Last week, aside from the fantastic performance at Pride Park which saw Aston Villa run out 3-0 winners against Derby County, there were numerous reports regarding the possibility of the new owners re-naming Villa Park. One outlet even went as far as saying that they had been told it was an option that wouldn’t be ruled out.

Last night, AVILLAFAN continued to support the Fans Consultation Group (FCG) by meeting with new CEO Christian Purslow and Chief of Corporate Affairs Officer, Paul Tyrrell.

The evening began with Purslow categorically stating his viewpoints on pressing matters as well as his visions for future issues, encompassing a wealth of areas. There was then time to focus upon a main ’10-point Agenda’ which had been put together beforehand by members of the FCG. Who had gathered the thoughts of other fans directly and through our sites and social media platforms.

Purslow was quick to focus purely on Aston Villa as opposed to other issues such as FFP and how he had ‘acted quickly’ to assess the needs of the club. We need to bear in mind the fact he’s only been in the position a few months and a lot of that will have been taken up by the departure of Steve Bruce and the subsequent arrival of Dean Smith and his backroom team, whilst addressing other positions such as the Sporting Director, Jesus Garcia Pitarch.

Purslow dismissed Villa Park being renamed.Immediately, he was quick to dismiss the reports around the idea of Villa Park being renamed or rebranded and stated that it simply ‘wouldn’t happen whilst he was in his position’.

There have been further reports surfacing over the last 48 hours regarding a breakaway league as some teams have supposedly been seeking a way to broker an improved deal. Purslow added that there have not been any such discussions.

From my own point of view, I completely understand the business of increased revenue but ultimately Villa Park has a unique and incredible history which will always be synonymous with the club as a brand and as exactly what it is. A football club.

Whilst on the subject of history and tradition, both Purslow and Tyrrell were both adamant and clear on the roots of the club. They reinforced that from their experiences at a wealth of clubs, Villa have a lot to learn and they should be using their story to exhibit and broadcast this at forefront of everything we do.

In my view, I think it’s fair to say that we have been modest in the past. The 1982 team, Ron Saunders, those that fought in World Wars and the fact that it was Aston Villa, through William McGregor that started everything off.

I left last night feeling confident that this will be addressed quickly, professionally and with both detail and pride.

As mentioned earlier in the article, the minutes of the meeting will follow and more details will be prominent within the subsequent post.

AVILLAFAN want to thank everyone that has got involved in raising important points both personal to yourselves and for the benefit of others.

Our part in the FCG isn’t taken lightly and it is a direct link between us all that follow Aston Villa and the club themselves. In a critical period for our club and the change throughout the club, we thank both Christian Purslow and Paul Tyrrell for the opportunity to share our thoughts and concerns so soon in their roles.


  1. Defence been a problem for a few seasons now, making the same mistakes week after week leaving me thinking what they do in training. A sound defense gives you more attacking ability 👍

  2. doctor t said there were’ incredible plans for the redevelopment of villa park, especially the north stand eyesore, i began as a villa fan on the old witton end, no cover, planks to stand on and a steep muddy bank to scramble up to get to the turnstiles aaaah nostalgia. can’t beat it. i’m disabled nowadays and use one of the excellent facilities the club provides, i look over at my old spot on the holte remembering great matches, an unbeatable atmosphere, a great team 1(981)trophies, club legends, gary shaw,and withy in their pomp. i can remember every player we had the unbelievably bad managers, mcneil o’dreary, dematteo, some french bloke nobody had heard of, lambert that scottish halfwit from the ‘scum’ across the city.

  3. played golf today with villa legends ray graydon, and chris nichol, the worst two golfers in the country, hearing some of the tales regarding names now mainly unremembered, like john gidman, pat coombs,chico hamilton et al.


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