Next Aston Villa manager

Terry spoke highly of Henry

After it was announced on Wednesday that Steve Bruce would leave Aston Villa, we all turned our attention to who our new manager would be. Over the coming days and perhaps weeks it will be worse than the transfer window. There will be so much speculation and rumours.

I personally hope we stay away from the usual, recycled rubbish from the usual scrap heap, you know who I mean. The likes of Sam Allardyce, Alan Pardew and David Moyes. Some have already suggested that Allardyce should come in to steady the ship until the end of the season. We have 35 games left, with a possible 105 points up for grabs. Granted, we won’t win all of those points but I feel we have enough time to get a manager we really want.

I want a manager who will play fast flowing, high pressing football. It needs to be a style that we can all enjoy watching. Bruce may have picked up the results but I can count on one hand the number of matches we have played great football. The 4-1 win over Wolves come to mind but no win in three followed that. The club needs a manager that will give us an identity again.

The Candidates

Could Smith be the new Villa manager?Dean Smith would be ideal for me but could we get him? Anybody in the mould of him, I would love. We need a manager with fresh ideas, one who isn’t afraid to mix it up. Knows when to make the changes but build a strong cohesive unit. There is plenty of young managers out there and they would love an opportunity like the Villa.

Thierry Henry has been mentioned again, could he suit us? I’m willing to take a chance and see. John Terry has also been mentioned. He doesn’t have the experience but he knows Aston Villa and the expectations of the fans. The fans would also be right behind him and give him the time.

Another name we have been linked with is Paulo Fonseca at Shakhtar Donetsk. I can’t see him making the move to the Championship but you never know when Jorge Mendes is involved.

The right appointment

Either way, I feel that we need a young progressive manager who isn’t afraid to play his style and stick to it.

For example, it is refreshing to see the Wolves manager Nuno stick to his guns. He played his style of play against the likes of Man City and the other big boys. He is confident in his team and his style of play.

The last time Villa had a manager close to that was probably Tim Sherwood. Yes, it didn’t work out as we were a weak team in the Premier League but it was bold that he stuck to his system and at least we had an identity. Something that we are severely lacking but hopefully, our next manager can give it to us back.


  1. Couldn’t agree more. No more dinosaurs, no ‘experienced’ has-beens, no merry-go-round serial failures, no no-marks who are matey with the media, no pampered ex-pro’s with utter contempt for the people who pay their wages, no early onset dementia sufferers. For the zillionth time we need someone who can begin the process of building for the future, someone who has a vision and the capability of doing what it takes to fulfil it, someone who will bring on the kids, someone who understands how to put together a team for a specific task not some superannuated old git who got lucky a few times and has banged on about it ever since. And no-one who is famous for double hand-balls and is arrogant and ignorant enough to believe that with no previous management experience they can take on a club like Villa.


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