The Verdict: Man Utd 4 Aston Villa 0


Before yesterdays fixture I openly said that it was about giving our all, and if we are able to come away from Old Trafford with anything, it would be a bonus.

Instead I found myself watching a selection of players that never looked interested or believed they could get anything from the game. Whether this is down to the players themselves or the manager, who knows?

I was impressed, however, with a few of the younger players like Andreas Weimann, Eric Lichaj and Samir Carruthers who all had a good go, but it is just a shame those with more experience don’t wear the famous Claret and Blue colours with pride.

Regardless of our final position this season, it is obvious that the club needs a complete overhaul, and that includes a manager who will get the best out of the resources we have available to ourselves.

It took the home side just 7 minutes to take the lead when former Villan Ashley Young didn’t need any help when he decided to give Tom Daley a run for his money with his second dive in just two weeks to give United an early penalty.

England striker Wayne Rooney stepped up to take the spot kick and send Shay Given the wrong direction to make it 1-0.

Fellow England striker Danny Wellbeck doubled the Champions lead just before half time when he tapped in a close range effort from a Patrice Evra cross.

Rooney got his second of the afternoon 17 minutes from time when he and Antonio Valencia linked up before he slotted it into the net.

And then, finally, Portuguese winger Nani wrapped up the victory with a stoppage time goal.

This leaves Villa just six points above the drop, with five games to play. Alex McLeish has stated that he believes that Villa require 2 more wins to secure their safety but I believe 1 more would be plenty.

We have a big week coming up with home games against Sunderland and Bolton before an away fixture at rivals West Bromwich Albion. If we are to pick up points I believe these three games are absolutely crucial.

Ashley Young

Many Villa fans seemed surprised by Ashley Young’s antics yesterday but I must admit I didn’t one bit. Ashley used to dive a lot while he played for Aston Villa and I used to call for a yellow card.

The only difference is he now plays for one of England’s biggest clubs so he will get decisions go his way.

The thing that bothered me is Aston Villa Football Club made Ashley Young the player he is today so for him to cheat to gain advantage against the club that helped him reach the level he is at is nothing short of a disgrace.

Before I get loads of United fans on here saying ‘there was contact’ etc. Just ask yourself would you be happy if Gabby Agbonlahor went into your area, kicked Patrice Evra’s foot and then took himself for a Olympic style dive? I don’t think so.

It has been well publicised that Newcastle’s Ryan Taylor branded Ashley Young a cheat, as well as many others in the game including West Brom’s Steven Reid. On top of that Alex Ferguson did say that Young was over dramatic but stopped short of saying it was a dive.


  1. Watched the game on Sky. Did anybody get the commentator in the 47th minute suggesting that he liked a dive before he joined ManUre so he didn’t learn it there. Therefore must have learned it at his previous club, ie Villa deserved it. ‘Fraid I took this as a very snotty media luvvie dig at a non Sky 4/5/6 club.

  2. Young has moved his ‘diving’ up to a new level since he left us. He has now perfected the art of falling/diving in the penalty area. With us he used to win the odd free kick. But for fergie to condone this is a disgrace. That said, Villa played and looked like a Championship team. Bar Gabbys winner in 2009 our record at the ‘theatre of acting’ is a disgrace for a club the size of ours.Wolves have a better recent record against them. No excuses, the ‘kids’ were NOT alright. And as for the seniors….OUT OUT OUT ASAP, together with Mcloser please!!

  3. How much more do we have to put up wiv!! Exuse after exuse ?? Get the hint you r just a shit manager who is not wanted here! U obviously can’t motivate the players wiv your negative play u r a drain on us fans & the players! B a real man and admit your not up to the task! Never was, never would be!! We will never accept you!! U make my skin crawl when I see u clapping the holte !! No other club wud put up with this shit ! So why should we. Back every protest to let him and the poor exuse ov a board know jus what we think of the both of them ! This can’t carry on it will b the same next season or even worse! Holte Enders till we die!!! Get that blue nose twat out of our club

  4. I agree. The longer he’s left in charge the greater risk of people just giving up and accepting he’s the manager. I would back any protest too and I hope the last home game vs spurs will have a protest that gets good media coverage and definitely some banners over the holte.

    As for the dirty cheat – at least it was so blatantly obvious that now refs will be more wary of him.

    We didn’t have much hope before the game but after going 1-0 down so quickly after the oscar nomination effort, we had no chance. Shame.

  5. Why are people so upset about Ashley Young? Nothing he didn’t do in his years at VP and I don’t remember everybody screaming for him to stop then…

    We were dreadful again of course. It is there for all to see and thankfully even the national media are picking up on the terrible, terrible football being played by us at the moment.

    The worst thing for me is the total lack of a plan – we are a defensive team that don’t defend well enough or make ourselves hard to beat (the mind boggles what Mcleish is instructing the players to do). The other thing is the effect this will have on the younger players – I personally couldn’t give two $h1ts about the overpaid journey men (Collins, Mutton I’m looking at you) – this depressing, turgid, borefest that Mctw@t serves up a disgrace to the game let alone the premier league.

  6. I have been a Villa fan for 50years and as a child witnessed the fall to the 3rd division, the climb back and the enthusiasm that resulted in winning the european cup. We had hope and then Oleary arrived inspiring his players by telling them how crap they were! Martin arrived and hope was regained. Money was available and the new beginning under our USA owners gave further encouragement. Martin left and the 2nd worse manager (after Oleary) took over hope was lost. He left to be replaced by a manager that no one ever considered would be offered the job. Hope LOST


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