Rivalry with Wolves


You can’t help but hear about a so call rivalry that seems to be building up between Aston Villa and Wolves recently but I am struggling to understand why?

Wolves have been walking this division for the majority of this season and I applaud them for the way they have done so. They play with style and spent well in the transfer market. Yes, they have pulled off a couple of coups but credit where it is due, they have utilised all the avenues available to them.

Villa, on the other hand, has spent badly in the past and are still paying for it now. We have all heard about the ongoing FFP issues the club have – more than once.

Wolves will almost certainly be promoted – probably with record points while Villa’s future is still in the balance but where has this so-called rivalry come from?

No rivalry comes close to Villa-BluesSome older generation fans may have their own views on who Villa’s biggest rivals are for them. Most Villa supporters will point across the City and rightly so towards Birmingham City. Others will talk about ongoing rivalries from past times with the likes of West Bromwich Albion and even Coventry City. But Wolves?

This is certainly a new one for me and most Villa supporters I talk to. Don’t get me wrong, Villa fans are not entirely innocent of this new rivalry. There will always be fans who look to wind up rival supporters, of any clubs to be fair and most of this tends to start on Social Media.

Wolves have recently been singing about Villa about minding the gap etc. I don’t get it though? Neither clubs have never really had any rivalry of any kind towards each other, to my knowledge anyway?

Surely Wolves supporters should be enjoying their performances and the fact they will almost certainly return to the top league not looking to obsess about Villa.

Maybe we should see it as an honour that every Midlands club seems to turn to us everytime they are performing well. West Brom enjoyed our recent relegation and Birmingham even celebrated with a Villa coloured coffin. Quite strange really.

Maybe I am unusual when I say that I would quite happily have all the Midlands side in the top division and competing at the top of the table. The only time I really take pleasure out of the misfortune of a rival is when they come up against Villa, otherwise, I couldn’t care less.

The media obviously don’t help the situation. A certain local newspaper seems to jump on situations like these. They did it with the Villa and West Brom rivalry and seem to be doing the same with a so-called Villa-Wolves rivalry.

Whatever this new so-called ‘pretend’ rivalry is I just hope both sides are successful come to the end of the season.


  1. from a wolves fan think this this is a really good piece, there’s never really been a huge rivalry due to sadly a division divide for most years it would be like saying Wolves or Villa have a rivalry with Walsall or Coventry, but as promotion is on the table I think any club around you become rivals just like a relegation battle. It is nice to have that bit of banter though so I welcome it with open arms. But for Sky to put it in the same category as Liv v Man utd – Celtic v Rangers – Hibs v hearts I think its bit of an insult to those teams.

  2. I would totally agree mate. As a Wolves fan, I’m pretty sure most would rather both of us end up with auto promotion through the top two spots. The rivalry is but a mere reflection of the fact that we can’t really be bothered to take the mick out of our natural rivals, given they are both having sick god awful seasons.

  3. Hi Stuart, thank you from a Wolves fan for writing a balanced piece. I too would like all the Midlands clubs in the top flight, it’s about time the region held its own. May I add an entirely personal point, I have suffered for many years at the hands of my Villa “mates”, who have, until this season, taunted me everyday as the second class team, maybe other Wolves fans have experienced it too? Here’s hoping for a good game Saturday, and, perhaps as important, a friendly rivalry, I hope the idiots stay away – forlorn hope I guess.

  4. I am a Wolves fan of 56 years, there is absolutely no rivalry between Wolves & Villa. For the answer, look no further than the gutter press.
    My Window cleaner is a Villa fan, my Brother in law is a Villa fan and they talk of Wolves as we do, no malice just banter.
    On Saturday, we shall have the usual banter as with any game, Villa will be a topic of our teasing and “Mind the Gap” will arise during the 90 minutes without doubt, but I doubt very much many fans will leave the ground hating Villa, I think most of the real fans have a healthy respect for your team.

    Enjoy the game, forget the paper talk, it should be a great game for the 38500 expected fans.
    Good luck for the play offs, (that’s not a dig, that’s your position at present)
    Wolves, Villa, Fulham to be promoted please, not Cardiff, they are the boring bad side of football.


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