Blues excuse is lazy journalism

Bruce was known for this kind of signing

Rumours broke the weekend in a few different media outlets about the future of current Villa and former Blues manager Steve Bruce. It is no secret that the natives have become restless about the clubs current situation.

One thing that has really annoyed both myself and many other Villa supporters is the excuse journalists are using. Both the Sun and Birmingham Mail have stated that Villa fans want him gone because of his links to Blues. It’s laughable and lazy. It is no wonder so many in the press receive so much stick from football supporters these days.

I’ll tell you what, I will do your research for you. Let’s look at the facts of Bruce’s time while at Aston Villa.

Promotion Failure

Bruce has had two shots at getting Aston Villa promoted and failed on both occasions. Some may say that it was unfair to judge him based on the first season. I disagree. We were sitting 19th in the table when Bruce took over. He had 35 games to turn us around. But let’s give him the benefit of the doubt though because we don’t want to be accused of being harsh on the former Blues boss, do we?

Albert Adomah scored vs WolvesHe then had another attempt at promotion last season and following a 4-1 win over Wolves, we should have pushed for an automatic spot. Instead, we failed to win a game in three. During that spell, we lost to a struggling Bolton and QPR. Not acceptable. Despite this, we somehow made the playoffs.

Following a hard thought two-legged victory over Middlesbrough, we found ourselves in the Playoff Final against Fulham. Villa fans embraced the occasion but we simply didn’t turn up. Fulham fans would accept they were capable of so much more on their day but still beat us. That says everything you need to know.

Progression, What progression?

Certain sections of the media would have you believe we have progressed under Bruce. Credit where its due, Bruce has sorted a few issues out at the club but are we any better off than we were when he took over?

His job was to take us back to the promise land while also sorting out the financial side of the club. Fast forward two years are we are on the verge of failing FFP which will hurt this club more than most of us realise. To say he has not had money to spend is ludacris.

He has signed short-term deals (permanent and loans) on big deals with no long-term plan. Hence why we have to rebuild each summer. Bruce hasn’t exactly learnt his lesson either. Last season players like Robert Snodgrass and John Terry arrived on big money. This year Yannick Bolasie!

Boring Football

I and many other Villa fans would be lying if we didn’t know what we were getting into when the former Blues boss was appointed. We knew the football would be boring and direct.

Boring football is something football fans can put up with as long as you are winning. We are not winning and we are struggling to prevent the goals from going in. Defensively we are a shambles and the fact Bruce has allowed the club to get in this mess is a disgrace.

How can you go all out for a left back (Joe Bryan) and then not sign a left back at all? Instead, he brings in two wingers who were both on the bench the weekend.

There or ‘there-a-bouts’

Links to Blues are laughableHe has become like a broken record with his excuses. The media don’t even need to interview him anymore. Hence some fans mocking him with ‘Brucey Bingo’ on social media. Football fans are not stupid Bruce. They pay hard earned money to be entertained. We are not getting that.

We know we are capable of it as we have seen in a hand full of games during his time at the club. One thing that worries me massively about Bruce is I don’t think he knows his strongest eleven. He has been here two years and he still couldn’t tell you his best side.

Part of me even thinks that Bruce is playing the game and waiting to be sacked. Why else would you target fans? Once you lose the core of a fan base, surely you know its just a matter of time.

Blues link is lazy

I could go on, so to say that some will never back him because he used to be the Blues manager is poor journalism. If you were to ask Villa fans I am sure some would even consider current Blues boss, Garry Monk to replace Bruce.

I appreciate that journalists are only doing their job. But if you are going to do something, give your all. Do your job properly. Stop reporting garbage because you are scared that the manager will ban you from the club. Report the truth.

The fact is Steve Bruce has failed as Aston Villa manager. This has nothing to do with previous employment. We are not lucky to have him as manager. He is lucky to be the manager of our great football club. And very well paid may I add.


  1. This guy was paid a fortune as a player, he is now being paid a fortune from our hard earned money, he has more money than the rest of us will ever see but the greed is incredible. He just wants his pound of flesh, if he had any integrity he’d have resigned directly after Wembley.

  2. Brilliantly put Stuart the football is poor and there is nothing to be happy about playing players in wrong poisitions that’s what the main cause for the problems we are having


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