A Protest Plea!


I have recieved another email from McLeish-Out and he asked me to publish this plea:

It is safe to say now that it is a very large majority of fans that want Alex McLeish sacked as manager.

A number of fans are happy to moan and groan online but when it comes to taking part in any planned action to show their discontent they refuse to take part.

Why is that? Its all well and good us moaning on here, twitter and facebook but does that really grab the clubs attention, No!

We need a large, strong and vocal ANTI-MCLEISH presence at Villa Park on Saturday. The larger the number present at the protest, the more serious we will be taken.

People are worried about how they look if they attend a protest, why? It shows you care, have passion and still want to fight for the best interests of your club. The protest will be peaceful and non violent so what is the problem?

What else should we do, just sit back and do nothing and accept this and let it run on in to next season? Keep paying a small fortune to watch us go down?

I love this club and refuse to sit back idly and watch this manager destroy us.


  1. YOU ARE A JOKE !!!!

    How can you call yourself a villa fan. To ask people to protest at a club and cause even more disruption is pathetic. I understand that people are not happy like myself but protesting is the wrong way to go about it. IE dont renew your season ticket or just dont go. The players need all the support they can get cause at the moment there is too much pressure on them at home and the last thing they need is a bunch of tossers shouting mcleish out. Just go away and disturb some other club or at least do it when we know we are safe until then back them to the hill and lay off the players and maybe they might perform a lot better. How would you handle 30k people chanting to sack the manager that will only ever help the oppersition and like i have already said this the last thing they need. To even have a website wanting the manager out is a joke anyway. Grow up and if you are a true villian and want to help get behind the team and let them know WE ARE THAT 12th MAN !!!!!!

      • no all i’m saying is if you want to make a stand that bad don’t do it through protesting do it by other means i.e. dont go or dont renew thats all. i will be going no matter what and would necer take part in a protest as i believe it only hinders matters and not make things better. let me ask you one question. if you had a choice of keeping mcleish, getting behind the lads and cheer them on no matter what and try to help us stay up or sacking mcleish and a new manager coming in and we go down as he would need time to implement his own idea’s? if those where the choices what would u choose?
        i know which one i would have !!!!!!

  2. Just before any of you say, yes i do think he should go but i think the way you want to go about it, is completely wrong.

  3. Matt, nobody is going to take your comment seriously when you say, “Dont renew your season ticket or just dont go.” And then follow on from that with, “The players need all the support they can get.” Hmmmmmm.

    As for the protest, fair play to the guy for actually trying to do something to get the useless plank out of our club! I urge as many to go to the protest as possible! And should we witness yet another awful performance against Chelsea, a performance that doesn’t even show one ounce of passion in our team or intent to take the game to them, then I hope we make the atmosphere inside Villa Park the stuff of McLeish’s nightmares! He HAS to go! McLeish Out!!!!!!

    • no what im saying is, if u want to vent your anger against mcleish i understand, but do it in a different way. By doing it in the ground will help no one. If you come to the games cheer the lads on, dont protest inside or around the ground as this just hinders our mission to try and stay up. The players know were pissed off but lets let them know were backing them all the way. Its the only way forward

  4. Matt I think your initial post was well out of order, suggesting people are a joke to protest. The club is in dire straits I don’t now about a 12th man we need a 13th and a new manager. At best his appointment was idiotic and naive at worst inflammatory and disrespectful. I hope your 12th man keeps us up and I would like to think you will realise the bunch of tossers you refer to who are also dedicated villa fans have a right to voice there opinion.

    • I agree John but there’s a time and place and at the games is definately not the place. I personally think were safe so i would give him till November to see how things go as he would of had time to bring in all his own players and get rid of alot of dead wood. Then he will have no excuse at all if it goes tits up.

  5. This is getting beyond a joke!! i have to say that i am losing the will to debate this issue with fellow Villa “Supporters” (if that is the right description to use).

    Who ever is running the AM out site has found his 15 minutes of fame and is desperate to hold on to it, i think going forward i will do what i have always done and support my Club through thick and thin!

    we are becoming the jpke of the league and some of our “Fans” are not helping the situation!

  6. We all agree, at least most of us do, that change is needed at Birmingham B6, because as things stand right now, the club is going nowhere but backwards, and sadly at a very fast pace too.

