Vultures circling

Grealish has the world at his fingertips

It has been a hard week being an Aston Villa fan. As I already stated in a previous article, the defeat at Wembley hurt me more than any other defeat during my time following the club but what has followed was unthinkable so it was only a matter of time before the vultures came circling.

There are a few unconfirmed rumours circling that Dr Tony Xia will seek investment to the club and there has been movement on Companies House but no-one seems to truly know what the involves but Companies House does state that it gets revealed in five working days. Those who claim to understand Companies House suggest that Xia has found an investment with some claiming that it will come from his brother in the region of £50million.

Of course, we will find out the facts in due course but IF there is truth in this then how does this affect the club moving forward? Does the investment get Villa out of trouble short-term or is this the beginning of a new future and start? How and does it affect FFP? Will it stop the vultures circling? I won’t speculate on something I don’t fully understand but time will soon reveal all.

In the meantime, the media have already begun to suggest that vultures are ready to take a swipe at the club and get cut-price deals for some of our top players.


The Sun reported in December 2016 that Celtic wanted Conor Hourihane and HITC are suggesting that they could be ready to swoop again and exploit Villa’s well-publicised financial problems.

Hourihane scored 11 goals last season and finished Villa’s second top-goalscorer so no doubt Celtic would face competition from other clubs should Xia decent to do business. Villa paid £3million to Barnsley for the midfielder’s services but surely even during this financial period we could make a profit should the owner decide to sell.


Regardless of what the future holds for Villa financially there was always going to be interested in our star man Jack Grealish this summer. Grealish has privately stated that he would prefer to stay at Villa for one more season at least but this is football and players have their heads turned.

Our financial problems will make things worst. He is our prize asset at the moment and could go a long way to help to solve our problems. Reports have suggested that Villa will not be prepared to do any kind of cut-price deal for Grealish but that won’t stop the vultures.

One of the biggest vultures in football is Daniel Levy, the owner of Tottenham Hotspur. Levy is well known for loving a bargain and looking to exploit others for his own gain and from a Spurs point of view it has its advantages.

The Telegraph is reporting that Levy believes he could get Grealish for as little as £15million despite Villa insisting they won’t sell him on the cheap.

Grealish has already been linked with moves to Leicester City, Newcastle United and Manchester United and no doubt there will be more links.


Vultures circle ChesterIt doesn’t end there. The same article is stating that Premier League vultures are circling around our Welsh defender James Chester with them prepared to pay around £8million for his services.

Chester was Villa’s fans player of the year last year and the report suggests that Steve Round has already knocked back a serious offer for their defender.

I can assure you that until Villa’s financial issues are confirmed has been sorted, the vultures will continue to circle, especially according to the press. It’s an easy story and a lot of it doesn’t even require proper research.

If and when our financial problems are sorted it will ease some of the pressure but our star players will still be chased this summer. Should the board decide that players have a price then we need to stamp a deadline for teams to meet an agreement. The last thing we want to do is approach the new season still not knowing the future of some of our better players.


  1. Sound article, the crux of the matter is Xia arriving here and facing the press by holding
    the plan to the doubters. The absence and silence condemn him. Here must come out fighting
    If his brother is to co -own with him . Then they must present themselves together .This will
    then end damaging stigma to the name of Avfc

  2. Seems like someone’s trouble become another person’s gain. With the disappointing Wembley defeat, some players may opt to ship out. However AVFC needs to make sure that the deals make sound commercial sense


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