Poison amongst the fans


I won’t go into yesterday and the result. I don’t feel there is much need to. There is a toxic poison which appears to be growing by the week across what are supposed to be unified fan bases.

Having been struck down with the well publicised flu I missed the game and took the rare opportunity of locking myself in quarantine whilst trying to take in all the scores and read everything I possibly could on Twitter and other platforms.

Unfortunately, the comments, like the result, didn’t make for good reading. What is growing more and more frustrating is the manner of people and the in-fighting if people don’t share the same opinions.

Football breeds debate, it’s the reason most of us love the game so much. I watched former professionals arguing on Friday night over the Firmino vs Holgate incident. You could see Peter Reid shuffling around on his seat in a ‘clear the bar’ motion like he was ready to use the very seat he couldn’t sit on to get his point across. It’s passionate. It makes or breaks many people’s weekends. We pay a lot of money to have a right to complain and protest. I’m not dismissing any of that.

However, the knee-jerk, dramatic swing in opinions is causing more trouble and it’s becoming a daily occurrence where I’m seeing Villa fans publically slating and verbally abusing both fellow fans and people at the club itself. Most prominently Steve Bruce.

When Bruce first came in there was always going to be a reaction to the fact that his CV contained the name of our rivals down the road. Despite it being a while ago people can’t let it go.

Bruce’s style of football comes into question. I wrote last week about how younger managers with no previous promotion experience have gone up playing attacking football. The following day we won 5-0. Now I’d love to think Brucie read my article and I masterminded the best team performance in years down at Villa Park. Fortunately, I have a bit of sense and can joke about it.

Yet it appears there is a growing base of people that have all the answers and know how to fix every element of the club from what food is on offer to whether our formation gives players the best opportunity to play their own style of football.

It’s not about the debate, it’s the short minded arrogance which is splitting fans more and more.

Maybe the fact that society today craves for instant gratification and everything tailored to suit them means people are no longer able to listen to others opinions and ideas. But take a step back. Reading all things Villa is becoming embarrassing. I’m seeing people posting pleas of calm to stop abuse, I’m seeing people abusing fans of all ages just because they don’t fit in with them and their mates assessments of games. The most prevalent however is the #BRUCEOUT.

We sit at a point where we are fifth in the league, five points off second with the second half of the season to come. Sure, we would all love to be flying high without a worry. We have had injury upon injury, we have had players ultimately let us down like Ross McCormack, we have overspent on players which is affecting our ability to bring in players now and yes Bruce has made mistakes.

Yesterday, as soon as Peterborough took the lead, the Bruce out comments flooded in. He was scrutinised for team selection and yet some of the comments were from people who the day before had asked for the side he had picked!

What I’m trying to say is, you warrant an opinion, you get frustrated, we all do as we’ve been here before. McLeish, Houllier, Lambert, Garde, Black (remember him) I could go on.

You don’t want excuses.

Well now the injured players are coming back apart from Jonathan Kodjia and there are no cup competitions left to fight for, Bruce has the sole focus of promotion to fight for and maybe you shelve the debate until the end of the season. He’s pretty much said himself, if we don’t get up, he knows he’s gone. Cut him now and find one man that everyone will for sure back and expect to take us up without another in/out debate in the future.

Any manager coming in faces no budget, we pay out an early release of Bruce and we still don’t have our main striker available.

Bristol City at home was a marker of what can be done. Against a side that hadn’t lost away since August and we all know are flying high themselves. When that same team take to the pitch against Nottingham Forest next week, that will be the time to see what is in store for us results wise and style wise.

Back the team, hopefully the injuries subside and we’ve as good a shot as anyone for top six or maybe even the second spot.


  1. Completely agree. It’s time to stop arguing the toss about every selection and player. Yesterday showed why Whelan plays when fit, he doesn’t offer anything going forward but he breaks up play in front of the defence. The club can’t afford to sack Bruce especially as it looks like we’re going to have to find a new keeper and a striker.

