While we suspected tonight’s game might be close, few of us would have predicted the final score. Unfortunately, Bradford’s heroics continued as Villa’s defending looked decidedly dodgy throughout the game and their keeper thwarted Villa on numerous occasions.

The opening was fairly lively, with Jones, the Bantams’ captain, shooting wide and N’Zogbia’s left-footed drive blocked by Duke. The home side’s leading scorer, Wells, had a great chance but shot into Given’s hands. Villa broke quickly, winning two corners, and Benteke twice headed the ball just over the crossbar.

As our support for Stan has continued, we’ve been hoping for a goal in the 19th minute but, unfortunately, it was the home side who took the lead in the 19th minute when Wells shot from the penalty area after the ball had rebounded to send Valley Parade into seventh heaven.

N’Zogbia weaved and made space for a shot but Duke produced a fine save to stop Benteke’s coarse shot from the edge of the area levelling the tie. However, on 34 minutes, the home team had another fine chance as Given saved at his near post from Hines before Hanson’s powering head was cleared off the line by Delph.

Duke continued to work seeming miracles, saving Agbonlahor’s volley, set up by N’Zogbia, at full stretch.

After the break, Villa had an early opportunity to equalise but Benteke’s header from a Bannan cross was blocked by Duke, who also kept out Agbonlahor’s close-range shot.

Bent replaced Agbonlahor in the 57th minute and managed a volley but, like Villa’s previous efforts, it didn’t seem destined for the back of the net. After Benteke’s shot rebounded off Duke, Bent wasted a gift, heading over the crossbar.

McArdle headed home in the 77th minute to give the Bantams a two-goal lead.

Weimann turned the ball into the net in the 82nd minute, setting up the prospect of a comeback, but the Yorkshire side never lost heart and it was no real surprise when McHugh scored two minutes from time to give the League Two side a great chance of reaching Wembley.

Dubious defending, particularly of set pieces, and a disjointed midfield cost Villa dearly tonight and leaves Lambert’s Lions with a lot of work to do, and under pressure, ahead of the second-leg, which takes place at Villa Park on 22nd January. All credit to the Bantams, whose energy and enterprise brought them another epic victory.


  1. You’ve hit the nail on the head at the end there – ‘energy & enterprise’. Respect to Bradford for their passion but what worries me most is whether our players have the pride & passion or even the belief to turn this round.All well & good harping on about ‘kids’ but Bradford made a mockery of that excuse tonight when they have a 19 yr old with limited experience finding the net against a team from the top flight. Missing battlers like Dunne & Petrov in the mix – they may not be world beaters but at least they showed some heart & grit.

    Tonight’s result sends all the wrong signals to Southamptom too & they’ve already given us 1 hiding this season. Going to be hairy again this Saturday.

    Sad that we seem to be on a wing & a prayer even in the cup now. Do-able but won’t be easy.

  2. Hairy it;s going to be another humiliating disaster after tonight the jury is now back in with it;s verdict on Lambert he must with immediate effect be removed as manager before yet more humiliation is heaped upon our great club.
    But fear it;s far to late for a new manager to come in and riepare the damage he as already done.

  3. The problem is our midfield. We have no muscle, no creativity. We can’t keep & pass the ball. It’s far too easy for the opposition. Whether lambert can see this I don’t know. Our team is technically shit. God knows what lambert makes them do in training. If we can’t beat a 4th tier side we have got some serious problems. I don’t think lambert is the man . I think we are going down. Only worry is there isn’t really a name I can think if that can even replace lambert. There’s no one out there.

  4. Why any owner or managing director would let anyone come in and do what he has done is beyond belief.

    Can you imagine bringing in a load of young kids to run a business by themselves it just wouldn’t happen. Would a bank bring in a load of kids to do their investments without any experience??? NO

    Why would a manager bring in kids to play for a football club that was already struggling for the last couple of seasons and more to the point why would any club let a manager do this???

    WHY?? Because our owner does not give a dam about us and has let monkeys run this club for far too long.

    We need to look at the root of the problem which is Mr Faulkner and remove him before PL. He is a clown that is misguiding our club.

    Paul Lambert should be told to walk before he can run and bring in the kids gradually. But to be fair some of the lads he has brought in are not fit to play for Bradford. Bennett, Bowry, Lowton and so on would not get in most of our lower league competitors and for this reason the manager has to go.

    What a waste of money. All of his signings have been crap. Even Benteke looked useless last night or should i say not bothered as he has a release clause in his contract that will get him out of VP if the money is right.

    The club is in a complete mess and Faulkner is to blame.

  5. does anybody know the update on dunny ? he is needed in defence i know he had an operation but when will he be back ? is he going to play this season or not you get precious little information from the club. watching Bennett last night he just wasn’t at the races v poor,were on the slippery slope !!!

  6. Pathetic. No, we weren’t that good. Bradford embarassed us, their players are on less than a fifth of the money our’kids’ get (24 and 25 year olds, btw, who are NOT to PL standard.
    No wonder PL played 5 at the back before…he knows how crap our back four are. So does every other manager; Parkinson last nite saying he knew Bradford could walk thru our defence when Lambert overloaded the side with ‘attackers’.
    Only Weimann and Guzan can be trusted. The rest can go for me, along with RL AND PL.
    After southampton its WBA and Bradford again. God help us…..

  7. I am still in a state of shock after last night! My faith in Lambert is slowly going up in smoke.
    It has been very obvious our defence has been suspect for some time and nothing has been done.
    Because of injuries we have lost concrete Ron and Dunny, but it is quite clear no work has been done on the training ground.
    This is a major worry!!!!

  8. Until randy Lerner sells villa we will suffer this he has no interest in the club lambert is like the others fall guys


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