Vlaar can be that leader when he finally returns. As for the Bradford game… all i can say is what the hell do we do in training for practising defending corners??…. all the goals were from or came from set pieces and corners. I have never seen a team struggle so bad at defending corners since i was a school boy! Its been half a bloody season and we are still conceding on corners… and to a league 2 side to boot!!! unreal! On the good side, Given showed he is still outstandidng in net, and Gabby and CHarles played well i thought, and so did Bent for the short time he was on. I would of liked to see Ahmadi on instead of Bannan as i think he would of gelled with Gabby and Charles better. If that trio can stay fit and play well perhaps we wont need another forward in Jan, and can spend more time and money on a Defender and a mid.

  2. having been a holte end season ticket holder i go to as many of the away games as possible,going to Bradford last night i knew it would be a tough game to be perfectly honest i felt embarrassed by that display,it was dire,even the Bradford fans were singing premier league you having a laugh,and in truth they were right,there was no passion the passing was poor,in fact i was glad when the final whistle went so i could get out of the place,as for two weeks time i think we all know we aint going to wembley. just another point the transfer window is open why isn’t anybody coming in ? other clubs have made signings why not us,or i suppose we will wait until the window is about to slam shut,WE NEED PLAYERS NOW NOT IN 3 WEEKS TIME it might be too late then

  3. I agree, I think it’s time we made our voice heard by the board. Learner & Faulkner need to made amends or go….I think the time is now that the 13th man takes a stand..let them see our leadership and let them know that at least we won’t take it sitting down.

  4. We will put six past Bradford in the home leg, then i woke up and we had conceded five from dead ball situations!
    Sort it on the training ground Lambert!!!!!!!!

  5. Getting worried about Saturday already, we need Valar back and quick!! What’s the news on Dunne and Warnock!! We need some experience in the team and quick, I fear that Randy is just keen to cut the wage bill, we all need some answers, villa till I die!!!

  6. well after Tuesdays mess we are ready to take on Southampton on Saturday,this will give us a real idea how bad the team is,as if most of us didn’t know already,this should be a guaranteed 3 points but i bet it wont be, as for the club they are strangely quiet there is nothing from Faulkner stating we will be OK even less from Lerner mind you i am being to wonder if the guy can talk i don’t think i have ever have heard the guy speak,and finally PL says we will be OK well if you aint worried Mr Lambert you need to understand the fans are, we get relegated you will probably get the bullet and leave us with a nice big fat cheque in your arse pocket and we are in the championship, you need to understand that villa to most supporters is not just a club its a way of life,and we are hurting,we expect to lose games from time to time but we expect commitment,fightand passion from the team when on the field this has been sadly lacking of late,and i for one put the blame firmly at the managers door, you can turn this around but time is getting very short,you also need to know that you are now beginning to lose the fans,so kick some ass and get our club back to where it should be.


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