    Leadership and direction is sadly lacking, and those failings stem from the very top, from the ownner, the ‘boardroom’ (a joke, do we even have a board?), through to McLeish and his cronies, and ultimately of course,the way below par squad.

    Now though is not the time for protests, demonstrations, revolts against individuals, be it McLeish, Lerner, Faulkner whoever.

    The club is I believe, very much involved in a serious and genuine battle to avoid the drop into the championship.

    We, the supporters should surely be focusing our efforts on supporting and rallying the club, cheering them on for the remaining nine (I think its nine)games, playing our part to the absolute max, to ensure that the necessary points are secured to remain in this league.

    Faulkner and Lerner, for all their faults, are surely well aware of the supporters unhappiness with the current state of affairs? They dont need to see more protests, they know the score.

    Get behind the club. Support 100% the claret and blue cause. The club is bigger than any individual, be it an officer of AVFC, or a supporter. It will be around long after Lerner, McLeish, Faulkner, you or I are long gone.

    Right now we need to create positivity. We need points in the bag. What we dont need is supporters (who admittedly mean well, and have the right to protest as they see fit) causing more negativity or unrest.

  7. We are all true villa fans we all have a right to protest we don’t want that muppet at our club!! Get him out because it will be the same next season! Are we suppose to just accept this and carry on ! No way sack him before it’s to late!! I dnt fancy a trip to mighty Peterborough or a day out in barnsley thank u very much! Get behind all protests to get the blue nose twat out of our club! Or let’s all turn on learner & the idiot Faulkner something has to be done and heard !! We are all hurting! We are all villa!! Holte enders till we die!!!

  8. Mike I am a villa fan living in the north east of England and believe me it’s not the fan’s who are thought of as a joke. People up here are bemused by the appointment of Mcleish and it’s the standard of football that is making us a laughing stock. I get ripped to bit’s by Newcastle and Sunderland fans and I have no defence.

  9. Why would anybody want Mcleish to bring his own players in?

    So he can build a replica of his Blues side or the Rangers team he finished 3rd with!

    In over 130 PL games he has a win ratio of 26%. He is an awful manager and this season has proved that.

  10. Think you need to find a way to protest without disrupting match maybe after or on a non match day would be more noticeable. Don’t understand people who moan about mcleish are happy to boo when there not playing well but then are totally against protesting like the idea behind booing and protests are any different. They both show discontent and in my opinion booing is alot more disruptive and negative for players. Contradicting themselves. All that said always been one to give managers a chance honestly can’t see us going nowhere under mcleish though has to go.

  11. Matt, understand and agree totally, obviously some would rather pick the post to pieces rather then get the message, but that says more about them than you.

    Now is not the time to protest, our lads need all the support they can get.

    “Shay Given has admitted that Aston Villa fans are right to be disappointed by the club’s poor position in the Premier League.

    The Villans are currently 15th in the table, having picked up just six points from their last seven games.
    And Villa Park shot-stopper Given has called on supporters to rouse the team from their current slump.
    We’re disappointed in the position we’re in at the minute and we need the fans behind us and supporting the team
    — Shay Given
    “Aston Villa fans’ expectations are high and rightly so,” Given told Hawksbee and Jacobs. “We’re disappointed in the position we’re in at the minute and we need the fans behind us and supporting the team.
    “We all need to be together, the management, players and fans. It’s important to stick together and get away from the relegation zone. Then we can bring in a few players during the summer and hopefully move onwards and upwards.””

    Maybe a new manager as well! 🙂

    Cue all the comments on yet “more PR bullshit” from the Villa machine, but even if it is, that does not mean that the message is not correct, players respond better with positive support, I’m sure most are bright enough to know that 😉

    And as for all the thinly (or not so) veiled comments that those who support week in week out are traitors and don’t care enough, and that it is the protesters and the stay aways who really care because they are taking action, print them all onto a sheet of A4 in a nice big bold font (be as artistic as you like) find a palm sized stone, and gently mould the paper around the stone, till it is nice and tight, tape or elastic bands can be used, and then shove em up your Arse 🙂

  12. Is everyone missing something here?…

    Firstly, I totally agree, yes Mcleish out, but it’s take 12 to tango and the 11 we’re playing with aren’t exactly UEFA quality are they? Bents lazy, others seem to lack motivation, and Given seems the only one with any ‘umph’ at the momment barring a few youngsters, plus there’s the premier league curse—> Get a good player on the way up and he’s off. Young, Downing, Cahill, always leaving for the money, there’s no loyalty anymore!

