Villa v Newcastle: History & Predictions

Villa will return to action at Villa Park against Sheffield United

The 25th of November is going be the day these two worlds will collide. Let’s have a closer look at what the future holds and what these two teams have already shown in the past.

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Let’s get back to out battle between the two teams: Aston Villa and Newcastle United.


All the match previews available, having compared the two teams, tend to say that both teams have potentially equal chances to win. However, there still is a tendency to believe that Aston Villa has more chances to get a victory at this match. Consequently, the bookmakers recommend betting on Aston Villa rather than on Newcastle United.


Like the Premier League, Championship, and FA Cup have shown, both of the contestants are strong. Nevertheless, even though Newcastle had a tendency to win more often, Aston Villa is now as strong as never before. In addition, in spite of Newcastle fans trolling Aston Villa fans in an endless manner, our guys are not willing to give up.

Frankly speaking, the matches between AV and NU usually end with draws. If we have a closer look at the last 6 matches of each, we can see the proof of all of our thoughts. Both Aston Villa and Newcastle have won 3 times. Nevertheless, unlike AV, one match of the opposite team ended up with the draw. However, over the course of these last six matches, Aston Villa has scored 4 more goals (11 goals were scored by AN, and 7 goals were the result of the NU) than the opponents have. It means that there is no need to underestimate the team.


It is rather hard to predict the exact results of the match. Both of the teams are going strong. We hope that the game is going to be thrilling, and we’re sending all the luck wishes to our favourite guys.


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