Revisiting my predictions

Smith believes this Villa side can be better in the second half of the season

The regular Championship season has finally come to a close. Aston Villa will now turn their focus towards the playoff semi-finals, where we take on West Bromwich Albion. At the start of the campaign, I predicted the final championship table. Today I am going to take a look back and my predictions. Was I spot on or just how wrong was I?

Top 6 predictions

1. West Bromwich Albion
2. Swansea City
3. Middlesbrough
4. Aston Villa
5. Stoke City
6. Derby County

As you can see, there is no Norwich, Leeds or Sheffield United. None of this seasons top 3 made it into my top 6 predictions! I did correctly guess that Derby would finish 6th and that Villa would make the playoffs.

As much as it pained me to say, I did believe West Brom would go on to win the Championship. The 62 goals they have conceded this campaign probably played its part in them only making the playoffs.

I thought that Norwich and Leeds would have finished just outside the playoffs, 7th and 8th to be exact. In my defence, no-one could foresee the season that Norwich was about to have. The one I really got wrong was Sheffield United. I had Chris Wilder’s to finish 12th.

My third place prediction Middlesbrough narrowly missed out on a top 6 position. I also expected Swansea to have a better season but they had an average season back in the Championship finishing 10th. Stoke – my 5th place prediction ended up finishing 16th. Funnily enough the position I predicted Birmingham to finish.

Bottom 3 predictions

22. Blackburn Rovers
23. Wigan Athletic
24. Rotherham United

In terms of relegation, I only managed to correctly predict 1 out of 3 correct, Rotherham United. The Millers did put up more of a fight than I anticipated but it wasn’t enough in the end.

Grealish's goal against Rotherham helped me with my predictionsWigan would have been pleased with their season overall with an 18th place finish. Blackburn, on the other hand, would have probably taken the 15th place they finished in at the start but may have been disappointed after such a strong start to the campaign.

Ipswich and Bolton were relegated with Rotherham. Two sides I predicted would have been safe. I predicted a 13th place finish for the Tractor boys but they ended up finishing rock bottom. We all know about the story at Bolton, again something no-one could have really predicted.

Overall, my prediction was pretty shocking. I correctly guessed 3 out of 24, but it could have been more however a few were a couple of places out.

How did you expect this season to go? Did you think Norwich would be table toppers or Ipswich rock bottom? Have your say in the comments below.



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