Chelsea Fan: ‘Alex McLeish was a terrible appointment as your Manager’

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This weeks Opposition View comes from 56 year old Chelsea Supporter, Chris Palmer.

How long have you supported Chelsea and why?

Been a Blue since I was a child mainly due to my Father actually working at the club during my Younger years, many times as a child he took me to work and I had free run of the ground! He was in maintenance, not a player.

AVB was touted as the brightest young manager out there and many Chelsea fans had high hopes when he arrived at the club, why do you think he failed at the club?

I don’t think that he was able to gain the respect of some of the senior players like Terry and Lampard and this was made worse by his strange tactics and team selections, he seemed to have the arrogance of Jose but without the charisma and charm which brought the playing staff together under his guidance. But in the end I just think that AVB just was not the right fit for Chelsea.

Roberto Di Matteo seems to have turn the clubs fortunes around since taking over the helm, do you think he has any chance of getting the job on a permanent basis? if not who would you like to take over?

Roberto has done a fabulous job since becoming caretaker manager but I don’t think there is any chance of him getting the job full time, the Chairman is looking for a big name with a proven track record in winning titles, even if we win the Champions League I doubt Roberto would be offered the job then.

My personal choice for a new manager would be our old manager Jose, I know it is unlikely but if Jose and the chairman can patch up their differences then he would be a great signing, but I doubt this would happen as we all know how stubborn Roman is!

Fernando Torres has been a spectacular flop since signing for Chelsea, can you ever see him regaining the form he did when he first joined Liverpool?

Torres signing for Chelsea was a fantastic bit of business….for Liverpool! he looks short of confidence and at times looks as poor a player that I have ever seen pull on the Chelsea shirt, but maybe under a new manager and new regime he might come good. Although he did not score last night he provided a wonderful cross for the winning goal.

How important is it that Chelsea grab one of the Champion leagues spots at the end of the season, and how will it affect the club if they fail?

Participating in the Champions league is crucial for many reasons, attracting new quality players is so much easier when offering club football at the very highest level as without it the wage demands needed to get the players in are going to be very very high. Also there is the prestige that goes along with being in the league.

We need to fight for every point and as we are only 5 point behind Spurs it is not an insurmountable task, as long as they do not find their second wind! I expect us to take it down to the wire and pip them to 4th place, either that or we have to win the Champions league!

What needs to be done in the summer to improve the Chelsea Squad and allow you to move forward again?

I think we are just having a poor season this time around and not moving backwards as your question suggests, money will need to be spent and spent wisely. But more important than investment is the need for a world class manager to grab the club by the scruff of the neck and show who is the Alpha male.

John Terry and Frank Lampard seem to have a little too much influence in the dressing room for me and only a manager like Jose would be able to stop the alleged behind the scenes bitching.

With a very good win at Benfica this week, how far do you think you can progress in the Champions League this season?

We are capable of winning it, and we must believe that! Otherwise what is the point of being involved? Its going to be tough to do that though as it looks like we may be facing Barcelona next and that is a big ask of any team in the world.

On to Aston Villa, what do you think of the Club and its fans?

I like Villa, living in the West Midlands nowadays and being a football fan I have attended a few games at Villa Park over the years, you seem to be going through a really tough time over the last season or so since O’Neill left, and things do not look to be getting any better as time goes on!

Alex McLeish was a terrible appointment as your manager, as he was doomed from the start, but I think he could do better given time and a little money to spend. But he will never take you higher that 10th place while in charge and the Villa Fans I know would not accept this.

What do you think Aston Villa can accomplish this season and over the next few years?

Survival is all I can personally see Villa achieving while your manager remains in charge,not only because I think he is not good enough but because of the feeling of the fans towards him. I have been to 2 games this season at Villa Park and the atmosphere is awful!! Its almost like everyone is on edge because if the team does not perform or concede early on the knives are out and being sharpened for Alex McLeish.

Aston Villa Chairman Randy Lerner has decided to make some quite drastic cutbacks at the club this season in an attempt to stabilise the finances after Villa announced a record 54 million loss in the 2010/11 season, something which Sunderland Owners have stated that they will be doing also. Do you think it is time for football to get its house in order?

I think football might now start to level off the crazy spending that in all honesty Chelsea participated in, the lower gates at many clubs will force more sensible spending and the Financial fair Play Rules will force those clubs with money to spend to do the same.

Finally match predictions (3-1 to Villa maybe?)

Not again, although Villa played well at the Bridge we did not help our case with our performance, Aston Villa 0-2 Chelsea this time.

Interview by Michael Steede.

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