Marián Kello – Villa’s second summer signing?


Hearts goalkeeper Marián Kello is on the verge of signing a pre-contract agreement with Aston Villa according to STV.

The Slovakian goalkeeper is no longer wanted at the Scottish club after falling out with the manager over a January move to Austria Vienna.

He is 29 years old and there are rumours that Everton, Nottingham Forest and Bristol City were also interested, but Villa are the most likely destination.

He was regarded as the number 1 goalkeeper at Hearts before the falling out incident having made 86 appearances in 4 seasons at the Edinburgh club.

The player did state, back in February, that he wanted to work things out and sign a new deal at Hearts but the club seem to be taking a similar approach as Villa are by slashing their own wage bill.

Kello is said to be on around £2,000 a week, which is an estimated £18,000 less than Villas current number 2, Bradley Guzan ,who looks almost certain to leave Villa Park on a bosman free in the summer.

I can’t say I know much about the player but we are lucky enough to have a few members on our forum who follow the Scottish Premier League and a supporter of Rangers described Kello as a ‘really good keeper’ and a ‘great buy on a free’.


  1. Very good keeper on bosman. Slovak national first team senior keeper contender behind Mucha (Everton). Good shot stopper on the line, good reflexes and organisation, but I am not sure about gathering the corners.

  2. Yea we need another keeper who doesn’t come for crosses, having suffered the last two seasons with the same. The only one that does is allowed to leave on a Bosman, but hey it was only a few months ago that the majority of Villa fans were decrying Guzan, because he had one shaky game! Strange our own are not allowed a poor game when they come in, but the imports like Hutton/Ireland/N’Zogbia are allowed dozens!!!!

  3. Not sure what Villaini is on about. The majority of villa fans were delighted with Guzan’s performances this season, some even called for him to keep given out the side. How do you think Hutton has been allowed a poor game? I’ve not heard a new signing ever get as much abuse from the fans as he has, most of which has been deserved after his performances. Its also taken Ireland over a year to be accepted by the villa fans and N’zogbia hasnt had an easy time of it either.

    Shay is a great GK but is prone to injuries so 20k p/w is not too bad for a solid reserve IMO. Would rather keep him than sign Slovakia’s reserve kept out the team by everton’s reserve

  4. Suggest you go back a few months after the Blackburn game, the majority of supporters were writing Guzan off, and following his very good pertformances when Given was out, again many discounted these and straightaway voted for Given – see the more popular Forums like VillaTalk and VitalVilla!

    Remember Lichaj, having a poor game against ManCity, again look at the forums, not good enough etc etc came the cries, one match, yet he proves to be far better than Hutton, remember McClown critising him in public?? I have been fed up for almost two seasons hearing Ireland being a great footballer and he will come good, he has a couple of half decent performances and to many he is a world beater, Bannan has a poor 10 minutes and he wont make it!

    Too many supporters see our own kids step up and cant understand why they are superstars immediately, of course they have never seen them learninbg their trade in the Youth and Reserves, but established stars bought in are allowed to settle in and excused – crazy!

  5. Villaini I agree with your comments about Ireland….three halF decent games does NOT a great player make. I still wouldn’t miss him if he went, but who the hell would buy him (or Hutton and Nzogbia for that matter…but they HAVE been criticised on here and elsewhere). As for the ‘kids’, its about time they stepped up or stepped out. Most of them are 22/23, and have been hanging around the subs bench/reserves for 2/3 years. We need to find out if ANY of them are going to make it in the PL…some of them looked good last season but have gone backwards. Oh, a Scottish goalie, eh….just what we need lol. Guzan looked u.s. at first, but did well when he came in for Given, and was unlucky to lose his place, IMO.


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