I propose that everyone who is going to Villa Park tomorrow join me in dedicating the day to our captain, Stiliyan Petrov.

Lets put everything else for one side, this include protests, Alex McLeish and everything else.

Regardless of what you think of Stiliyan Petrov he has always give 100% for the Claret and Blue course.

So the very least we can do is show him that we at Aston Villa are one big family and show our support for him.

So my suggestion is to take your Petrov and Bulgarian shirts, scarves and banners to Villa Park with you tomorrow and show the our captain that we are all behind him with his fight against this dreadful illness.

We are Aston Villa, and Stan is one our own. Aston Villa till I die!



  1. Yeah I’ve been critical of SOME of his performances in the past, but TBH who else bar Milner has kept our central midfield going at all since MON came? Petrov has always been there, during the top 6 and wembley years. So due respect to him. And yeah, the protests can be put on a back burner for sure….

  2. Can’t beleive the very sad news (from a Tottenham fan).GOOD LUCK Stiliyan,hope to see you playing again soon.

  3. So sad. Thoughts with Stan and his family at this terrible time. Let’s play for him tomorrow. I’ll wear my away shirt with Petrov 19 proudly.

  4. Come on Stan, you’re captain of BULGARIA and Aston Villa. You were always the most fighting player. And fight this insidious disease and the winner of the next big battle. We are with you and love you. Go STAN! Давай Стан, ти си капитан и на БЪЛГАРИЯ и на АСТЪН ВИЛА. Ти винаги си бил най-борбения играч. Пребори и тази коварна болест и излез победител от поредната голяма битка. Ние сме с теб и те обичаме. Давай СТАН !!!

  5. sad news, very sad. get well soon Stan. if I see You lads suporting Stan tomorrow, i start suport Villa and i will do forever!!!!!!!

    Стенли , пребори болестта, както си успявал да пребориш всичко и всички до сега. Мъжко момче- дръж се, не унивай, можеш!!!!!!!!!

  6. The whole Bulgaria is behind you,Stan!
    We wish you fully recovery and we want to see you again with the captain armband!!!

  7. It is not only the player, but the PERSON we are talking about !
    It is the idea of togetherness that unites us !
    It is the chance to show Stanly HE IS NOT ALONE
    in the fight with the disease !
    Wish you a full recovery !
    wish you health and luck !

    желая ти здраве и късмет !
    Другото го имаш – подкрепата и обичта !

  8. Keep fightig Stan. You are our hero and captain.

    I will always honor the fans of Aston Villa, a proud sign, that Villa is one of the greatest clubs in the english football!

    Thank you Villans!

  9. My thoughts and prayers go out to Stiliyan,his wife and family,friends,villa fans and all connected to him,family & club.YNWA mate,you’re a legend with us (CELTIC)and always will be.Stay strong and fight the fight.God speed your recovery..

  10. Terrible news about your skipper petrov here’s to a full recovery and seeing you back on the pitch were you belong fella will be praying for you and family GOD BLESS.

  11. Stiliyan Petrov is Bulgaria’s football hero, for years he’s been the glue that kept our national team together. I believe he has done the same at Celtic and Villa, hence the love and support of their fans. Villans, with your caring and compassion for Stan you won a whole country for your cause, thank you!
    Unfortunately, I just read in the Bulgarian media that he is retiring from football. It is unlikely to see him play at competitive level again but this is all insignificant, isn’t it? Just staying alive is what counts now. My warmest thoughts go to his family.

  12. Sad news, indeed, about Stiliyan Petrov.
    Get well soon, Stan. The Celtic family still love you. I’m sure everbody is rooting for you. A fine young man and a great athlete.


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