McLeish Out Day vs Spurs!


I recieved this email earlier on today, and as always we are happy to publish articles for and against McLeish.

Remember this is a fan site for the fans so we try show the opinions of all Aston Villa fans weather we personally agree with them or not.


McLeish Out Day, 6th May 2012 – Aston Villa v Tottenham Hotspur

The aim of the day is simple, to get Alex McLeish removed from his position as Aston Villa manager.

We do not need to bore you with the facts and go on about McLeish’s awful record as Villa boss, as it is common knowledge by now.

This will not just be a “normal” protest, the idea of this is to generate as much publicity as possible which will increase the pressure on our board to act, or for McLeish to do the honourable thing and walk away.

We intend to meet before the game at 13.00 to begin the demonstration against him by the William McGregor Statue; we will have 30,000 A4 flyers to distribute which will contain a simple message to both Randy Lerner and Paul Faulkner.

We ask all fans to hold their flyer high above their head when the teams come out and also to keep them for the lap of honour at the end of the game.

If you have had enough of the direction the club is taking under McLeish, now is the time to make a stand. There will also be other things planned for the day and we will keep you posted leading up to the game.

We need to get the next 2 home games out of the way and hopefully we will have picked up enough points to ensure our safety by the time the Spurs game arrives.

If we can get as many fans involved in this as possible surely they can’t ignore us, especially with the expected abysmal Season Ticket sales.

For more details or to donate to the flyer fund please visit (we need your help!)
Up the Villa!



  1. I am getting a bit sick of these protests. I did not appreciate the appointment not because he was an ex bluenose but because of the crap football and so it transpires that we are playing the same way. BUT we have only a few games to stay in the league. Get behind the team, do not disrupt the team for a protest against a manager who will still be in his job at the end of the game. Whether he will be at the start of next season is another matter but the important thing is that AVFC are still in the premier league. You might be able to alter the result by supporting the team but you will not be able to alter the manager by a protest.Get behind the team and maybe they will respond by playing the football they are capable of.COYVB

  2. @ McLeish Out, as well as having the ‘simple msg’ on the flyers why don’t you have something on the other side to show support to Stan? So when the 19th min comes up we can all stick the other side up above our heads as well?! By doing this you might have even more people wanting a flyer…

  3. someone needs to throw their season ticket at him llike that middlesborough fan did. There would be no comoing back from that for mcleish.

  4. We may well be needing the points from that and the next game to ensure our Prem survival, this is a time for getting behind the TEAM, not for worsening the atmosphere at Villa Park, you’ll see me there, I’ll be the one singing on my own 🙂 We can protest, petition, sit in, cause all the problems you like, AFTER we are safe! I’ll even drive down from N Wales and join in! But the team needs us NOW.

  5. Sorry a litle off topic but I just had to post this, if it wasn’t so sad it would be f**cing hilarious!

    Alexander Hleb

    “At Birmingham, the team played the long-ball game, practically bypassing midfield. To get into the game you had to play up front or linger at the back with the defenders to get hold of the ball, which more often than not flew right past me.”
    Hleb, who played 19 times for the Blues in the 2010-11 season, described then-Birmingham boss Alex McLeish as “not a bad bloke” but criticized his tactical preparation.
    “The day before a game he would come onto the pitch and show us what to do: ‘You stand here, the goalkeeper will give you the ball here, kick it as far as you can and don’t pass to anyone nearby. And we all run.’”

  6. re Alex Hleb…..Well it works for Chelsea lol!!! Seriously, even the Blues fans have said they hated his football, and they aren’t exactly connasseurs of the round ball game! As for the protest I wish you well. But I just see mediocrity and worse on the pitch when I have been this season, with passive fans watching the drivel unfold. As long as we don’t go down, Lerner and Faulkner will keep faith in Mcloser. Sorry to say this, but at least the Wolves and Blackburn fans showed PASSION when their managers screwed up. Hope he goes. But he won’t.


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