Sooner rather than later Jack Grealish will leave Aston Villa and go on to become an England favourite.

For the majority of this summer we have been told that our young superstar will have to be sold against his will due to financial problems at the club but following a take over we are have been told that he no longer needs to be sold.

Those that understand FFP will tell you that Grealish still needs to be sold unless the new owners can find away dig ourselves out of the massive hole that former owner Dr Tony Xia put us in.

We are now getting contrasting reports from various respectable journalists. John Percy of the Telegraph will tell you that Grealish does want to leave and play in the Champions League with Tottenham next season while Neil Moxley will tell you the exact opposite.

Since Grealish broke on to the scene I have personally become a little obsessed by his talents. I have listened as others have said he is greedy or goes down to early but I have always maintained he is special.

It is not very often players like Grealish come around, especially for Aston Villa and the sad fact is that it will be just a matter of time before he goes elsewhere.

Grealish has the world at his fingertipsWhether it be next week or next season, our young superstar will move on to pasters new and to progress his career and I will not hold it against him

He is living the dream we have all dreamt of for many years and now he has a genuine opportunity at playing at the very highest level and representing his country.

All I can do is thank him and hope that we do get one more season out of him because if we are honest, as the journalists are proving, only Jack Grealish knows what Jack Grealish wants.

He made us believe in ourselves again. He made everyone believe that the Premiership is possible.

It may be taken out of his hands depending on how the new owners manage the FFP problems but regardless I wish him the very best of luck in the future.


  1. If there is any way at all that the new investors/owners can keep Grealish and comply with FFP – then they should. He is one of those players that comes along every so often and he will continue to improve over the coming years when he could sell for a massive amount of money. Grealish alone could make the new investors / owners a huge return on their initial investment – but only if they can or able to somehow keep him.

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