    But you’re all missing one vital point…and here’s an example to look at…

    My best friend is a Newcastle fan (luckily I don’t blame him for it! lol) He has stuck by them through thick & thin, that includes last seasons lovely drop to the Championship, and “Therein lies the rub”….through thick and thin!

    It seems what some of you are saying is it’s better to protest and make a stand than sit back? I agree, but think of it this way…What if everything DOES go tits up and Alex Mcleish stays for 25 years and laughs at us all as we’re entered into League 3? How would you protest then? Bomb the club? Shoot him? Exactly…

    I know being born and bred Claret & Blue, that whatever happens, I’m not going to refuse to visit, protest or disown my club no matter how bad it gets, surely that is given in the word “Supporter”…?

    So remember, if you want to call yourself a fan, you must support them, if you don’t want to “spend a small fortune watching us go down” then here’s a hint…DON’T!! I don’t choose when I support AVFC based on whether we’re winning or not, or whether I’m frustrated. I don’t spend money and only support them based on results! The way I see it, it’s like being born with a wart, you’re stuck with it, I can’t change the villa, I’m Villa till I Die!! So yes, we suck at the moment, and yes it’s a low point, and yes McLeish is a complete turkey but it’s still the villa!! Villa 4ever!

    • Are you serious?

      Supporter means supporting the club and supporting the club at the moment means removing the idiot in charge to help the team out.

      Protesting is probably not clever when we are heading into a relegation battle. And yeah we need to get behind the lads and cheer them to victory.

      You must remember the Newcastle protests about their chairman so don’t say they all sat back because they didn’t. But protesting must go on hold can only damage us further as soon as we’re safe it’s time to do it and we need a new manager before his summer buys ruin us

  13. Looking at some the comments posted on here me thinks we have a few ringers, things a little quiet in the ticket office?

  14. I went to the fulham game…..some of their fans chants b4 weimann scored ‘that goal’ where ‘you’re not famous anymore’ ‘is this a library’, ‘is this a fire drill’, ‘your grounds too big for you’ etc etc.Good stuff, but this just wouldn’t have happened under MON, for ALL his faults (tooo much spent on too few, etc ). But there was a sullen atmosphere developing till weimann did his bit and saved mcleish from all the booing he deserves for a shambolic season, which actually makes houllier last season seem competent! Remind me, exactly HOW MANY POINTS are we behind last seasons’ ‘average campaign’ ???
    Protest? A damp squib because too many fans are prepared too sleep walk into mediocrity. 7 league titles and 7 FA cups and 1 european cup may I remind you?? And we are being reduced to THIS??

  15. were paying him a cool 2 million a year and paiud 5 million to get him from blues , when sparky was free so was martin jol :@ so far hes cost us 7 mil not to mention then money he spent on the useless hutton , and were 15 woho , theres blues fans laughing at us

  16. Montreal Canadiens(NHL)fired their GM today -last place.With their historyof Stanley Cup wins this club is comparable to Man U finishing last in EPL.So if they can pull the trigger to sack a GM who was terrible why can’t that fool of a CEO or oowner do the same at Villa?The game has passed him by.My Arsenal friend wanted to send me condolences after that pitiful performance last week.And as for player selection,don’t make me laugh.and as for Zoggy,can anyone tell me French quacks are better than English vets?Why is he not playing?Is it an upper or lower body injury?I haven’t heard.A question for Villa fans.Would a playing manager work?

  17. People say its not the time to protest and its the the time to support the team and save us from relegation.

    But everybody has been behind the team and supporting them and what difference has it made.

    Our support will not suddenly make McLeish a good manager! All the singing cheering and clapping will not change how poor we are under him.

    I wish it would but it wont

    We have to unite together and get him out now!

  18. The club have really succeeded this season in creating such a defeatist attitude among the fans. Last season against Sunderland and Wolves the crowd voiced its displeasure against the manager, now i’m not condoning the level of animosity directed at Houllier but atleast there was passion and spirit in the crowd. What has happened this year? McLeish is taking us down and we are going down with a whimper

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