Nottingham Forest – Match Day Experience

Hause could team up with Mings

After our Second City Derby triumph, it was natural for the Villa faithful to head into Wednesday’s midlands matchup with confidence sky high. I was one of 2000 fans who made the short trip along the A50 to the City Ground. I thought I would share my experience of my trip and what Nottingham Forest had to offer.

A very convenient car park that comes in the form of Meadowhall stadium – home of Notts County FC, is just a 15-minute walk across the Trent Bridge to the Forest Stadium.

If you haven’t been to City Ground before, then it might take you multiple attempts to find the correct route to the away section. A maze of roads surround the stadium, and if you aren’t making yourself aware of the signs around, you will either end up at a dead end – or in and amongst the home fans. Eventually, I could hear the chanting of the villa fans and followed the noise to where I was entering the stadium.

Inside the stadium

At this point, team news was coming in and everyone seemed excited for the full return of John McGinn. Andre Green was also handed a start.

After entering the stadium, you are met by a short but wide concourse which was a sea of claret and blue. The matchday atmosphere was beginning to build nicely. There was you’re usual singing and dancing on the concourse. Kick off was soon upon us so we headed up to the stadium to watch the game.

The travelling support was housed in the bottom corner right behind the goal. It was a sell out at the City Ground so as you can imagine home fans surrounded us on all fronts.

The Game

McGinn scores two against Nottingham ForestWhen Forest opened the scoring (as fortunate as it was), the home fans inevitably taunted the away section. Villa needed a goal to not only get back into the game but have something to shout about.

Luckily, a mere four minutes later, John McGinn scored a goal at the keepers near post. It sent the away section into pandemonium. The little Scotsman did the same on the 15th minute and once again created limbs in the away end.

Kortney House then confirmed the win and made his way over to the Villa faithful. The away supporters flooded to the front to get involved with the celebrations.

Away fans

The Villa faithful were in fine voice all night. Even when we conceded early. Usually a few would turn on the team but not this time. I am unsure if what happened the weekend united the Villa fans.

There have also been a few Nottingham Forest fans praising the Villa support. One or two even stated we were the best to visit the City Ground in a long time.

Overall, my experience of the City Ground was a good one. The villa fans were all in high spirits and the win dragged the day up even further.

Lets do the same on saturday and get a spot in those play offs – UTV.



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