Aston Villa has been one of the most loved football clubs in the European sporting history. Many great players started their careers at this club and made an immense contribution to the game as a whole. Recently, the viewership of the matches of this particular FC has seen a remarkable increase, much of which owes to fans and punters getting premier league betting tips from experts. To give you an idea of how far the club has come since its inception, we present to you the Top 8 players in the history of Aston Villa.


Gordan started playing professional football at a very young age of 12 years and became one of the most successful players in the Aston Villa FC history. Known for his flawless passes, he won may League titles and European Cup, and scored a total of 59 goals for the club.


McGrath has had a huge impact on the club and is still remembered for his contribution. Despite his knee issues and the demon drink, he was awarded the PFA Footballer of the Year in 1993. He also won two League Cup medals and is said to have changed “the business into an art form”.


Dennis can perhaps be termed as the most impressionable captain in the club’s history and always came to its rescue. In 1982, he led the club to win the European Cup by defeating Bayern Munich in a match that is regarded as historic by many. He played mostly in the midfield and appeared in over 400 games for the club.


Johnny Dixon scored about 144 goals in 430 appearances for the Aston Vila FC and remains the last captain to make the club win the FA Cup way back in 1957. He helped the FC to crawl back to win the Second Division in 1959-60 and took to coaching after ending his successful career.

McParland a Villa great.PETER MCPARLAND

Peter was the first player from the Club who was able to score in both League Cup and FA Cup finals, a feat which brought high praise to the Club. In the 1957 FA Cup, he was extremely important for defeating the Manchester United. In 341 games that he played for the Club, he scored a total of 121 goals.


Pongo Tom Waring had an unmatchable strike rate of 3 goals in every four matches, which helped him to bring the club many accolades in the 1920s and the 1930s. He was able to manage the ball with both his legs with ease and scored a whopping 167 goals in 225 games that he played for the club.


Billy Walker is another celebrated striker in the Club’s history. With a total of 224 goals, Billy remains the highest scoring player for the Club till date. He had also been the skipper of the team in the 1920s and won three FA Cup titles.


Though Allan signed as a striker initially, he moved his position from centre-forward to that of centre-half. He remains one of the strongest tacklers that the club ever saw and hit sublime headers. Evans contributed to the Club’s 1981 win in the First Division and allowed them to return to the top rung in 1988 after a not so exciting season.



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