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This weeks Opposition View comes from Manchester United Fan David Ceasar

How long have you supported Man Utd and why?

Born and Bred in Manchester, Brother was a City Fan, Father was a City Fan so i became the black sheep of the family by becoming a Red devil. Recent years have made the rivalry very interesting with the oil stained billions of City’s owners making Manchester the most successful Footballing City in England.

How do you feel about the challenge to Man Utd’s dominance of the English Football by City’s massive spending power and undoubted very talented squad?

I love it!! Manchester is buzzing with the title run in and after the massive amounts spent by City we are still for now top dogs in Manchester, and Sir Alex has done this with possibly the poorest Squad we have had in many a year! not to mention the injuries that we have had to deal with. Sunday afternoons at the Pub have become more heated with Utd and City Fans arguing and debating the final straight of the Premiership.

Utd’s lead at the top of the EPL table has been cut after your surprising loss the Wigan, do you think that City could catch and even overtake Utd come the end of the season?

The Wigan game was a real surprise and has made the title race a little closer, i don’t think we will drop many more points this season but you never know, I see us winning the title at the Eastlands and silencing the noisy neighbors for this season at least!

The Anti Glazers Movement has somewhat subsided this season and Man Utd have dramatically reduced their debt that the club was saddled with when the takeover happened, what are your feelings about the Glazers and their tenure at Man Utd?

The Glazers are still raping Utd of money, BUT, the Club has remained successful and as you say the debt has been reduced, I still dont agree with how the takeover happened and the fact the owners are not Football people but money people, but as long as we keep winning titles i will be happy!

Utd’s European campaign has been very disappointing this year, why do you think the reasons for this are?

Our squad is as poor as it has been for many years and to be honest at the start of the season i was thinking that we would really struggle, and although we were disappointing in Europe this year, the League Title had to be our priority for most Fans so we could put the City fans in their place.

Having said that the summer will be really important in recruiting the right quality of player in the right areas so we can challenge on all fronts instead of just the one.

Ashley Young join Utd in a reported 18 million pound move last summer, how in your opinion has he settled in and what contribution has he made?

Young has been a fantastic buy! he is the long term replacement for Ryan Giggs and has very very big shoes to fill, but he has shown that he is a very effective and dangerous player who can hurt any team with his attacking thread and ability to deliver some leathal crosses and free kicks. Injury has stifled him a little this term but next season i think he will raise his game another level.

Alex Ferguson is a true legend of the British game and has accomplished miracles during his time at Old Trafford, but he can not go on forever. How long do you think he should continue as manager and who would you choose to replace him?

First off its “Sir” Alex Ferguson, and i would allow him to remain manager for as long as he feels he can continue, he is on the verge of a record 20th title and shows no sign of his passion or drive ebbing away! I actually worry about when he does step down because only one Manager even comes close to the ability of Sir Alex and that’s Jose Mourinio! and even he is not at the same level as Sir Alex.

On to Aston Villa, what do you think of the Club and its fans?

Aston Villa are a great club with a fantastic history, The critical word in that statement is HISTORY! for too long Villa have been a almost ran in the Premier league! should be a giant of the league but you always seem to be a minnow?? why?

I do think that your always support at our place has been some of the best i have ever seen over the years, even though most of the time we send you away with nothing to show for the game.

What do you think Aston Villa can accomplish this season and over the next few years?

On the basis on this season i would say nothing but maybe a decent cup runs and finishing mid table unless some money is spent on your squad! i cant understand how you can sell both your quality first teamer wingers and only replace one of them with Charles N’zogbia and expect to anything else but struggle?

Aston Villa Chairman Randy Lerner appointed Alex McLeish as Villa manager in the summer to the dismay of many Villa Fans, in a interview Lerner state that he had received a letter from Alex Ferguson applauding the appointment and commented that McLeish would become a phenomenal Manager, on the basis of McLeish’s record and performances this season many Villa fans would disagree! what do you think? Given

I have not heard of this letter but i would always bow to Sir Alex Ferguson’s judgment and knowledge of Football and those within the game, but i personally think that your Manager is poor and under him i think you will do nothing but struggle.

Finally match predictions

Although many are expecting a backlash from Man Utd against Villa but i think the Utd Boys will be a bit more composed and deliver a 2-0 win.

Interview by Michael Steede.

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