Regardless of whether you have watched highlights or read in the national rag you would think there was only one team playing in yesterdays fixture at Anfield.

I am sick to death of hearing or reading Liverpool should of done this, or Liverpool were unlucky to not to get this – it is about time the media stopped being so one sided against the so called bigger sides of the Premiership and realised there are always two sides to each story.

Yes Liverpool had a shout for a penalty or two, but Villa had a stonewall penalty claim turned down when Samir Carruthers was booked for alleged diving and everyone seemed to turn a blind eye to the fact that Dirk Kuyt used his hand to set up Craig Bellamy who was only denied by the woodwork. But of course who cares? Its only Aston Villa and we are not one of the so called big guns.

Onto the actual game, we always knew it was going to be difficult regardless of Liverpool’s form since the turn of the year. Even the likes of Manchester United wouldn’t right off the Merseyside giants.

Given both sides form, it probably did have a draw written all over it, but on a week that Alex McLeish stated that God was against him because of our terrible injury problems we have had this season, God was definatly watching over those of a Claret and Blue persuasion.

Australian Chris Herd gave the away side the lead just ten minutes into the game when he finished neatly past Doni who was making his debut following Barry Bannans assist.

Despite the home sides constant pressure it looked like Herd’s goal could have been enough as it didn’t look like it was going to be Liverpool’s day.. yet again.

However, with 8 minutes left on the clock none other than Luiz Suarez gave Kenny Dalglish’s side a share of the points when he tumbled the ball over the line from Daniel Aggers header.

As I’ve already stated, Villa probably had lady luck on their side at times as on another day Liverpool could of given us one hell of a beating but at the same time credit were it,s due as all those in a Villa shirt yesterday gave there all.

I always stated that if we were to come away from Anfield with anything then it would be an added bonus, I personally believe it could give the lads a much needed boost as we approach our game against Stoke tomorrow at Villa Park.

I still believe that Villa need another 4-6 points to stay safe but on a weekend when results went our way, you could probably say God was wearing his Claret and Blue shirt.


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