5 Reasons why Bruce MUST stay

Can Bruce be the star of the show on the stage?

Following a very stick patch of form which has seen Villa go three games without a win and drop to 4th in the Championship, the ‘Bruce Out’ brigade has come back out of hiding and they may have their opinion on why he should leave. I personally believe there is no-one better for the job and here are my five reasons as to why he must stay at the club.


Bruce’s record in the Championship speaks for itself. No manager has ever secured the same amount of promotions from the Championship to the Premiership as the former Hull manager. This proves that the manager has proven time and time again that he has what it takes to take a team to the top flight which is the main aim of Aston Villa.


No.1's record comes close to Steve Bruce.Not many of us are confident of coming out on top in the playoffs but Bruce has secured promotion this way in the past. Villa look destined for the playoffs and the manager’s experience could prove absolutely vital for the squad.

Some of the current squad won’t have experienced such high-pressure situations and Bruce’s experience along with some of the experienced players could be the difference when the playoff’s come around.


Bruce can and does attract top players. When John Terry signed back in the summer he stated that Bruce was a huge factor when he was deciding who he would play for during the 2017-18 campaign.

And if he is able to attract one of the most decorated English footballers ever, who else could he bring in given more resources? Players such as Robert Snodgrass have also expressed how good they find the manager.


In a perfect world, we would have been in the situation that Wolves currently find themselves in but we are not. We know 4th isn’t good enough for a club like Villa but we should realise how far we have come as a team over the past 24 months.

Last season we only managed to finish 13th in the Championship but this season we have a very realistic opportunity for promotion. Let’s not forget that it isn’t over just yet and we still have six games plus the playoffs to play.


Of course, we will all have our own opinions on this but really are there any better options out there who could replace Bruce? I personally, cant name one manager who is currently out of work and would join Villa that is better than what we have.

Tim Sherwood and Mick McCarthy are the only ones that spring to mind.


Bruce needs to stay, he is the right man for the Villa job and I am still confident that his experience and desire for the club will go miles in helping us back to the Premier League.


  1. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, as people will see things differently. BUT I do not agree you at all, Bruce is not the man for villa,
    People bang on about his track record/experience, if this is so much of a factor then why has he made SO many rookie mistakes this season, from tactics, team selection, subs, subs bench ect…
    Tactically he is VERY limited, having only a plan A…that plan A being from the 1980s, when other managers figure out what the team are doing, he does not know how the change games apart from bringing on 10 stickers and crossing his fingers or hoping for a worldly he does not know how to use players correctly..Hogan being an example. I could go on…
    Promotion or not..this season has to be the last at villa park! And I hope the chairman can see that too.

  2. Sam, Sam, Sam I love your enthusiasm for Bruce I really do and I personally like the man and hope he does take us up, but I have to agree with the Villain’s reply that Bruce does not have a plan B and it’s been evident in recent weeks. He is now putting all his hopes on Kodja returning and firing us back to the premiership.
    Watching Warnock’s Cardiff team on Monday proves they have a more direct approach to finding goals when required in final 15 minutes of a game. We fail to put players on the pitch to adjust to that style of play that may get our team a goal. We have a player(Davies)in the squad but he has been ousted from the first team.
    A very good team player this season who has done nothing wrong and keeps Centre halves very much occupied, for me a team win football matches and not individuals, especially when results are more important at this crucial time of the season. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Bruce gets us promoted but I’m not totally confident 🤞

  3. Marco Silva miles better manager..if we don’t go up that’s 2seasons not going up which starts contradicting your stat..Was it 76 mil squad loans and emergence of youth and we are still nothing special under Bruce..individuals not a team. No plan b blames the snow and internationals and swaps and changes as pure luck more than tactics and no how. His record of when he’s gone up is shit this squad n tactics in the prem be ripped a new one – the amount of money that would have to be spent would be nuts and if we don’t go up think ow many will go and then we will be fucked players and money wise FFP no prem payments nailed on jack will go already said prem is where he needs be Snodgrass be kept at west ham Johnstone be snapped up terry back Chelsea coaching hogan and players who not been playing will fuck off, teams coming down will av cash to splash , big big gamble under Bruce go up get rid stay down get rid as he is a dinosaur manager and with all that he has squad wise not top 2is a fuckin disgrace..old pals act villa is and look how gabby turned out say no more..I love how you say can attract big players and name 1 you talk about 5things but contradict in them so he ain’t the bees knees..I’ve always been Bruce out look at what they said at other clubs even at Sunderland they said he didn’t move with the times .utv


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