Predicting How Villa Will Perform in Their First Season Back in the Premier League

Grealish and Smith

Aston Villa are the latest team to benefit from promotion to the Premier League, thanks to their 2-1 victory against Derby County at Wembley. Having secured their lead with a brilliant performance, the squad now needs to prepare for their return to Premier League football. Whatever the transfer season brings up, there are a few areas that the team need to look at in order to hit their objective. Last year, just the Wolverhampton Wolves maintained their stay in the Premier Leagues out of the three teams promoted. With the teams before them a mixed bag in terms of success, Villa needs to make a strong start in order to hold on to their Premier League status, if you’re wondering about the outcome of their games you can get free football tips at Footy Accumulators.

Mix Up the Playing Style

In terms of their playing style, Villa needs to continue to expand their game and mix up their strategy in order to prevent well-organised teams from being able to read the state of play before it plays out. Villa’s performance in the Championship showed that they were capable of this style of play, so they’ll need to amp up their adaptability to keep their opponents on their toes. Dean Smith is able to set his team up to react but his ability to adjust mid-game will be crucial in order to accumulate the much-needed points. A quick start can make all the difference, as Huddersfield’s performance in their initial Premier League season proved, so Villa should follow suit.

Keep the Manager

Dean Smith is a fantastic manager and Villa certainly have momentum on their side, so it’s not expected that the team will be dragged into a relegation battle, providing they keep Smith on their side. In 2017, West Bromwich sacked Tony Pulis after the fans demanded a different playing style but the club wound up being relegated later that season and haven’t recovered since. It’s crucial that Aston Villa keep with Smith if they want to avoid relegation. He has a strong track record as a manager and has been successful wherever he’s been put in charge, so Villa’s success lies with him at the helm.

Use the Budget Wisely

Mings has been a Championship starBack in the 2017/2018 play-off finals, Villa’s defeat gave Fulham the opportunity to rise in the ranks and return to the Premier League, which they spent big money to achieve. Villa’s new recruitment system will truly be tested going into the new campaign, but with the success they saw back in January from it, there’s hope for repeated victory once again. Tyrone Mings and Kortney Hause both played crucial roles in securing the promotion of the team at the end of the season, so great signings like this over the coming weeks would no doubt improve their chances.

Villa has all the potential to enjoy a great first season back in the Premier League, but it hinges on making the right decisions as they go forward. It will only take a few missteps for them to mess up their chances long-term and be looking relegation in the face once again. If they can sign wisely and avid predictability in their playing style, it will give them the chance to make the most of each opportunity thrown their way.


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