With the World Cup over everyone’s attention will return to Aston Villa and we need to get our heads around what has happened this summer. We ARE in massive financial trouble and FFP just won’t go away so we will be forced to sell some of our assets and that includes our top players.

I am going to focus on this very subject in this article. Forcing the wrong players to leave Aston Villa.

It has been well documented that we could lose players like Jack Grealish, James Chester and Jonathan Kodjia while others on high wages don’t even train with the club on a daily basis.

Yes, Ross McCormack and Micah Richards, I am looking at you.

Selling players that don’t want to leave like Grealish and Chester may be the solution short term but it won’t be long term. Let me explain.

I can only speculate about what kind of wages our players earn as no-one outside the club truly knows what each and every player earns.

Case A: Richards and McCormack are on an estimated combined £100k a week in wages (£4.8M a year). Funny enough that is the amount a month the club is apparently losing?

Case B: Then we have players like Grealish and Chester who are on an estimated combined £70k a week in wages (£3.64M a year).


In Case A we have two players who have been a disgrace during their time at Aston Villa. Happy to bleed the club dry while offering very little. Former Villa manager David O’Leary will say football fans can be a fickle and funny bunch but all we want to see if 11 players giving their all on the football pitch come match day.

These players are lucky enough to live the dream that we couldn’t and some of them take it for granted.

Players like Grealish don't want to leaveBoth of these have sat on their backsides while their teammates have returned to pre-season training. In truth, if it was me, I would be working players like this twice as hard as the others until they are fit enough to play for the club or earn themselves a move elsewhere.

Then I refer to Case B. We have two players who don’t want to leave the club but seem to be being forced out by our owner Dr Xia who has been running this club very poorly since the day he arrived.

Both are important first team players and have expressed their desire to stay. Grealish has told more than one fan that he would love to stay but it is taken out of his hands. His family have also told friends that he doesn’t want to leave.

Then you have Chester who recently told the Express & Star:

“I’ve always wanted to spend time at a club and hopefully that will continue.

“Regardless of what’s happening at the moment, as professionals, you owe it to yourselves, your teammates and the supporters to do your best.

“My message to the fans is to try and stay positive. They’re the most loyal people involved with the club and they will be there through thick and thin. In my time at the club, they’ve been a credit to themselves.”

As I have already said, selling our assets would be good short term but it won’t help the club long term while we still have players bleeding the club dry.

Why is this common sense so hard for those running our club right now? It isn’t brain surgery. These are supposed to be well educated people. OR are they asset striping the club of everything that has value before offloading the club?


  1. Right back to the days of Lerner, Kusac and Paddy Reilley and up to and including now with Xia and Ho our club has been run appallingly, At least Wyness and Round were football people but have now gone. Does anyone know whats happened to Brian Little? These people have driven our beloved club into the ground.
    We are forcing players out who don’t want to go and othr spongers are bleeding us dry. Who gave McCormack and Richards extended contracts on £50k a week? All we can hope for is that Xia sells up as he is no good to us whatsoever. A gambler who has failed. Go home and try something else before its too late.

  2. To be fair nobody in there right mind would touch Richards and we would only have to subsidise his wages if there was any interest. McCormick may interest some but same again we would surely have to subsidise his wages and at 31 would also have little sale value.

    Maybe if jack does go ( I dont want him to for the record) then Callum O hare may get a chance.


  3. Stuart young this is a great article and very true indeed I sit next to Nick sanders and all you guys who do these articles are fantastic it’s true every word keep up the great work

  4. I’m sure most fans would agree, that it is incredibly sad that we will be forced to sells the likes of Grealish & Chester – great players, fan favourites and in Grealish’s case the best homegrown talent we have produced in living memory.

    And every fan rues the day McCormack and Richards set foot in our club, but to sell players you need willing buyers, and these 2 jokers have no-one in the world of football willing to buy them, at least not matching the sickening wages these losers are picking up each week from Villa. So, everyone would agree selling / getting rid of these parasites would be the best option…….but how do we sell them or get rid of them without paying up their contracts in full.

  5. *asset stripping

    No one will buy the ones who aren’t involved? Why would they?

    We have to sell anyone of value, all those overpaid cheerleaders in training and around the club should be out the door, and Hogan for that matter. Can’t finish his dinner, always injured and we don’t play to him.

    The issue is the signings in the first place. We are still paying for what was by and large (not Chester) a complete disaster of a transfer year the first season we came down

  6. Utterly pointless article. Truth is no one wants to sign McCormack or Richards, but clubs are interested in Grealish and Chester.
    If Richards and McCormack aren’t training or playing, that’s because Bruce isn’t picking them. In the current circumstances I can’t understand why McCormack isn’t back in the squad. We should be told.

  7. Any contribution we can get for them would be better than letting them sit on their asses and making no contribution? If we could get £10k for RM and £5k for that’s £15k pm we wouldn’t have otherwise. Take the hit, get them out and at least get some return on them.

  8. Richards and McCormack are employed as professional footballers. Surely they can be sack for breach of contract as neither if them are anywhere near doing what they are paid to do. In any other normal profession you would be sacked on the spot.


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