    • i feel the time to sack him has gone,,, better to get behind him and hope his luck continues,,,
      if we can flip flop a few players to freshen the squad and be more attack minded especially with playing to hogans strengths then the second half of the season will hopefully be much better,,,
      as for whelan,,,, we need to hope jedi stays fit,,,,,, whelan is the one player that ruins this side
      bit harsh maby and he could still find a bit of form,,, but the next few games will show if i am correct,,

  2. Where we sit (Lower North) there are a variety of opinions and if I gathered all the players they don’t want playing we’d never get an 11 out.
    It is a game of opinions and talking about football is one of the things that I love about it, but like any debate, if you can’t accept that opinions will differ then don’t enter into the conversation

  3. The next four weeks will tell us if the magnificent performance against Bristol City was because of Bruce’s appointment of Steve Agnew as first team coach as the final part of his masterplan – or we just faced a Bristol who had run their legs off against the impressive Wolves and so weren’t at the races.
    Regarding the Posh game – it’s not about personnel it is about the plan – or lack of.
    Go ahead then sit back to protect it seems to me to be motif of our time under Steve.
    Four weeks and we will know.

  4. i will be honest,,, i dont like bruce,, there have been too many times that i think he is either incompetent or out of his depth,,, but i have high expectations and i feel the urgency that at times feels like a frenzy of the importance of this season,,,
    that said i give credit for stopping the rot,,, and to be where we are now after the last 2 league games is acceptable because of the manner of the last game against bristol,,, my confidence in him i feel will never recover fully but if we can go on a run and pick up 9 out of the next 12 points playing some decent football like we did against bristol then that would again be very welcome…
    our season starts again now and the pressure starts to ramp up till may,,, will bruce do some dealings and improve us time will tell,,, i just hope we can get the best from this squad which has the ability to get automatic promotion which is still within grasp,,,,
    and although i am critical of some of yesterdays goings on,,, i accept the fact that sometimes it is a distraction that we can do with out this year,, even if i am disappointed with the performance

  5. “if you can’t accept that opinions will differ then don’t enter into the conversation” and yet you write the drivel beforehand suggesting that some opinions don’t have value because they’re accented differently from your own. I think you may be in a conversation where you shouldn’t have entered. That said, I welcome this opportunity and forum to express my opinion about the facile content of this blog. UTV!

  6. It’s his tactics that bothers me,barring the Bristol game my opinion of Villa that we always look like the away side .We have all of players defending in our penalty area it’s very rare we bring the ball out we just huff it up tne field with no Villa player in sight and before you know it the balls back in our area,surely if you want to defend you should defend the ball as far possible from our area .We have players good enough to play attacking football but all seem to do one pass forward and three back ie giving opposition defenders time to shut up shop.We need players to work off the ball to draw the defenders out which allows forwards to run into and have pot at goal .Also Brucie excuses after game in hindsight I should have done this it’s my fault then goes on to blame the players also he plays the honesty card he’s kidding us trying to keep his job.Surely something wrong opposing sides have biggest percentage of play plus more shots on target than we do .if you think iam been unfair to Brucie look at the facts and if continues to play system Way he does promotion a long way off.It appears i want him sacked I don’t All I want his him and his coaching staff to play to the players strength stop favouritism and play the players in there proper positions after all we bought them on the strength the form they were showing at there previous clubs.

  7. AS you said toxic and poison, but the fact remains that the demands of the team are beyond reasonable expectations, we are where we are, get over it and stop hurling abuse. You are not supporters if you cannot SUPPORT and that means raising the roof at Villa Park whatever the scoreline….

  8. It’s the on/off comments I hate from the same people, one day posting on Onomah ‘sign him up, amazing talent’ then 2 games later ‘worst ever in a Villa shirt’ lol, I admit I am not a fan of Onomah to be honest, gives the ball away too much and doesn’t work hard enough, but I still have that opinion of him even if he has a blinder! I don’t start posting about how great he is…..would much rather O’Hare was getting minutes in his place

  9. Football fans in the UK tend to reflect the overall population fairly well in general. Some people have a brain, some people don’t. Villa fans are no different.


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